Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina took off early in the morning to go shark fishing. So while he was off hunting, I did a little gathering ;)

Picked up not-so-sexy things for the house in the late afternoon then hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for a looksee. Nothing stunning. A few Philip Lim dresses that were still too pricey. A couple of Marc Jacobs purses that didn't slay me. Passed.

Then I headed over to the Chanel on Robertson to pick up a little treat for my mom. She's been mooning over the pinky nail polish that's exclusive to that store. It's called Paparazzi. Hilarious.

The gorgeous salesgirl took a shine to me and offered to put my name on a wait list for the hot Fall nail polish. Gold Fiction. What a name, right?

Not crazy about the $30 pricetag though. Better have real gold flecks in it like Goldschlager, my drink of choice freshman year ;)

Then decided to visit Stella McCartney. I STILL have a part of last year's credit for a birthday present Mr. Diabolina gave me that I returned. F. I have visited the store every month a couple of times a month for 11 months. Never find anything that I love at the right price.

I know: quit your complaining, poor little rich girl ;)

It's just that I scored my deeevine gray shoes with half the credit around the holidays. Adore them. Haven't been able to find a piece that even competes. Until today.

Meet the newest member of our family. Her name is Stella Brown and she is yummy. Can be worn with the chain strap or a more functional messenger-type strap. And it has a little bag tucked inside. I dig it.

Think it will be a great travel bag. Plus it was 60 percent off so I still have over a hundred dollars on the credit!!!

Emboldened by my STELLAr success, I finally made it over to peek inside the new Phillip Lim store also on Robertson. Let me tell you, entering that store is like a religious experience. Gorgeous space filled with even more gorgeous fashion. My personal heaven.

Seriously it felt like a museum in there. I was nervous about speaking too loudly. And only managed to take this one horrible picture since I was momentarily struck retarded. Can't wait for a bag of money to fall out of the sky so I can shop there.

As I basked in the afterglow of three luxury stores in under an hour, Mr. Diabolina called, giddy for reasons of his own. During their expedition today, the boys caught a 6 ft, 100 pound Mako!!! EEEKS! That's twice as big as the last one. Makes me nervous just to think about it.

Mr. D is a shark in the courtroom not so much of a shark hunter. However, Danny B is really the next Crocodile Hunter. Just look at how differently they posed. Nuff said.

Mr. Diabolina headed out to the South Bay to share some of the meat haul with his large family so I rang up my mom. Met up for Chinese followed by window peeping at Balenciaga. We were literally sticking our faces in the windows like a Charles Dickens novel if it were set in WeHo.

Look how ADORABLE she looked in the leggings I forced her to buy! She is like a little doll. Tunic is from Forever and shoes are Marc.

Funny fashion fabulous day!

The Outfit
Banana Republic tank top
Ann Taylor shorts

The Accessories
Faux Van Cleef and Arpels earrings and necklace
Fashion District zebra bling bangle
Chanel bag
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade
A+ for effort/B+ for effect

The Commentary
First time I've worn shorts in public this year. Well excluding the filthy cute ones I wore at the mud run in April. Felt pretty anxious about the grand debut but it was the perfect super warm day for them. So I took the plunge and went waaaaay out of my comfort zone.

Some of you can't understand why I've been so worried about donning shorts. Think I'm silly. I wear short dresses and isn't that the same thing?

The answer is no no NO. That's like saying pants are the same as a maxi dress. That would be bonkers. Sheer and utter madness ;)

Length doesn't determine silhouette and fit. Not by itself. My main issue is that shorts like pants have a waistband - a potential problem for thick waisted ladies like me. Shorts and pants hug. They show the shape of your middle. No way around it.

On the other hand, dresses - especially the voluminous ones that have been in vogue for so long and I've been living in - fall straight down. They don't accentuate the midsection. They graze it instead of highlight it.

The shorts issue for me is really about dressing for your shape. After 31 years, I know what my body's weaker points are. Hence I consistently try to downplay them. Draw attention to the assets - a good collarbone, decent calves, improving arms.

One never wants to be mistaken for Mariah or Britney. The point I'm making isn't about having to be a certain weight. It's about not being delusional.

It's about being brutally honest with yourself. Seeing yourself clearly. It's about dressing for the figure you have. Knowing what works wonders and what is best left for others. And it's about not confusing sloppy with sexy. It's really What Not To Wear/Tim Gunn's Guide to Style 101.

Today I tried to channel myself back in Mexico. Get back all that body confidence I was feeling. Tried to feel relaxed and radiant instead of soft and self conscious. Think a bit of a heel would have helped and maybe a blousier top. That would create more leg and less midsection cling.

If it had been a little cooler I could have donned a little jacket. Love this recent Anne Hathaway look. Grown up without being stuffy. It's polished but playful. And it gives better coverage. Have the perfect Armani blazer, me thinks.

In the end, the channeling must have worked because I got a few compliments on the shorts. Interestingly, all from women who were at least my size. None of the Nicole Richies on Robertson even batted an eye. There was no "LOOK at that no -waisted 30 year old wearing shorts - no she didn't" pointing and staring. Phew!

Today was a great reminder that we all have different comfort zones, different stories we tell ourselves. Doesn't matter what size or age you are. It's important to try to keep that inner critic at bay and listen to the more fearless voice inside of you. The one telling you to take a risk, you might like it.


weezermonkey said...

You are cutie-patootie in those shorts. Not at ALL like Mariah or Brit-Brit!

Jean Bean said...

Freshman year? Why are you downplaying the role of Goldschlager the other 3 years? That makes Goldschlager sad!

dapotato said...

love the new stella bag. the shorts look great on you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bag. It is a beauty. Those shorts look great. If I could sport them, I would. You look cute!

MissJordyPants said...

How adorable are you in those fantastic little shorts?! Love love love them on you!

Congratulations on your new addition to the family! She's beautiful.

Juana said...

You look rad in shorts.

The shark pics are too much. Madness.

lookrichbitch said...


Love your STELLAr find! Gorgeous and even more delicious at 60%! Heart sales!

And heart your love for his goofy pose with the fish! (And I do look forward to his next post on shopping with his love!)

And triple heart you for having no waist either and knowing how to play it up! I have no waist, or maybe I do, but it's hidden by my non-baby bump. Love my arms and legs so that's all you'll ever see!


Thanks for the comment :)
Aren't they comfortable?
I have the brown as well, just haven't worn them yet, I want to see how you wear them ;)

Sable Crow said...

This is one of my favorite posts in at LEAST a week. Love your puns, and your shorts. You look great. As a cosigliere in the gay mafia, I wouldn't put out a hit on you. I'd actually offer you our protection...

Not like you'd need it, with that new bag.


Sable Crow said...

I love it when I can't spell consigliere.

I blame bank stocks. Everybody else does these days.


tam pham said...

welcome to the world of shorts, my dear d! please add the phillip lim store to the list of fashion haunts that you will be chauffeuring me around to when I visit.

Cee said...

you look amazing in those shorts. B/c of your last post, i too donned a pair of shorts purchased from old navy and they were the most flattering after trying on 456,487,213 pairs from differ clothing lines. Wearing heels w/ them dresses them up more for a night out.

Please share the wealth when you have gobs of money to shop at 3.1

JillFantastic said...

I think your waist looks very defined in this outfit. I love it!

I too have been shorts free for a long time and recently bought a pair of navy Marc Jacobs shorties. Pricey for shorts, but so worth it. They fit like a dream and I've been wearing them all the time. Yay for shorts!

amber said...

* love the new stella bag! and look at you working that credit to your full advantage. nice!

* that shark is effing HUGE! yikes. :/

* you look so damn cute in those shorts. and yeah, i hear ya that shorts fit different that short dresses, but you've got the legs to pull them off. waist or no waist, i think you look stellar! none of this B+ crap for effect -- A+ all around!!


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