Friday, March 21, 2008

The Scene
Get to the airport before sunrise. Surprisingly not groggy-grumpy. I’m just so excited to spend time with Jean Bean and Texas Cowboy. YAYAYAYAYAY!

Plus, the day gets started with a BANG of fashion hilarity. As we board the plane, Mr. Diabolina whispers anxiously to me, “I think I’m OFFICIALLY wearing women’s shoes! The girl at starbucks was wearing them too!”

You see, a few weeks ago at a party, he put his big sneaker next to that of a tiny friend of ours and said, “Look we’re wearing the same shoes.” He was grinning like it was a sign of their true friendship. She was smiling uncomfortably like she was trying to figure out which one of them had made a cross-gender purchase.

Needless to say, this HILARIOUS shoe incident is one of the first things I announce to Jean Bean and her Texas Cowboy upon seeing them. It remains the punchline of many a joke all weekend.

So does his inquiry about the "North by Northwest" music festival that just happened. Thankfully, Mr. D can laugh at himself

JB and TC take us directly to get Austin ’s finest BBQ. A tucked away piggie palace called the Salt Lick. It’s BYOB, rustic and heavenly.

We chat and laugh and eat and drink for hours. The misters get along swimmingly and I officially fall for TC within an hour.

He’s clearly head over heels for my JB. He softens her and cares for her in a way I have never seen before. Throughout the day, they even openly talk about an imminent proposal and wedding. ECSTATIC FOR THE

(Quick backstory: Jean Bean is my college roommate. After graduation she and Peaches moved back east for grad school. She started her career as a business journalist covering the fashion industry.

And then got a great opportunity to be the style editor in Texas. She did that for a couple of years before getting a dream fashion job back in New York.

She met Texas Cowboy before she was to leave for New York. He has since moved out to be with her.

He is beautiful and kind and smart and funny and nerdy and cool and a man's man and a gentleman. Best of all, his personality and his way compliment hers. They just FIT.

What they have is the real deal, what you wish for all the people you love!)

In the afternoon, we do a little shopping and sightseeing before checking into our hotel, The Driskill. Very historical, supposedly haunted and big D’s emblazoned everywhere. What’s not to love?

Later on that night, we meet in the hotel bar for drinks and then head out to a tiny dive that JB describes as "a poor man’s Dave and Buster’s." There’s also a Beer Nazi who gives you all kinds of attitude at the bar. Funny times.

Over 30 friends congregate to welcome the pretty couple "home." It’s such a great cross-section of journalists and
entrepreneurs, ex-coworkers and college buddies.

We have a great time playing silly arcade games and meeting people and celebrating two wonderful individuals who clearly everyone wishes they saw more.

We end the night at a place called Magnolia’s with a dipping queso situation. Bad news bears. I would weigh 500 lbs if I lived in Texas .

A+ of a day

The Outfit
Forever 21 color block dress

The Accessories
Stuart Weitzman gold gladiator sandals
Beige wrap sweater
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
Red leopard print bangles
Gucci sunglasses
Gucci boot print scarf

The Grade

The Commentary
So it didn’t dawn on me until I was driving into the city from the airport that my dress IS the texas flag. What a nerd. When I saw it I just instantly thought Jean Bean would like it and that it would be a comfortable for the airplane. And something just seemed so right about it for Texas . Duh.

So it wasn’t just Mr. Diabolina that got teased the rest of the day as we passed what seemed like an endless parade of flags.

Nonetheless, the dress got lots of compliments and peeps as we strolled down a little hipster shopping area. This is a dress I will wear to death. Very timeless and easy to reinvent with different accessories.

Do you love these sandals? Jean Bean did. They are perfect for spring. They manage to be classic but on trend.

Got them last year after combing the stores for the perfect flat gold sandal. Am currently on the hunt for a delish flat black sandal - help is appreciated.

Thinking I want something gladiator-esque but not TOO strappy that it will look passé aka so last season in 2009. Also want to keep it under $100. It’s going to be tough.

Jean Bean was wearing Te Casan flats that I coveted last October during my NYC visit. I really wants me some shoes from that line.

The scarf on the bag was a late night epiphany. J’adore this scarf. Stalked it for a year in all the magazines before finding it at the Gucci outlet in Camarillo for 75 percent off. The little boots felt Texan and the color palette was perfect with the dress. So adorable. Yay me!


Tonight was a conundrum. I knew the place was going to be real dive-y but still wanted to feel like me. Didn't want to feel butchy.

Earlier in the day, Jean Bean and I realized we’ve been buying loads of dresses to go out for the last year or so. We were kinda at a loss for what to pair with jeans. So weird since there was a time when the going out ensemb was all about the jeans, the heels and a sexy top.

Thankfully I called JB right before they came to the hotel. She said she was wearing a drapey gray jersey dress with avant garde shoes. She knew it was going to be way dressier than everyone else but she also astutely pointed out that everyone expected her to look different. After all, she was THE city’s doyenne of high fashion once upon a time.

She looked great with the grey dress, black Alice Temperley for Target jacket, patent wedge shoes, a shot of color in the bangle and those cutie bangs. Delish! She is my one friend from college that looks like she’s getting younger and younger with every year. That skinny, pretty bitch ☺

I bought the purple Grecian strapless dress a few weeks ago at Forever. Loving how it pairs with the fuchsia wrap sweater and the gold sandals. So fashionista on holiday :)

I packed gold heels but thought the flats would keep the whole thing a bit more casual for the dive bar tonight. P.s. The back of this dress is a horror scene (super clingy) so if you buy it and weigh more than 100 lbs, consider wearing some kind of jacket.

My Louis Vuitton earrings and purple leaf bracelet and Alice Roi clutch all served as great posh compliments. Felt super comfortable but chic. After all I had a reputation to maintain too, being the city mouse in from L.A. and all ☺


weezermonkey said...

I really hope you came hope with the Ode to America shirt.

MissJordyPants said...

How beautiful to watch your best friend fall in love with a man who loves her so much! I'm mushy for them :-)

KFR said...

Sigh. I love both the Magnolia super-sinful queso and Salt Lick. Boo hoo - wish I'd been with you.

(fyi, Salt Lick does ship their secret dry rub/bbq sauce so we happily always have on hand.)

Jean Bean said...

Totally coveting the TX flag dress! If you had kept it on for the evening, TC's friends would have dropped to their knees and probably serenaded you. Oh well, you can wear it to the weddin' some day!

Jean Bean said...

The best thing about my gray jersey dress is that the next morning, my friend's boring, insecure boyfriend picked a fight with her about it and they broke up! See, people think fashion is insignificant but the truth is it can ruin lives. We must always use the force for good, never evil.


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