Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Scene
For the last 4 years, Mr. Diabolina and I have kept things pretty low key on New Year's Eve. We typically have the Rose Bowl bright and early the next day. You know how it is when you went to the best the Universe ;)

Tonight was probably the most low key New Year's of the last 10 we've spent together. Mr. D was still feeling under the weather so he curled up with my Obama book most of the night.

Early in the night, I met my mom and we got our nails did.

Nothing like stripper nails to ring in the new year ;)

Tonight ended up being the perfect night to quietly reflect on the rollercoaster of a year it's been. To remember the beautiful moments and the heartbreaking ones. How much has changed and how much has stayed the same. How much I've grown and how far I still have left to go.

This year, I quit one job and started another. I traveled to Portland and Puerto Vallarta for the first time. I played with my closest friends all over the country: Jean Bean in Austin, Peaches in San Francisco, Jean Bean AND Peaches in New York, Flower in Boston and Mr. NBC back in New York.

I randomly ran into both my childhood best friend and Dylan McKay. I partied at Saks and at Chanel and at Armani and at Tarina Tarantino - and ended up buying something from each of those stores this year too.

I celebrated with Mr. D as he turned 31 and we marked our 10 year anniversary of being happily unmarried. I beamed with pride as he chaired his third successful fundraiser and won his first trial. I even cajoled him into writing a little funny fashion something for the blog.

I survived grueling bootcamp classes and my first 5K mud race. I dared to wear leather leggings to a Hollywood hot spot, shorts on the verge of my 31st birthday and a Betsey Johnson dress I bought when I was 16.

I watched one friend become engaged and another turn a year older and wiser. I saw one friend lose the ability to walk while other friends lost the right to marry. I bonded with strangers on the internets and revisited a shared history with one of my oldest friends.

I dressed up as Madonna on my birthday and Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween. I was bolstered by love on one day and horrified by hate on another. I pegged my jeans and wore - yikes - PINK by Victoria Secret.

I was equally enthralled by Julio Iglesias and NKOTB in concert. I bought YSL shoes on layaway and was given a free pair with red soles from the kind peeps at Solestruck.

I supported Sable Crow at two Trevor Project fundraisers - one where we rocked a Miss Universe crown, the other where we met Rachel Zoe and Michael Patrick King. Oh and I also encouraged him to start a blog, reacquaint himself with his writing, with his own voice. Kinda a big deal.

I spent 67 days out of the last 365 with my mom - laughing and eating and watching movies and duh, shopping. We celebrated Mother's Day and her birthday. She held my hand as I pondered motherhood and I held hers as she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I watched her become a citizen and then proudly vote to elect the first black man President of the United States.

And this year, one year to the day, I started a blog. On a lark. I figured it would be a great way to keep in touch with Jean Bean. To stay motivated to work out and get my fashion mojo back.

Figured it might also create some structure for my writing, give me some discipline. I 'd write every day - not because I had to but because I wanted to. Because I wanted to chronicle my life.

Never thought I'd be able to accomplish what I've accomplished: documenting every single day of my life for an entire year. Every outfit. Every event. Every major emotion.

Never ever imagined anyone would read it. Not really. Not regularly. Never dreamed of 64,321 visits, 214,592 page views.

Never dreamed it would change not only how I see myself but how others see me. Old friends now glimpse different sides of me, layers of my personality. There's a window into my life and my SELF that never existed before.

And I think these friends may even see themselves a little differently because of that. Now that they see themselves through my eyes, through my writing, through my prism.

Never imagined dozens of women - strangers from all over the world - would write me. With questions and compliments. That they would take the time to tell me how much they love my writing, or my relationship with my mom, or the way I dress. That they find me - GULP - inspiring.

Never thought I would create a place for women and a couple of men ;) to come together and laugh and forget and share and cry and BE. Never imagined I would find such joy in reading their comments, never thought their support would see me through some of the darkest days of my life.

Never imagined I would be so accepted. For loving clothes and shoes and bags more than I should. For being silly sometimes, deep other times. For being a storyteller. For being open. For being me. The real me.

So I made this little video. And - UGH!- being the total vag I am I got choked up within seconds. And F! the orientation's all wrong and the angle not flattering on chubby cheeks. But it's the thought that counts, right ;)

Kiss you and happy new year -make it one that counts!

The Outfit
Fashion District cape
Gap long sleeve tee
Old Navy jeans

The Accessories
Tory Burch shoes
Chanel purse and earrings
Ray Bans

The Grade
D is for Diabolina Didn't Care Today

The Commentary
Yes this cozy turtleneck/Slanket AH-gain. Chic Intution is featuring an expensive and cheap chic version here - can you guess which is which?

Just wanted to be comfortable and get out of work as fast as possible today. Hence the flats - my new Tory's. I heart.

And the new sunnies. After all my future's so bright I gotta wear shades :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Scene
Woke up early and went to workout before work today. Haven't managed that since May. A+ for me.

F for Mr. Diabolina who is sicker than a dog. Ugh. Went to the doctor today. Hoping he is OK for The Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.

The Outfit
Banana Republic tank
Thrifted vest
Robert Rodriguez pants
Vintage trench coat

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings
Forever 21 bracelet
Chanel bag
Me&Ro necklace
Dolce and Gabbana pumps

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around my glorious new leopard print pumps. $160 at Saks. Total steal since I will be able to wear them for infinity and beyond.
Didn't take them off tonight until I absolutely had to

Love the purrfect print. And the arch of the heel. And that rounded toe - makes my feets look like little paws.

Thought I'd have leopard flats before pumps. Leopard flats are just the right dash of functional sass.

Leopard heels - on the other hand - are quite the sex kitten statement.

Wedges would be a nice in between.

But boots I could never pull off. Though I do love that flash of red ;)

The new cropped pants were the perfect length to showcase the heels today. I think I am going to live in these pants in 2009. So comfortable and fresh and Euro.

The masculinity of the vest was my attempt to balance the feminity of the heels. The result? Yummy mummy.

The wayfarers and AH-mazing hair helped.

Felt like I should be in London, strolling Portobello Road with a guy in skinny gray jeans and fedora.

Here are some leopard looks floating around my head today

This D&G dress. One of my all time faves - sweetly seductive

Leopard tights. I have a pair I bought for a bachelorette party five years ago but have never worn. 2009 may be the year.

Dramatic leopard coat. Can't wait to don my new one as a dress a la Gwen.

Or pair it with pants ala la Zoe.

What do you think about leopard with leopard?

Complete head to toe leopard would be BANANAS. But shoes and a dress could work depending on the print.

LOOOOVE this Valentino clutch for evening.

And the YSL Muse for day.

Cannot get enough of LV's red leopard print.

This spring I'll try white with leopard print.

It'd be a whole lotta look but 2009 will be all about pure, unadultarated fabulosity. I promise ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Scene
Back to work. Can't wait to be old and retired.

Best part of my day: figuring out The City premiered tonight. I am gonna love to hate that Olivia Palermo.

Best part of my night: dinner at Animal.

With my two favorite animals.

I'd been dying to try this gastric gem since it opened and was not disappointed. Read WeeMo's pork-rrific review. Dare you not to lick the screen.

Presented Sable Crow with a little gift Jean Bean sent him: a best dressed trophy. She gave me one too.

It's no Miss America. But I'll take whatever award I can get.

Go crown yourself here.

The Outfit
Forever 21 leggings and top
BCBG jacket

The Accessories
Ray Ban sunglasses
BCBG boots
Marc Jacobs bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Yes the boots and the jacket...AGAIN.

Am obsessed with all the little luxe details on this jacket.

Have you seen this little flare at the waist? Flattering AND cute.

Makes me feel very Rachel.

Meets Angelina.

Crossed with Gwyneth.

Sable Crow couldn't stop pawing the jacket tonight. Knew he'd adore. After all he's been searching for the perfect leather jacket as long as I have.

Wore the new wayfarers today. Whatcha think?? I absolutely love. Make me feel tres retro. A little rock and roll too.

Actually think they change the feel of the entire look.

Fascinating how one simple accessory

Can make such a big impact.

p.s. My hair has been behaving incredibly well thanks to my new Conair blow dryer. Best $20 I've spent in a while.

It's not quite as shiny as bitchy socialite hair but it's getting there.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Scene

This year for Christmas, my mom requested a Fruit of the Month package from Harry and David. Done and done, I said. Unfortunately, there's a downside to this delish piggie gift: on Christmas day you don't have anything to unwrap. Wah.

So today my mom was like a little Tasmanian shopping devil. In her glorious shades of purple and plush Theory velvet pants. First, she took full advantage of the 80 % off sale at Tory Burch. Bought a signature print tunic, a glittery cashmere sweater AND a stunning sleeveless number. [Interesting side note: there was no sale signage in the store. Not in the front window or near the sale merchandise. Only a verbal explanation from pushy salespeople. And even then how they positioned the promotion was telling: 60 percent off plus 20 percent. They didn't just say 80 percent off. It's like Tory doesn't want you to know the sky is falling.]

Took my mom over to Reiss down the street which was having a major sale too. Tried on this bustier beauty. My mom adored and offered to buy it for me. But I passed. It's a dress best worn by B cups/size 6s and under.

Drove my mom over to the site of my Wednesday resale spree to introduce her to these Miu Miu dreams. Knew it'd be love at first sight. Just $110. That's like 80 percent off retail. Gawd, they are so magical they make me want to weep. I'd wear them every day, all day. Even to work out. My mom wasted no time in whipping off the shoes she was wearing and leaving the store with twinkling toes.

Tried on a few beauties of my own. Tory velvet flats I never saw in the stores

And Christian Louboutin slingbacks. Both just a hair too small tho.

I did find a pair of Spring 2005 Prada wooden heels much like this pair - except they are yellow with a red buckle.

And navy blue Tory flats with a silver buckle. Before I could pay, my mom snapped them up for me. Love when she is on a spending tear. Happens but once a year. YAYAYAYYAY!

After getting tickets to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, she decided she wanted new sunglasses too. Aviator Marc by Marc Jacobs. AND THEN she told me to pick out a pair for me too!!!!!! I declined but she insisted. So I got the medium black wayfarers I've been falling for this entire year. Just in time for the hipsters to have moved on. PURRFECT.

After a sushi dinner we settled in for another feast - a Brad Pitt feast. Every time he came on screen - not shriveled by aging makeup - my mom muttered, "God, he is handsome."

Every time. She said it like 15 times. Her heavy breathing started making me uncomf ;)

The movie was not only a touching love story but a unique exploration of mortality and time. Really got to me. Got me thinking about my dad's death and my mom's recent health scare. Got me worried about being 31 and childless with a job I merely put up with and no prospects for one that I love.

Got me realizing something has to change in 2009. I have to change in 2009. Time's running out.

The Outfit
Mossimo jeans
Old Navy henley
L.A.M.B cape

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings and sunglasses
BCBG boots
Gucci bag

The Grade

The Commentary

This cape= I DIE!

Felt so glamourous and retro all day. Somehow a little British too. Like I was about to go on a hunt. Or get drinks with a broad like Katherine Hepburn.

Love the green color and the dramatic collar. Both so versatile. Can just wear it open and it will look like a cool drapey jacket.

It was also surprisingly warm. Not warm enough for snow in NYC but warm enough for brisk L.A. winters.

And the price!!! $130. Never imagined I could score even a resale cape for under $200. Much less a hip designer one.

This cape is my first L.A.M.B. piece. Dreamed of just being able to get my hands on a zip up.

Am thrilled to own a more dramatic piece of the Gwen Stefani empire.

A college friend has known her for years and says only good things. Think she is the epitome of a cool, talented chick. A local girl done good. Seems like one of the rare stars that keeps it real despite her enormous success.

And the girl knows how to dress.

She actually has personal style not just a personal stylist - big distinction.

Especially loved how stunning she looked when her tummy got a bit rounder ;)

She lived in flowing designer pieces in larger sizes - no materinity mumus for her.

Adore her mix of high fashion (Vivienne Westwood and Dior)

with her signature L.A.M.B accessories.

How she integrates old Hollywood glamour with chola, Indian and Japanese influences.

Ugh. And don't even get me started about how I covet her invariably fierce and flawless ponytails.

She and Gavin are one of the couples I actually root for in Hollywood.

Probably because this wedding picture is one of the all time great fashion moments I've ever seen.

And because they seem like becoming parents only made them cooler. Like they didn't lose themselves - and their style - like too many people do.

Seems like they merely integrated this little person into their amazingly stylish world.

Plus Gwen clearly shares my love of animal print.

AND animal ears.

Seriously, SERIOUSLY, all I wanted for Christmas was animal ears and a snuggie with reading lamp. Didn't get either. I bet I was on Santa's naughty list. F!


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