Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Scene
Get awful news today. The little sister of one of my closest college friends died suddenly, tragically. She was just 28.

In my mind she will forever be 18. That's how old she was when I first met her. I remember she was tiny and lovely and wearing sneakers.

And though I didn't know-know her, I loved her because I love her brother. When we were first becoming friends, he'd always say I looked like her. Think it was his way of telling me I was like a little sister to him.

Am utterly devastated for him. Mr. Diabolina and my mom too. He is such a sensitive human being, such a talent. He has held my hand through so much over the last decade. And now it's my turn.

Please keep his family in your thoughts. The world's gone mad.

The Outfit
French Connection skirt
Express halter
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Me&Ro necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch and sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Built the outfit around the tiered skirt today. Less than $20 resale. Got it a million and one years ago. But every summer it still feels fresh. Adds a bit of bulk to my lower half so keeping the shoes nude helps elongate the gams.

Reminds me a bit of the dress I just saw on that delicious Rory Gilmore recently. Ugh and those shoes (very Carine Roitfeld) haunt me. She is the original GG.

Though Blake Lively was my favorite part of the first Sisterhood movie. And in this orange bang of a dress, she spells perfection.

Added this nude halter today. Very bringing sexy back. Love how it whispers seductively next to the boldness of the fuchsia.

Discovered the combination on vacation with Mr. D in Hawaii four years ago. It was our first fancy adult getaway.

We were so young back then. So much life and fashion and joy and tragedy has washed over us in just four years. I guess all one can do is try to learn from every experience - savor the good and breathe through the pain.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Scene
Was going to have dinner with old co-worker besties but we rescheduled. Maybe next week. Miss them.

Watched Project Runway AGHAST tonight. Whole grip of ugly that the judges loved. B-l-e-c-h. And Sandra Bernhard - ugh. Talk about fug and not very funny circa 1990.

Agree 110 percent with Tam Thoughts on this episode. Also agree with Chic Intuition (GREAT BLOG, BTW) that Mrs. Seal's taste level is not always up to snuff in her real life. Very Euro mercurial clowny at times. Who is she to say a "auf wedersen" to anyone. F.

The Outfit
J Brand jeans
Forever 21 chiffon bubble tank and sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton bag
Damier inspired bangle
Faux Chanel studs
Stella McCartney gray pumps
Chloe aviators

The Grade

The Commentary
Today was a momentous day. The grand debut of my J Brand skinnies. Technically they are the Bardot cut in Indigo. A little high waisted with a pencil leg. They were a birthday present from my mom. $37 at Crossroads. Savings: $150. Loves it!

I've been hearing about J Brand jeans for what seems like years and years. How could I not? ALL the skinny minny celebrity hotties swear by them.

But at nearly $200 a pair, I wasn't convinced they were worth it. My little $30 pair of Mossimos would see me through the skinny trend, I figured.

But last fall, Styleminded wore J Brands for a fun night of teddy bears and dancing and they definitely turned my head. Mr. Diabolina was also besotted. Mesmerized. In heaven. Apparently even had to rub jean butts!!! That is a powerful jean ;)

Now clearly I am not the same size as my baby Styleminded so I knew I wouldn't look as fab as her in the jeans. What fascinated me was that up close her jeans looked like leggings. The material moved with her. They were skin tight but looked comfortable. Who'd have thunk it?

Filed this information away in my fashion computer of a brain for future reference and proceeded to have one of the best nights ever.

Fast forward six months and I started hearing that J Brand was coming out with a line of jeans for curvy women, dubbed their Blue Label. Nice. I like when hot celebrity brands recognize they are missing out on a whole segment of the population. The real woman. Was poised to get a pair for my birthday when this pair found me.

Loved how it worked with the Stella shoes and this exquisite Forever 21 top. The pearl detailing once got kudos by numerous sales people at the Chanel store on Rodeo. And they know pearls.

Felt chic and no fuss today. In a meeting, a girl I have never talked to told me she's noticed I dress very well. Always look cute. She wears a Balenciaga bag some days so I think she could be a definite maybe work friend ;)

p.s. Have you noticed celebrity fashionistas are starting to roll up their jeans? I have and I fear the trend is coming for me.

Apparently the 80s are back and no one told me. God help us, everyone.

Katie Holmes is particularly pegging crazy lately.

Crazy being the operative word.

This outfit must be a mistake, right? Like she threw on a bunch of things that were at her disposal. None of which should ever never ever be worn together.

This outfit works a bit better with the baggy, rolled up jeans. With the sandals and the sleeveless tank, I can kinda get where she's going with it. But I'm not sure I'm ready to rock this new look just yet.

I'm still getting my head (and real woman body) wrapped around the J Brands she was wearing a year ago.

p.s. More great jeans jeans jeans at Couture Carrie. Go. now!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Scene
So I knew 3.1 was going to be exciting but I had no idea it was going to be 5.4- earth-shaking exciting!!

As a Lalaland native, earthquakes don't really rattle me. By the time you typically register it's an earthquake, it's over. But this one lasted so long. For a split second today I even thought, "Well, this is it. This is The Big One. This is how it ends."

And I realized I was at peace. With who I am and the life I've led. Wow. Maybe that realization was the big one.

But then just as suddenly as it had started, the earth stopped moving. Back to work. Sigh.

Un then three hours later the power went out in our office park and all the neighboring ones. I don't exactly work in a low rent area so this was quite shocking. We were sent home at about 3:30. Have never in 16 years of working been sent home early from a job. Didn't know what to do with myself. What a nerd.

It ended up taking me about half an hour to get out of my building's parking structure and go a few blocks. The whole area was gridlocked since everyone was leaving at the same time.

Truly scary preview of how difficult it would be to make a speedy getaway if the world really was ending. Gulp.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories

Stella McCartney bag
Forever 21 sunglasses
Urban Outfitters feather headband
Manolo Blahnik pumps

The Grade


The Commentary
Felt like a chocolate fudge brownie today. In other words, I felt delicious and yummy and decadently rich.

If you recall, this is the Karta-inspired dream I wore to quit last April. Feels like years and years ago already. My entire life has changed. Time sure does fly the older you get.

Today I paired the dress with the chocolate wrap instead of the fuchsia. Wanted to stay monochromatic today, blend into the background.

Love how all the patent/plastic of the reddish browns work together. From the new Stella bag to the Forever 21 sunnies to my Blackberry to the dress' detail - a symphony of beautiful browns. Very luxe.

The shape and neckline of my dress reminded me of a denim one I recently saw on the lovely Leighton Meister. Been girl crushing on her since I peeped her flawless skin in person at the Chanel party.

Think my turquoise Me&Ro earrings would have been perfect with her ensemble. Loving her highlights and flats.

Struggled again with the fullness of the skirt today. Must get used to it. The shape isn't going anywhere come fall.

It just makes me feel large and in charge. Especially climbing down four flights of stairs en masse with my co-workers. Ugh. Manolos were not meant for generator-lit stairwells.

Wore my purty new feather headband from Urban Outfitters. $15 of fluttery goodness. Love how it works with the highlights and the straight hair.

Recently saw the same one on Nicole Richie. JINX!
Except she wore hers in that adorable boho style that mini-moms can rock and Diabolinas cannot, should not and will not.

Por ejemplo, here's me doing hippie chick chic. Go ahead and laugh. It's OK. I did.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Diabolina Does Deep Thoughts

A little joint I wrote last year as I was staring down 30.

Fits nicely with what The Peeper was teaching me about some Dalai Lama writings. About the two paths one can take: anticipation and hope or anger and despair.

Love a girl who can don a blond wig for me AND wax philosophical with me.

A Friend of Dorothy

I have arrived at a crossroads – one that will define the second chapter of my life. It is a crossroads unlike any other - brimming with magic, alive with creativity, winking at me with possibility.

I am on the brink of…well…myself.

Gone is the fa├žade, the mask, the fear, the girlish desire to please and be pleasing. I have found my voice. In this moment, I am embracing my gifts, my desires, my non-negotiables.

I am facing my weaknesses and faults head-on. Demons are being laid to rest so only the angels remain. I am standing on the precipice of my potential, my greatness, my destiny.

It's all there - this great future, this grand second act - laid out in front of me. When I close my eyes, it dances in front of me like a hazy dream that feels foreign yet familiar.

Now I just need to figure out how to get there. Like Dorothy, I have to decide which road to follow. Which enchanted path will lead me to my purpose – if I tap dance just right in my ruby slippers.

Doors I close today will be shut forever. An opportunity wasted now will turn into regret later. The chances I take in this moment will lead me down the path, the path paved with my dreams. I just know it. I can feel it at my core.

And I am ready for it. I am prepared to face this fork in the road with a brave heart and an open mind.

After all what I want is not what most people want. More than anything, I want to blaze a trail all my own. One forged by decisions that are mine and mine alone. It is untarnished by others' expectations. It is unfettered by convention.

The road that has led me to this crossroads stretches far behind me. It has had many twists and turns of fate. It was at times painfully rocky, unbearably dark, difficult to negotiate. I was for the most part a child on that road...along for the ride.

But nevertheless, it was the road I traveled to arrive at this moment. This daunting yet delicious crossroads where a new chapter in my story begins - the part where the story gets good :)
The 3.1 Birthday Scene
Do you know why my favorite new designer named his label 3.1 Phillip Lim? Last week on her 31st birthday, Jean Bean revealed it was a wink to how old he was when he launched his own company.

Eeks! Perhaps today is the first day of the rest of my life. Maybe this is the year I strike out and carve my own path. Perhaps 31 will bring me everything I've been searching for professionally. Perhaps, perhaps. And monkeys might fly out of my butt too.

Very fitting that Mr. Diabolina reminded me of this story today as we (coincidentally) celebrated my birthday across from the Phillip Lim store.

He found out about the story when he picked up one of my birthday presents this weekend. The mister got me a nice little gift certificate to go hog wild in the house that Phillip built. He also got us added to the in store event list. Um, YAYAYAYY! The two look books I got with my giftcard (the first ever issued in the new store!!) were enough for me. Can't imagine getting little hand written invites ala Victoria.

Tonight we celebrated my actual birth day at Fat Fish. Have been wanting to try it for a while. I had a Lychee Sake-tini and Mr. D had a Watermelon Mojito. Both deevine.

We got some sushi that was tasty but not spectacular. I'd say the salt and pepper prawns were probably the best part of the meal.

There were flowers waiting for me when we got home. From Mr. D's parents. So sweet.

Ended the night hoovering some mini Crumbs cupcakes. We bought them for the party on Saturday but forgot to bring them to the club with us. Very Freudian of us.

Thanks to all of you who wrote and emailed birthday wishes this week. I kiss you. I love you.

The Outfit
Fashion District rosette top
Liquid white pants

The Accessories

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty bracelet
Chanel earrings and bag
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade


The Commentary
So I've been dreading revealing this but well, I had to exchange three of Mr. D's four presents. Like most years. Ugh. Don't know why he insists on shopping alone.

Did all the returns yesterday. Got what I wanted. Done. Moving on...

Built the birthday outfit around my new Tarina Tarantino bracelet (one of the aforementioned presents.) Love how the shape and design resembles the blingy black and white Chanel earrings. Yum. Hi and low at it's best.

Selected the frilly girly top to play off the colors of the bracelet. Bought this chiffony confection in the Fashion District for just $30 (you NEED to read this LA Magazine article about Santee Alley!) It reminded me of that gorgeous rosette purse Yves Saint Laurent did a few years ago. Ugh that exquisite bag still haunts my dreams.

The top also reminds me of all the fabulous fall florals I recently peeped on Couture Carrie. And the Prada Fall 2008 shoes that have me gaga.

Adored feeling like I slipped on the top and became a living breathing beautiful flower. Imagine these shoes will elicit the same feeling just at a different price point.

The colorful top also reminded me a bit of the Pucci scarf (another one of the aforementioned presents.) Adoring it. Finally just the right one is mine.

Thinking I will get a LBD from Phillip Lim and pair it with the scarf, my Chanel bag and earrings, the Tarina bracelet and Marc Jacobs round toe pumps. That way I will be in head to toe presents from Mr. Diabolina...that I picked out myself. Le sigh.

His final present was from Me&Ro. Got this gorgeous pendant with an even more stunning story. It is a hand-bell, an essential element in Tibetan rituals that symbolizes the feminine principle. Its also said to drive away evil spirits.

Shaped like a lotus flower, it is engraved with the eight bodhisattvas (or enlightened beings.) Each petal represents one of the symbols of the eight goddess offerings: beauty, flowers, garlands, incense, song, light, dance and perfume. An Indian Diamond is set in the middle.


Can't wait to wear it doubled up with my other Me&Ro gold and turquoise necklace. That's one present Mr. Diabolina picked out all on his own and I adored on sight. Wear it every week and think of him.

p.s. I started seeing this Urban Outfitters UK top all over the blogs last week. Could you just die at how anime Karl looks???

Emailed a friend of Mr. D's who lives in London to order it for me since they don't ship to the US. He should be bringing it with him when he visits in September. Hee hee!

31 is definitely starting off promising...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Scene
Sooo much fun last night. A little TOO much.

The end the night definitely got a bit fuzzy.

Was up bright and EARLY tho to meet my mom. Our hairdresser is leaving on vacation for a few weeks and my roots desperately needed some attention. (Madonna roots at a Madonna party are a Glamour "Do." Madonna roots for real life are a "Don't.")

She did a tres chic job with the color and the snipping and the straightening as usual. But the last few months of highlights are definitely taking a toll. Starting to look a bit strawy. Wah.

My mom also got her hair DID. Just look at how straight and long and purty it is!!! Also please note her new Paige Premium jeans for petites. Excellent fit. She's been looking for a pair for years. She has always been partial to Gap jeans so these are a definite upgrade.

In the afternoon, we met up with Mr. Diabolina and watched Stepbrothers. Mindless bawdy fun. However, it was pretty painful to watch two hours of hair THAT curly on a BIG screen. Good thing my mom and I were rocking stick straight hair, natch!

Tomorrow's my birthday - yayayyayaya!!!!

The Outfit

Old Navy dress

The Accessories

Marc Jacobs Irina bag
Banks&Biddle bangle
Urban Outfitters sandals

The Grade


The Commentary
Was so bleary-eyed this morning, didn't really take much care in picking out a look. Built the outfit around my new Poccahantas sandals. So fugly hot.

Originally fell for them on one of my fave blogs. Then I saw them in action on Lauren. Sealed the deal: I NEEDED THEM. And at just $24 I could justify the trendy purchase. Bought them in black too but ended up returning that pair. The dusty rose was much softer. More me.

They garnered lots of peers today. Eeks! Hoping they look just as cute on a 30-something as a pretty young thing like Fashion Chalet. Started feeling a bit self conscious by the end of the day because of all the sidelong glances. Does it show that they are too boho chic for me????

For example, I know I can't go there with those leather headbands that are so in at the moment. No matter how much I like them, I just can't wear one with a straight face. They are just too hippie for a yuppie like me.

But it appears fringe might transcend socioeconomic status/political leanings in the second half of 2008. It is popping up everywhere. Wendy B can't get enough of the high end fringed bags and boots. And apparently neither can the girls over at Who What Wear Daily. Loving the idea of purple fringe. Couture Carrie did a MARVELOUS roundup too - per usual. Makes me want every piece she features!

And today I saw this studded, punchy dream at Nordstrom. Hmmmm. Perhaps another early birthday present is in order ;)


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