Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chanel Store Opening Party on Robertson

The Scene
Chanel. Today was all about Chanel. Period.

Sure, I took meetings, reviewed documents, emailed with Jean Bean about New York and Sable Crow about the weekend.

But all I could think about - ALL day - was that G was taking me to the Chanel boutique opening on Robertson. Felt like I was floating on quilted clouds emblazoned with interlocking C's.

G and I traded emails about what we were planning to wear.

Here's mine:

"I previewed the outfit for Mr. Diabolina last night. Wearing this purty mid thigh forever 21 dress that I can't find online to show you. It's like a nude color, tiered, with a pearl neckline. Wearing it with Prada ombre black and pinky shoes. And my Chanel bag. Straightened my hair as good as I can on my own which isn't very good. Sigh.

Jewelry still a mystery. Likely go less is more tonight.

What time should I be at your house?? What are you thinking??? Black and white???

praying for nail polish gift bags - can't they throw us that bone???

Here's her email back:

"ack, your outfit sounds so cute, oh the pressure!

ok, so minor dilemma for me, b/c for some reason i've been going to more events lately so the only cute thing left for me is this simple black Trovata dress...but it has great details (i know you're a detail girl!)...side buttons and pleats around the neckline...and just B&W shoes...Pedro Garcias that i scored at a sample sale...

so be at my place at 7:15-7:30?

crossing fingers and toes for some darn polish! c'mon people, blue satin is already old, right??"


The nail polishes I was greedily hoping they'd give us in a gift bag are these four exclusive colors to the Robertson boutique. I mean I know the economy is bad but can't Karl spare $25??

Midday found out another friend Victoria was attending the opening too. Shared with her my wish for a measly nail polish and she wrote me back this INSANE email:

"i'm sure they will do that or better. at the last chanel opening last fall we got pink and white resin double C cuffs... my sister almost fainted. see you soon!!!"

A FREE CUFF??? After I picked myself up off the floor, I zipped through the rest of my day and raced home. But got stuck in terrible Lalaland traffic and was running waaay late. Still had to iron my dress. Eeeks.

Called Mr. Diabolina. Asked him frantically if he thought the dress I planned to wear looked terribly wrinkled. He said no.

But when I got home he was ironing my dress, beer in hand, watching the Lakers!!! WHAT A GUY!!!!! I must have sounded like I was having a panic attack. I don't deserve him.

The party was everything one would hope it'd be. Chic, exclusive, first class. From the flower arrangements to the Chanel branded napkins, I was in heaven.

I always get giddy at these events. Adore partying at luxury stores after dark. Makes me feel like I'm being naughty, like I might get locked in and have to play with all the bags overnight.

Tthe oversize Chanel shoes and jackets were deliciously trippy too.

Made me feel tiny and a little like Alice in Wonderland.

Here I am standing next to a Diabolina sized Chanel No 5 perfume bottle. Um, I NEED it.

Also need this. Not sure what it is. A top? A necklace? No matter, I know I need it ;)

The rotating carousel in the window was diabolical genius. A little big girl's dream!!!!!

It was a nod to the amazing runway show Karl staged last season.

The fashion tonight was interesting. Total mix of high and low.

This older woman in the Jovavich-Hawk for Target dress and the Hermes bag was KILLING me all night. Not in a good way.

Now for the star sightings. They were a solid B. Nothing beats the night G took me to the Golden Globes. We rode in an elevator with Jennifer Garner and her Ben and peeped Jim from The Office. Best ever.

Tonight there were Gossip Girls. We spied Leighton Meester talking to a blonde in purple. Over G's shoulder. See?

Had to snap a closer pic because gawd she was stunning. Gorgeous flawless bird-like face.

And that ughy Michelle Tractenberg was there too. Here she is talking to Maria Menounos from Access Hollywood over G's head.

These are the to die for pumps MT was sporting. Yes, those are interlocking C's IN THE HEEL.

Here's Maria having a total girl moment. Looking like a kid in a candy store...if the candies all cost thousands of dollars.

She said to us, "I mean, just LOOK at this shoe! I want it." Amen, sister. Every girl should have Chanel pearls dripping off her feet.

Supermodel of yesteryear Amber Valleta was there.

Angie Harmon too. (There's Leighton again over the blond's shoulder.)

Flawless hair the both of them. Love how the beautiful people always find the other beautiful people at these parties.

Representing the Chanel grand dame set was Kathy Hilton. G and I smelled her before we saw her. Reeked of old lady perfume. Blech.

Arriana Huffington was one of the last to arrive. G was very excited. Victoria tried to get me to go up to her and say, "You blog, I blog, let's take a picture." But I was too shy.

Wonderful night topped off with a delish little white gift bag. Gonna make you guess what was in make you comment...since my comment count has been lagging and I am a whore for comments. Come on readers, it's how I stay motivated to write, it's how I even know you're out there ;)

Thanks to my lovely G for a lovely night. She is a true gem. Proud to call her my friend.

Oh yea and here's what I wore to work.

Image dress, Stella McCartney shoes, Louis Vuitton Damier.

And a Chanel necklace close to my heart.

p.s. Here are some professional shots from inside the party.



Kelli said...

So not fair, I am dying to know what you got, I hope it was fall in the floor good!

tam pham said...

i adore you for emailing me last night because i'm sure little pathetic ol' me would have stayed up later desperate awaiting the good news from you!!! LOVE all the pics. What a awesome night. I'm still SOOOOOOOO jealous.

dapotato said...

fab party. totally jealous. why is it that traffic going east is especially bad on those days there is an event thataway?

love both of your dresses.

lookrichbitch said...

gawd! can we trade places for a day? a good man ironing for you AND a chanel party???

your life sounds so glam! :)

and you better tell me what the heck you got! you lucky gal!

MissJordyPants said...

Definitely the nail polish. Earrings?

Such a fabulous event. Super jealous!

Victoria said...

best. post. ever!

Mar5195 said...

I'm guessing ya'll received all 4 nail polishes. Although I'm hoping you got a small bag or something.

I'm totally jealous. But glad you had a great time

Kate said...

DYING! I'm kind of throwing a little mental fit right now about the life choices that I've made that resulted in me not being at that party, but rather at home doing nothing. Ugh.

Ok, I'm better now. But seriously great photos. Can't believe that of all the people you saw, I'm the most excited about Arianna Huffington. Just goes to show what a politics nerd I've become. I would have totally wanted to meet her.

Also, that lady in the big dumb dress just made my day. Now I have proof that I could go to something like that and not be the worst dressed person there. A weird victory, I know, but I'll take it!

weezermonkey said...

The Mister ironed your dress, and you saw Blair Waldorf.

Beyond fabulous, I say.

R said...

I still want some gray pumps. Call me crazy but every time I see yours I remember my desire. clue what's in the bag but I'm sure it made you smile. :) Glad you had a fab time!

Tracee said...

my first comment on your blog ever! i've been reading for a few months now and loves it. love the paparazzi pics you took at the event- did you see rachel bilson and nicolette sheridan too? i saw on perez that they were too. just curious :) anyhow, i'm guessing you got the nail polish and a cute piece of jewelry.

Da Fashionista said...

yay TRACEE!! i love mamis that come out of lurking! kiss.

we did NOT see nic and rachel. boo. I kinda would have died to see baby bilson. she a classic fashionista.

And i will reveal that it was NOT the nail polish.

keep guessing (and commenting) ladies and germs...

WendyB said...

Michelle Trachtenberg will always be Buffy's younger sister to me.

LBIC said...

I'm so totally jealous. And I love the dress you wore to work. super cute.

LBIC said...

p.s. i'm loving your blog!

Cee said...

I am so floored that you got to go. Totally jealous that you got to rub elbows w/ celebs. G is such a great friend.

I hope you got the nail polish AND some bling for your wrist.

Blue Bird said...

So... much... pretty...

Cripes, D. You get to do such dope stuff. If I were there, I would have had a hard time not petting all of the bags and shoes and lovingly pressing them to my cheek. Nice things are nice. Chanel things are on a whole different level.

Looks like you chose your dress well. Coordinated well with the window display. You are so good at what you do.

Like my wifey, I would have been most pumped about seeing the Huffster.

Gift bag guesses: a little leather wallet. Maybe a lovely little pin or brooch. Or a little accent piece for your hair.

Sorry, I guess that's quite a few guesses.

Mr. T

Sable Crow said...

I love Chanel like a fat kid loves cake. Why am I the only gay boy on here? It doesn't make sense. WHAT WAS IN THE SWAG BAG??!! Tell your readers!!

Juana said...

F-ing hilarious how you were snapping pictures mere feet from these people! I'm way jealous. I probably would have gotten drunk and knocked over a mannequin.

tam pham said...

does jennifer garner look like a man in person like she does in the movies??? tam wants to know!

venn said...

Totally off topic: I showed my husband your post in which you featured K to the B and his new Trans-Am with the screaming chicken (apparently, this is the ONLY kind of Trans-Am worth getting...who knew?). He drooled. Big, sopping, wet puddles of drool. I think he's a little in love with your friend. I think he wants to BE K to the B.

And I am just as enamored with this post, your dresses, that amazing party, and your fabulous stalkerazzi pics.

JillFantastic said...

Love the dress - great ensemb.

And love how you had the balls to snap the celeb pics! Any time I'm at an event like this I'm always to shy. I was sharing a cocktail table with Tori Spelling one time, dying to mention my infatution with 90210 and instead didn't say a word. Just turned my back tp her and mouthed OMG over and over to my boyfriend. SO. LAME.

What was in the gift bag??

Kate said...

Mr T guessed a wallet! That was my guess too though I only guessed in my mind.

Tiffany said...

Just found your blog and very glad that I did! Love your style. Your prada shoes are gorgeous!

So jealous you got to attend this event but thanks for the recap and the pictures!

will def be checking back to see what you got in the gift bag.

G said...

this post calls for my first comment too! confirmed earlier that our swag is indeed "exclusive" to Robertson...AND more importantly, did everyone notice how purty D's hair looked?? the only thing cuter might've been the fact that Mr. D. ironed for her...

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

Awww...Mr. D is so sweet! You looked so fab, and I am DYING to know what you got! I need the nailpolish...must have it.

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amber said...

ah, you saw leighton meester?! so JEALOUS!! i'm totally <3ing the cast of GG right now... well, except for MT, that is.


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