Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall 2010: How to Wear the Maxi Skirt Trend

 Have you noticed how SHORT the skirts have gotten in stores lately? And how all the young kids nowadays love to nearly flash their coochies morning, noon and night???  Ugh I have.  And yes, I am older and rounder than I've ever been but neither of those things has ANYTHING to do with my hoochie skirt length observations ;)


So you would think my old ass (literally and figuratively) would appreciate the return of the maxi skirt trend. After all I practically lived in long skirts in the early 90s. When I was a PYT myself.


 But to be honest I've struggled with how to incorporate long skirts into my adult wardrobe.  I haven't wanted to look like a tragic cross between a prairie frump, an Elvira goth and devoutly religious believer. SHUdder!



So I've turned to the Interwebs for styling inspiration.  Studied how fashionable ladies are rocking the trend.  Across the globe and across seasons.


After months of looking for the perfect starter maxi, I hit pay dirt at Forever 21: a $20 black jersey skirt with some darting that gives it a bit of a flute at the bottom.  Just the right investment for a trend I wasn't convinced was for me. The last day of summer seemed like the perfect day to take the skirt out for its first test drive. I decided the best way to go was to keep the look languid and easy. 


So I paired it with two F21 tops - one long tank in gray and one cropped dolman sleeved knit in a neutral. Added Steve Madden platform boots and my new-ish Louis Vuitton Never-Full Tote (a bday present to myself.)  Decided to keep the jewelry to a minimum and wear my hair down to match the lines of the outfit.

pics 038

Throughout the work day I felt incredibly comfortable...physically. A little frumpy, man repeller fashionable AND comfortable.  Though I'm not going to front: I was self-conscious. As I have mentioned I looooves my new job but the culture does not lend it self to high fashion trends. Or really any kind of fashion. Sigh. Nonetheless, my boss (a self proclaimed honorary fgay) mentioned he loved the look. And when I got home, Mr. Diabolina said he was utterly confuzzled by my outfit. Check and check ;)

pics 037

My top tip for rocking a maxi skirt is simple: don't overthink it.  Think of a maxi skirt as, say, a wide leg pair of pants. You know how to style a pair of wide leg pants, right?  You just have to keep a close eye on  proportions.

Don't make the look fussy. Think basic separates. Tees and tanks and sweaters. Think uncomplicated, drapey shapes. Steer away from ruffles and frou-frou. This is the time to keep things sleek. To create a long vertical silohouette.

As for shoes, you can do either heels or flats. But I think for most of us the look is most flattering with a bit of height---again to elongate.  For fall, I'm really feeling the long skirt look with a platform boot or a great wooden wedge. Just play with what feels right to you. And experiment.

pics 039

Consider adding a belt or a blazer or a leather jacket.  Maybe a vest or a cardigan.  Perhaps a long necklace or a sassy scarf or a fab hat or a cross-body bag.







me 001













If all else fails, channel your inner Olsen twin, damn it.  You know she's in there somewhere.  A billionaire barely out of her teens who loves to play with fashion.  Because in the end, WHO CARES, IT'S JUST A SKIRT! 


Ashley Olsen, Sasha Pivovarova and Mary-Kate Olsen


p.s. As luck would have it, Jean Bean was blogged on Stylesightsings today in a long languid look.  She's wearing Margiela, a pants/sarong combo.  She calls them her "Bea Arthur" pants.  LOOOOOVE!
One more day until we're together!!



Unknown said...

girl, I so love it to!! ;) ...and LOVING all your photos {thanks for including me}

fshnonmymind said...

I have one maxi dress that I've worn once this summer (got mine at F21 too last year). I think my issue with it is shoes, but I decided I would try let the dress have another appearance this fall. I really like the way it looks styled with a blazer and think that might pass the work test. Now finding the right shoes is the real issue.

Jean Bean said...

Obviously I approve! Funny that a maxi is so minimal as long as it's solid. Love that it takes me back to 1998. Paris and Boston and senior year.

Anonymous said...

thank you - my pear shape and thick thighs needed those pictures and tips! i'll give it a try. I especially love jean bean's photo - super effortless and chic!

Cargo Trousers said...

Thats good, your blog is cool, i like it. Thanks for the efforts my friend.

InnyVinny said...

I need to get a proper maxi skirt instead of making my dress do double duty.

Thanks for all of the pictures, D!

fancypants said...

I'm so happy that I finally get to bust out my Katayone Adeli black maxi I have had for years!

Alicia said...

i just bought a maxi skirt and then realized that i have no idea what to wear with it. this was soo helpful! thanks girlie!

morepolishplease said...

Same as Alicia^!

fashioneggpplant said...

Wow!!! I love this post. thanks for posting all of those pictures! what a great compilation. i inherited a few maxi skirts of my grandma's and aunt's from the 80's. I just recently altered them to my size and have been trying to figure out how to wear them. now im inspired to make some more!! love your blog sooo much! new follower =)

Lily 4 u said...

Hey!!! I have just brought 2 straight line maxi skirts (on sale, and in black and a khaki coloured one) and have been searching the net for like 2 hours, looking for some photos and thoughts on how to ROCK a maxi skirt!!.......Gurlfriend, this page ROCKS!!! So many different photos of different styles, your own bash at it (which also ROOCKED, I might add)...........Thanks so much!! Truely awesome!!

Mira said...

This is perfect - I love it! Subscribing to your blog nowwww. I love that you included so many pictures - total inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love them all! Im so inspired right now

Unknown said...

can you wear this kind of skirt when you're not so tall? :)


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