Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Scene
With Mr. Diabolina out of town, I had to find a partner in crime for today's USC game. I ended up doing something blasphemous: I invited a Bruin!

But Juana is not just ANY Bruin. She and I go back to high school. We were both Regals before we were anything else. I think surviving that all girls high school is an experience that trumps collegiate affiliation. least for her ;)

Juana spent quite a bit of time at my campus instead of her own in the late nineties. Partly because she had a wacko roommate freshman year and partly because the parties at USC (true to the stereotype) were just better.

Here we are with the rest of our high school posse in my freshman year dorm. Ugh, our faces. We went through a gansta phase - California Love style. And can you believe that broom closet behind us housed my clothing for a year?? Gives me chills just to think about it.

Juana spent so much time at USC that she ended up in a photo in the USC campus directory sophomore year. That's her in the lower left. Mr. D is sitting next to her. I am next to him and Amy is next to me. Adore.

Today was a total and utter blast walking around the campus with her and reminiscing and cackling at ourselves. Am so blessed to have such a geniune, easy going, HILARIOUS friend.

So many girls who have known each other forever are "friends" out of habit. They are like Blair and Serena. Not particularly good for each other. But I think J and I are the opposite. We are each other's biggest fans. We actively choose to embrace each other's friends and lives and incorporate them into our own. It's just what you do when you are homies.

Just like what you do at football games is imbibe. See my flask and her paper bag? C-L-A-S-S-Y!

Rocket Man and MChu know what's up.

Big Fucking Asian did too.

We weren't as bad as these ASU children rolling around with a keg on a skateboard.

Can you imagine doing a keg stand in the middle of the day? WITHOUT PANTS ON!?

Was a gorgeous day for a shut out.

Got home, took a nap and then motivated for dinner with these three gorgeous things.

Tried The Izaka-ya By Katsu-ya. Extremely tasty.

Tasty enough for Jamie Lynn Sigler. She was there in skinny dark jeans, a plaid top, pulled back hair and a goregeous chain Chanel bag. Her face was flawless. That Sopranos money is clearly treating her well.

After dinner, that minx Styleminded convinced M and me to join her at Crown.

At one point, the bartender thought it'd be a good idea to give us free shots. F.

Doesn't anyone realize I may look spry but I am an old SC alum who could break a hip at any moment???

The Outfit
Long Sleeved White Tee
Kiss Me I'm a Trojan Tee
Madewell jeans

The Accessories
Forever 21 headband and sunglasses
Stella McCartney for Addidas sneakers
Gucci bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Juana is a saint. Not only did her powder-blue-loving ass request I pick some cardinal and gold options for her to wear from my USC bag of tricks.

But she also indulged me on a trip through fashion memory lane. She went to the Payless across the street from campus where Jean Bean and Amy and I would score great wedges freshman year. We also hit Elegance, every Trojan girl's go to spot for slutty party wear.

Can't believe it's still there. With it's slit down to there tops for $14.

And highly flammable designer knock offs. Ah the memories....

Went from these shoes during the day

To the YSLs. Nearly frooze to death tonight in this dress. Should have worn black tights like my Styleminded.

Love that we both did asymmetrical dresses tonight. Kindred fashion spirits for shizzle.

p.s. Over the course of six hours, half a dozen men wiggled their eyebrows and said something obnoxious about my "Kiss Me" t-shirt. Ugh. To quote the great Cher Horowitz, AS IF!!!!!!!!

My shirt is not an invitation. THIS ASU fan's outfit is an invitation.


WeezerMonkey said...

Pic in front of Payless is priceless.

WendyB said...

You are an amazingly sporty girl!

Lynn said...

Effortlessly fashionable - love it.

Does that ASU fan's, um, lack of clothing count as an outfit?! It looked like he was wringing his pants out - did he pee on himself or something? I guess that's what happens when you travel with a keg on a skateboard.

amber said...

she must be a good friend b/c i'm choking on the fact that she asked you to bring some red and gold for her to wear. or, she isn't really a bruin :P

Sable Crow said...

I have a new appreciation for Arizona State.

Kate of All Trades said...

Ah Elegance....many a ho top was purchased there.

That ASU kid is hysterical. I hope his mother doesn't read your blog.

Jean Bean said...

Juana is a more mature adult than I, a gracious guest and a delightful testament to her alma mater.

Juana said...

sable crow almost has me rolling on the ground in laughter right now. love it!!

jean bean, thanks!

amber, silly thang. i'm a bruin. i sure do love me some SC partays and people, though.

saraphin said...

do i spy trojan hall?

love reading your updates on all the USC games and fashion. FIGHT ON! :)

amy said...

i can't believe i finally made a diabolina post. this is the best day of my life. mainly because i now know that elegance still exists. if there is anything right in the world, it is that elegance exists to turn otherwise good-natured and appropriate young women into whores. at low cost. with bangin' music playing.

the "kiss me" t-shirt is 2nd in my diabolina memory to your original "practice safe sex - make love with a trojan" tee.

and i love juana. she is especially helpful at clubs when the wrong person decides to give you attitude. she'll give them something to remember. her fist.

harp said...

I ADORE your YSL's and just wanted to tell you that the trailers for this show - Stylista - totally made me think of you. Will you be watching?

tam pham said...

I'm going to have nightmares after seeing the ASU fan pics. Seriously.

instantvintage said...

This just brought back hella memories for me. Aww.

fashionintelligentsia said...

Friends forever, love it.

How are your Stella sneakers? I've been looking to buy some for the gym, as well as her yoga mat on net-a-porter, and am curious about how you like the tennies.



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