Friday, December 19, 2008

The Scene

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in L.A. before the red eye...

Broke down and busted in NYC after the red eye...ugh!

(FYI, the hat is part of Mr. D's costume for tomorrow night's party. And yep, he wore it in the airport much to the amusement of everyone. Except me. F.)

The gorg lobby of The Sofitel helped ease our red eyes

So did the midtown view from our room.

Managed to nap for a couple of hours and awoke to snow flurries outside our window. EEKS! Only rain had been predicted today.

Bundled up extra snug and met Jean Bean at Rockefeller Plaza. She was decked out in designer swag. The Moschino scarf, Moncler jacket and Ferragamo bag - all free, all fab! That lucky ducky editrix.

Then the three of us headed over for a date with our favorite Rock 30 resident. It's only been a month since Mr. NBC moved back to New York but it seems like it's agreeing with him. He looked extra delicious today. So happy for him.

After securing visitor badges, Mr. NBC took us all around the NBC news studios including the Nightly News set. Like country mice, we wanted to take a picture of Brian Williams' seat cushion. But refrained.

Then Mr. NBC did something completely unexpected. He asked me to do an English voice over for the NIGHTLY NEWS. Ack! I had to pretend to be a young Bolivian child excited about clean water. F.

The minute he left us to go check audio levels, we were naughty kittens, taking pictures and pushing buttons and playing with the equipment like we wanted to play with that seat cushion.

Then we headed to the SNL studios. I die.

Here's what we'd look like if we were musical guests.

Or hosts with the band behind us and a movie to hawk :)

The first time Mr. NBC brought me to SNL we ran into U2's BONO in the storied backstage hallway!

No such luck today.

Had to settle for pictures of stars on the walls.

And on the ground. Here is the mark that Conan uses to pinpoint exactly where to spin around and jump at the beginning of his monolouge. Someone who will remain nameless (and 6 foot 2 inches tall) might have spun around and jumped on it. Twice.

We left the fantabulous tour thinking three things: 1) all the sets are so much tinier than they look on TV 2) Mr. NBC is a total and utter rock star 3) Shit we have to go outside now.

So instead of brave the cold we ducked into Saks. Yummy nummy saks with its own zip code.

Alas, the sale shoes were pretty picked over.

While Jean Bean scoured the sales racks for toggle coats

I peeped the Olsen's line for the first time in person. A little like Theory in my opinion.

Then we separated and ended up selecting the exact same Marc shoes to try on. YAY! Over 70 percent off. Jean Bean got them in the orange but I refrained. Holding out for just the right NYC treat.

To reward Mr. Diabolina for his patience while we shopped, we headed to brunch. Tried a place called Norma's at Le Meriden. A Weemo piggie suggestion and completely delicious.

Mr. D won the best dish. Arapes with sausage and eggs and fresh salsa. Amazingly savory AND sweet.

Before heading back out into the snow, Jean Bean suggested a round of optical illusion head tricks.

Always fun.

Then we took a cab ride through a blanketed Central Park

And found shelter at The Met.

Jean Bean and I had heard about the new Costume Institute audio tour narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker. Mr. D had not. Jean Bean and I wanted to take the tour. Mr. D did not.

So while Mr. Diabolina roamed the museum on his own, Jean Bean and I learned about art through the prism of fashion.

We also pulled a Peaches and posed with the art. Can you believe this is a nose ring!?

Unfortunately, the pieces selected for the tour were not particularly fabulous. No Madame X or Degas ballerinas or medieval princesses or European courtesans. Plus, no one told us there was a map so we roamed around the entire MET. F.

After our dose of culture, we decided to stop delaying the inevitable.

Headed over to The Plaza to get our drink on. In this type of weather that's really the only civilized thing to do.

Dylan McDermott apparently agreed. He was the first person we saw when we walked in. YUM!

Another yummers man joined our frommage and champagne fest at The Oak bar: Texas Cowboy. YAY!

With our gang of gangsters complete, we headed to Time Square for sushi. Hit Blue Fin at the W in Time Square. Had even more drinks and laughs.

Por ejemplo, the East Coast's cutest couple taught the West Coast's cutest couple about the SNL "Jizz in My Pants" song. My new favorite ditty! Very NKOTB.

Perfect perfect perfect NYC day!

The Outfit
Old Navy sweaters
Fashion District cape
Burberry jacket
Forever 21 leggings
J Brand jeans

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Dior sunglasses
Nordstrom fingerless gloves
Nine West boots
Forever 21 beret

The Grade

The Commentary
Function was the key fashion objective when confronted with rain, 6 inches of snow and temperatures in the 20s. Not Diabolina's cup of tea. In fact, I'd scream every time I'd go outside.

Decided layering would be only way to survive - hence the two creme sweaters. One wool, the other fleece.

Followed by a new $30 turtleneck cape that I bought a few weeks ago

And topped off with my Burberry jacket.

On my hands, fingerless gloves because I cannot manipulate anything with full gloves on. I am five.

And blah Nine West boots I bought four years ago resale for $20. Decided not to bring Uggs because they seemed like a cop out, too obvious. Plus snow soaked through them last December when I visited Chicago. Not fun.

I had visions of looking fabulously chic in my cape today.

Like Rachel.

Or Blair.

Unfortunately I looked more Abominable Snowman in all my bulky glory.

Have no idea how Jean Bean wasn't frozen solid in her barely there layers. She's undoubtedly acclimated after two years of being back. She's forgotten her Cali thin blooded roots. Wah.

With the weather and all the meandering through the city today, I began to understand why the concept of a uniform is so appealing to New Yorkers.

If an outfit keeps you warm, feels comfortable and transitions well from day to night, why deviate?

I sooooo wanted to look Carrie Bradshaw-fierce for this trip.

But ended up more Mommy-functional. Sigh.

Though I was proud of myself for throwing a bit of colorful sass into the outfit.

Nothing like wearing a Raspberry beret on vacay.


WeezerMonkey said...

Happy fun day!

My fave: "I had to pretend to be a young Bolivian child excited about clean water. F."

bubbie said...

I love those purple shoes! Purple is my new favorite color to wear!

Jean Bean said...

So much fun! So sad it's over. Love, JB and TC

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

You looked great. I'm sure you were having such a fun time you didn't even care. But you did look great.

Milly said...

Freezing last Thursday??...Thats nothing compared to this past Monday...about 15 but with the wind it was 0....layers works!

WendyB said...

I can't believe I didn't get to see you. You know what I have to say about that? F!!!!!

lookrichbitch said...

ummm.. hello?? how jealous am i of you? TTTTHHHHHIIIIIIIISSSSSS jealous!

seriously. trips with my hunny bunny are never ever EVER fabulous! loved every new york minute of your trip!

Victoria said...

the SNL tour is the coolest thing! glad you had so much fun!

Sable Crow said...

Sable Crow is getting caught up after a long winter's nap. I love this post! Optical illusions are my favorite, along with the laundry list of the chicest places in NYC. Ah, memories of lunch at Bergdorf have been supplanted!

amber said...

* the older i get, the more i despise red-eye flights. blech.

* SNL studios. eeee!

* my 5' 10" honey would have jumped and twirled over that little star, too. at least we know we're both with big goofs.

* in weather like that, warm and functional is the way to go! stay warm!!


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