Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Scene

At one point today, my mom wishes him a happy day and thanks him for being a good man. And that really is the truth: he is the best person I know.

We open presents before breakfast and then I head to the gym to burn off some nervous energy. 4 miles, 42:53.

Guess who I see at the gym? Ricky from My So Called Life. I breathe a sigh of relief. Clearly it's a sign that tonight's 90s party is going to be a huge success ;)

You need to know that I am such a nerd when it comes to planning parties. I am the ultimate detail narc so events are pretty nerve wracking for me. I'm getting better as I age but sheesh can I be a stress case.

Mr. D and I run some last minute errands and finalize his costume. He spots a curly blond afro at Aardvark's and instantly decides on Steve Saunders from 90210. He is my hero.

I drop him off and go pick up a poster I had made of him at 13 sporting sweet Rebook pumps. Then I decide to really commit to my Brenda look. It's do or die time!

I run into a FANTASTIC SAM's (I know highly risky but it's in the 90210!) and get my bangs cut. Not so sure it's going to be a good idea tomorrow but I know tonight, it will spell perfection.

The Outfit
So my costume was a little Aardvark confection meant to replicate Season 1 episode 8 of 90210. I know you know it.

It's titled the Spring Dance and Brenda Walsh loses her virginity to one Dylan McKay. Ugh and remember Kelly showed up in the same dress and refused to change because she was a Spring Princess???

All this was kinda the biggest drama my little 12 year old brain had ever experienced. Ugh I loved that show well into college :)

I think I did a pretty damn good interpretation of it down to the pearls and the black gloves and the hideous red lipstick.

Ironic how the dress is very Chanel in the palette. Mr. Architect pointed that out. Loves him in beige cord overalls with a Cesear bowl cut. So fugly hot.

The Commentary

Here were some of the other rockstars of the night.

Lauragami and D win most punctual and hilarious without being drunk awards.

We decided she was Andrea Zuckerman and he was David Silver character. He even dances into his photo pose. Amazing commitment.

The party was technically a Donkey Kong tournament sponsored by Shakey's aka a 13 year old's dream in the early 90s. Mr. D and I were inspired by the brilliant King of Kong documentary.

So Rocket Man took the cake by dressing up as Kong himself. He made these amazing barrels out of mini Heineken kegs. We adore him and his konging ways. He is consistently a riot and just a great pal to us.

His hot lady MChu ain't half bad either. She used Dep to curl her hair. So. freaking. hot.

Mr. Diabolina's little brother rocked jean shorts and a member's only jacket. So funny. Loves me those gams.

Lots of folks went grunge including The Monkeys. Plaids, overalls, funny Tshirts

Styleminded was Rayanne from My So Called Life. See the flask? She bought a black and white dress to be Kelly to my Brenda but alas she was not feelin' it.

She is five years younger and I imagine not as into 90210. Sigh. I had the blond wig ready...

Love that KFR did Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. I did that a few Halloween's ago with the coke rimmed nose and syringe to the heart.

Mr. Diabolina was Frank the Tank from Old School with the dart in his neck and yet another tight perm wig. Fug.

Despite the tight blond geri curls he was still quite the hottie magnet.

BTW Dr. McDreamiest didn't dress up. I'll let it slide this time because he was working all day.

Ugh. And he acted all shy when he learned that he is famous via this blog. Whatever! I know he loves it ;)

My ChowChow came as Scary Spice. She was wearing the dress I made her wear for her "Girls Gone Wild" bachelorette party 6 years ago. Paired it with red patent boots and wild hair. Love her.

Her Poppa Bear was Dr. Dre. Adore him. He showed up as Mr. T for my 28th "Come as your favorite 80s tv character" birthday party. Shaved his head Mr. T style. Getting bangs is NOTHING compared to that level of costume commitment ;)

There was another "rapper" in the house, Marky Mark. Mr. Honorary Hot Chick wins the hottest mess award. Um, yum.

Sable Crow wins most effective use of his own clothing from high school. That's his letterman jacket. Please notice the patches are for being a smartypants not an athlete. Hysterical.

The Grade

All in all an A++++ of a night. Mr. Diabolina had alot of silly fun and cleaned up with presents!!! Thanks to all for your creativity and humor and friendship. We heart you.

p.s. Weezermonkey already blogged about the party. Heart it. Read her.


Jean Bean said...

You look PRETTY with those bangs! You keep them.

dapotato said...

looks rad.

Lynn Tran said...

Bangs were the perfect piece de resistance to your outfit - what commitment! Looks like everyone had a great time.

weezermonkey said...

I think the bangs are going to turn out just fine. You will figure out a way to rock them, I know.

Thanks so much for inviting us! We had a blast! You guys are the best. :)

Kate said...

Love the bangs! Also, party looks like so much fun. Thought about you guys that night and had an extra martini in Frank's honor.

MissJordyPants said...

Bangs are my new favorite! Chopped my own on Saturday. Chris thinks I'm going to hate them by next week as "all women hate bangs once they get them." 2 days in, and I'm still partial

Party looked fabulous!

Mr. Monkey said...

LONG time fan, first time poster here. Party was Donkey Konglicious! The monkeys loved it. Looking forward to reading the next posts from my favorite fashionista!

Cee said...

what a fun party and theme.

I friggin love the costumes. So hilarious.

I love the bangs. I've been thinking about getting them myself. one day.

amber said...

i didn't realize you did the bangs FOR the party! wow! talk about goin' balls to the wall girl! ;)


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