Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Scene
Bootcamp today.

Positioned myself in the front row of the class this time, right in front of the mirror. Saw myself make faces that...well...let's just say I know what I'll look like giving birth now. Thanks, bootcamp.

I am going to hurt in the morning. Badly.

The Outfit
Marc Jacobs sandalwood ribbed tee
Express wide leg beige slacks
Banana Republic tweed coat

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Irina tote in brown
Marc Jacobs tweed brown pumps
Forever 21 white/neutrals ribbon necklace

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt scrumpdillyumptious today. All the neutrals and carmel-y browns. All the Marc. And the tweed. And my hair was still bouncy from Tuesday's hot rollers. Yummy. Such a great Upper East Side look. Felt like going to lunch at Bergdorf's with some blondes.

If you recall, I got this coat at Buffalo Exchange last weekend. It was half off the already rediculous resale price coming out to $15!!! Total and utter STEAL. It is a bit big but soo delish with the nubby buttons and three quarter sleeves. Ugh. And don't EVEN get me started about the collar.

The Marc round toes I bought on Tuesday. Just $49, resale!! Seriously, I have a gift. I need to be studied.

I was on the way back from lunch and decided to pop into this store called Ritz Resale that I have been walking past for nearly a year now. I had never gone in because everything in the window looked like it belonged on a Golden Girl. But that day I figured why not.

I walked in and instantly cringed at the sea of grandma wear. A salesperson peeped me and beelined straight for me. It looked like she hadn't seen a customer in weeks. I looked for my exits to see if I could sprint out before she got to me. Too late. She was talking to me and I had to keep walking into the store.

And then suddenly the sea of granny parted and a thing of beauty lay before me. A wall of designer shoes. Diors, Manolos, Roger Clergerie, YSLs, and Marc Jacobs. I hungrily pawed at them for prices. Most were slashed from $200 to $140. They had these PURRFECT Dior cut-out platforms that are sooo this season and what I want badly in my life. But alas a half size too small.

The Marcs ended up being the only ones that fit like a glove. And one of a handful that had been reduced like 4 times. But I actually debated buying them for a second. I worried that they were too buttoned up, too corporate. They seemed like strictly "work" shoes that I might not wear in "real" life. I realize now that these shoes became the embodiment of my current professional quandry.

You see I am 30 and have a good job but not a career. I still don't know what I want to be. After 2 years of grad school and 4 jobs and 3 freelance jigs, I do know I need my career to feel creative and liberating, not restrictive and dull. I guess we all do.

And I don't want to divide my closet into work and play. I want my work to be play and vice versa. I want to do something that challenges me to be the best version of myself, not some watered-down, boring one. I am pretty sure I should start my own business. Sigh. Someday, someday....

I eventually pulled myself out of this reverie and flashed on my quilted bag and new nubby yummy coat and realized these new shoes matched perfectly. Realized they belonged in my life. It was meant to be - me and these shoes ;)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Scene
Hump day. Blah day.

Walked to lunch with my boss. Tripped and almost bit it...hard...TWICE. It wasn't the boots. I am just prone to tumbles. So is my mom. And so is her mom. Guess we gots plenty o "sass" genes but not so much the coordination genes. We all think it's hilarious. My boss on the other hand seemed mortified. Whatevs!

Best part of my day was Mami coming over with dinner. She was clearly upset that I was upset by yesterday's bitter bunny incident and wanted to feed me to show me love. It's how we Latins do. Her shoes were super cutie Stuart Weitzmans. Yum.

The Outfit
Forever 21 Annie Dress
inspired by Marc Jacobs
Forever 21 thin black turtleneck
Slim eggshell rain coat from Austria

The Accessories
Black footless tights
Steve Madden boots inspired by Chloe
Marc Jacobs Venetia tomato bag
Luella Bartley for Target cuff

The Grade

The Commentary
This Forever 21 dress is my idea of heaven. Seriously. It is Marc Jacobs-y detailing for under $30. The print, the cut, the buttons, the polka dot lining, the peeps of color. Adore all of it. It's become a total go-to since last summer. Loved it so much bought a slightly different version for FancyPants.

My work amigo The Riz scored major points when he saw a girl wearing it out one night. I had worn it a few days earlier and waxed poetic about Forever 21 and MJ for nearly half an hour. He simply repeated what I'd said and came off super fashion literate. I like teaching boys about fashion. And heart the ones who don't just feign interest.

Today I channeled Lucky and did a little layering. Nothing too complicated just the thin turtleneck under the dress and boots with tights. Really digging this look this winter. Feels Parisian. So easy but clean and chic. Would like to branch out and get a few more thin colored turtlenecks but not sure it's worth it. Hopefully winter in L.A. is almost over.

Here are a few more super simple outfits from one delish dress.

With Marc pointy flats and Marc's classic Sophia bag (I dream of the day we are besties and he makes me a Diabolina bag. Sigh!)

With my Marc by MJ denim tote and Narcisco Rodriguez spiked sandals.
The denim of the bag tones down the sexiness of the shoe with bare legs.

With a little puffed sleeved, peter-pan-collar black jacket, Marc round toe rafia bow pumps and Chanel tote. Cute for work!

Maybe a tomato pashmina with slouchy boots and the Marc tote? Haven't tried this ensem but kinda loving it, no?

The degree of difficulty of this one is a bit higher and should be attempted with caution. You have to decide whether you are a jeans with a dress type girl. I'm usually not. Hips are pretty big. But maybe this year, I'll give it a whirl. Skinny Old Navy Jeans, the Narcisco heels and the MJ Venetia. Perhaps, perhaps...

Last one. With beige wrap sweater, Marc Jacobs hobo and Stuart Weitzman flat gold gladiator sandals. Imagine this with a bold gold necklace, maybe a headband. Breezy stylin' for a casual day of fun.

Remember I didn't even add jewelery or hair accessories to these looks. That really makes an impact in the overall effect. Will throw that in the mix next time ;)

Which look would you wear to death?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Scene
Work out in a.m. Hair emerges SUPER curly. Yikes!

Takes me half an hour to go a mile on the 101. I'm telling you - it's armageddon.

Work is all about problem solving today. Fires to put out tempered by a couple of minor victories. Blah.

The Outfit
Forever 21 black turtleneck pleated jersey dress
Vintage black wool coat

The Accents
Gucci black sunglasses
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
Marc Jacobs black rafia round toe pumps
Lucite bangles
Faux Van Cleefs & Aprels black earrings
American Apparel cobalt tights

The Grade

The Commentary
Like skinny jeans, colored tights scared me. I had been seeing them for what felt like a year and said, "Thanks but no thanks! Go sell crazy somewhere else."

But I kept seeing them. They kept invading my house via the 10 magazines I subscribe to every month, insatiable-fashionista style. So I slowly came around to appreciating the statement they make editorially. (My reaction to them in a fashion spread is always very visceral. Dunno why. But it's powerful.)

Then I went to New York in October. Saw them all over the place - worn by real women, living their real lives. Saw how polished or rocker (and everything in between) they could look.

Decided to take the plunge. Bought burgundy ones with Jean Bean at the Park Slope American Apparel. Test drove them over the holidays and loved them.

So this weekend, emboldened by my resolution to be fearless (in fashion and life) I bought some blue ones. Bright alien-lady-in-Beetlejuice blue! Bald-Blue-Man-Group blue!

Wore them today with an otherwise basic black uniform. They didn't get as much of a reaction as I thought they would. I had been so apprehensive for nothing. Sure, a few people stared on the street but no funny one-liners by The Office peeps.

Mr. Diabolina did say he was "confused" by them which has become a running joke with us. When he is "confused" it means I am doing something right fashion-wise ;)

Right. Wrong. Who cares. All day these tights made me smile. Kept catching glimpses of my Smurfette legs and would giggle. Fashion should be fun and funny. It should be a playground to explore and learn about our selves, our boundaries, our tastes. It should make you feel good, maybe get a reaction out of people, hopefully make you sparkle. Right?

{p.s. Kisses for all the love for yesterday's post. I will do more "Lucky-esque" posts. It was super fun for me to whip those outfits together!

Ironically after the last 28 days of the love fest, today I got my first anonymous hater. Friends - new and old - said such lovely things to make me feel less hurt. Thank you.

But I realized I wasn't so much hurt. I am a big girl - literally and figuratively - so I can take care of myself.

I was just saddened. Saddened by the choices people make. I feel every day we choose who we are and how we carry ourselves in this world.

Some people choose to be ugly and hateful.
I choose to be beautiful and loving.

Some people choose cowardice and criticism.
I choose class and sensitivity.

I am keeping the meanie comment up (and the HIGHlariously priceless response to it by my favorite high school girlfriend "Juana.")

I hope that it will remind me that this year is about being fearless, about knowing who I am, about letting go of the desire to please other people. Life is too short. This is the year I am just me - come what may. }

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Scene
I work hard for my money.
Sooo hard for my money.

The Outfit

Forever 21 white tunic
with beige satin pleating detail

Beige wrap sweater
Theory chocolate slacks
Vintage Parisian eggshell trench

The Accents

Chanel quilted brown sunglasses
Faux Chanel white earrings
YSL burgundy d'orsay pumps
YSL burgundy tote

The Grade

The Commentary
Last night, after discussing love and careers, Lauragami and I talked fashion. She was shocked when I revealed my purty top was Forever 21 and (ironically) just $22. We rehashed my adamant opinion that with her model-like figure, youth and delish face she does not need to spend a ton of cash on clothes. Luxe classic basics - shoes, bags, jeans, sunglasses - are worth the investment. Everything else should be kept fun, on trend and fairly disposable.

She requested a) we hit Forever 21 together since she gets easily overwhelmed in there and b) that I come over and show her how to get different outfits from just a few pieces ala her fave Lucky Magazine articles. I LOVE THOSE TOO!!!

L. then asked me whether Forever has work clothes. Which leads me to today's outfit. I wore the same tunic out to a birthday party at a bar last night and to my corporate casual office today. I just mixed up what I paired with it to be appropriate for the setting.

I think the work/play divide has become practically non-existent unless you work in an uber conservative, traditional office. And, duh, we all know that flashing too much skin is a no-no at work. So as long as you're not doing that then I think fun pieces can turn into work pieces very easily.

As an ode to Lucky, here are three chic but very basic work outfits from just one little Forever 21 tunic

With chocolate wrap sweater, Katayone Adeli beige trousers, Manolo Blahnik chocolate pumps and Gucci hobo.

A more casual Friday look with Blue Cult jeans, beige wrap sweater, Gucci platform sandals and a vintage white chain strap purse.

A more summery look- white Theory linen pants, beige Forever 21 pleated jacket, Miu Miu brown satchel, Marc Jacobs Greecian sandals.

Plus here's another going out look - Seven straight leg jeans, Yves Saint Laurent gold/silver heels, Alice Roi clutch. All it needs to be work appropriate is a little brown jacket which I am realizing I need in my wardrobe.

AND I didn't even get into how different each look can get when you factor in hair accessories, scarves, jewelery and makeup.

I adore fashion. It's like this great way to reinvent yourself...every day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Scene
Arrive at Chez Mommy. She sees me sporting my new Marc Jacobs jacket and Gucci sunnies and promptly busts out HER Marc sweater and Gucci bag. So adorable. I love the details on her sweater. I want to eat her and Marc Jacobs up with a spoon.

We loll around the house chatting for hours then go on a mission to find her new curtains. (Snore! Me no likes home decor as much as fashion.) We have lunchy and then hit Forever and Old Navy and Bloomie's.

Get home, catch up on Project Runway, go to dinner at Hugo's and then celebrate new pal D's birthday at Blowfish with a little beer and the best kareoke I have EVER heard (D is a delish actor as apparantly are most of his uber talented, American- Idol-rivaling friends.)

The Outfit
Old Navy beige cowl neck henley
Marc Jacobs jacket
Hudson Jeans

The Accents
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Motley brown boots
Gucci Aviators
Forever 21 brown charm bracelets

The Grade

The Commentary
Loving the new MJ jacket. The buttons and inside lining KILL me. He is all about the details as am I. Was hopeful that this could be my new sassy rain jacket but alas it is not as warm as the RL puffer jacket. Boo. The search continues!

My mom picked out this SWEET top at Forever for me. Was waiting in line to pay ($22) and this blond heathen grabs at it and says, "Where did you get this?' - all crazy eye'd. UGH! Can she not see the top is white and should not be pawed? Doesn't she realize with her coloring this top is not a good idea? Seriously, were people raised in barns?

I hate stare her down and she quickly removes her claws from my garment. Then I witheringly say, "It is on the left back wall. But this was the last one. Sorry." F.

I think the outfit for D's party was a bit of a mess. Blaming it on the rain, Milli Vanilli-style.

I need brown leggings and brown tall boots desperately. Yum, yes, a flat brown boot would have been good.

Regardless, I got quite a few compliments on the top in just a couple of hours so I think I done good with this weekend's purchase.

(p.s. I love D double fisting and Lauragami's skin tone with her purty new haircolor. And well of course my baby's cute face.)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Scene
Lazy in the A.M. But super motivated in the P.M.

Ran errands. Visited Stella McCartney, Intermix, American Apparel. Then hit the jackpot at Buffalo Exchange. Nabbed a gray Marc Jacobs jacket, Banana Republic tweed coat and a great vintage
scarf - all for a grand total of $67. Savings? In the hundreds.

Worked out in a little Primp deer print tank (thanks, FancyPants!) Then hit the birthday party of a lovely friend from college. Rupal and Scott Speedman were there. Yes, at the same time. No, I am not shitting you. Ain't lalaland life grand?

To the party, I wore skinnies with a Forever 21 bubble top and browny boots and chunky jewelery. Very "world bazaar." Pretty cute outfit for (literally) rubbing elbows with Ben Covington. Was even rocking my Felicity
(geri) curls.

The Outfit

Forever 21 eyelet white dress
Marc Jacobs polka dot white and black coat

The Accents
DKNY black tights
Marc Jacobs eyelet Mary Janes
Gucci black sunglasses
Chanel black chain tote
urgundy cotton scarf
Chanel white and black art deco earrings

The Grade
B+ overall for all three

The Commentary

The daytime outfit was tres Parisian. Me loves. I want to buy more tights. Cobalt blue and grey ones. My new burgundy ones are missing. F to me.

These Mary Janes should come with some Mary Jane. They are hot but the very definition of uncomfortable when you walk for more than 10 minutes. I think they are my most painful shoe.

The coat is another LOUD fave. So comfortable. I wore it to death in Japan.

The gym outfit was cute 'nuff. Ran into a friend at the party tonight that worked out at Crunch today too. She saw the entire cast of the current Biggest Loser show working out there. When repeating the story, I called it the Fattest Loser by mistake. Whoops ;)

The party outfit was just ok. Not terribly inspired. Do heart the shit-kicker boots tho. And the necklace complements everything so nicely.

I really need this rain to stop. It's robbed me of my mojo.

Let me know if you are down with the big guy to help make it happen!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Scene
Wake up late. And a little hungover. Such a naughty kitten!

Going to the mythical Boiling Crab tonight with the EL and her W after work. It will be the first time for Mr. Diabolina and me. EL has been adamant that I don't wear anything too nice as it's going to end up covered in their signature garlic sauce smell.
Decide jersey and Burberry are the way to go for my de-virginizing.

The Outfit
Forever 21 black jersey
dress with sweetheart neckline

The Accents
Beige slouchy boots
Burberry vintage raincoat
Gucci black sunglasses
Chanel black chain tote
Black cotton scarf
Faux Chanel dangly earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
This weather has GOT to turn. Everyone is dressing bonkers. I don't own any more rain outfits. Sick of all the dowdiness. F!

After this rain-soaked week and my recent trip to snowy Chicago, am realizing how lucky I've been to cultivate my style in an environment where weather isn't so much a consideration. Angelenos have it pretty easy.

Scored these boots at It's a Wrap a few years ago. Super cheapy if you look closely. So I just try to luxe them up with Chanel and the Burberry. Also usually wear them under the cover of night.

They make me feel very 80s rock and a brown Joan Jett. Are a size too big so I wear them with
thick socks. p.s. Love that they match the color of my Marc Jacobs hobo perfectly.

The Burberry is a UCLA Thrift Store find. It is a thing of beauty. Insanely gorgeous details: the buckles and buttons and the lapels and of course the signature tartan lining. It is truly impeccable.

The previous owner's name is written in pen at the collar. Sonia Poe. Kinda "Tell-Tale heart" creepy but kinda cool.

Bibbed piggies at The Boiling Crab - ADORE! This was followed by some sweet dice drinking games and Guitar Hero. HOT!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Scene
It's ARMAGEDDON outside. This weather is unacceptable. Ugh.

Today I am freaking out not only about this awful work outfit but also due to tonight's imperative event: LA Art with K to the B.

He is a burgeoning artist and I know it's uber importante for us to roll fab tonight. EEK! I fret ALL day about what I will wear in the torrential rain. I realize I want to impress K to the B. And that's a real rarity. I usually just dress to impress. Period.

The Outfit
Tahari brown skirt
Old Navy cream v-neck sweater
Fuschia pearl button cardigan

The Accents
MaxMara ballet brown Mary Janes
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Chanel brown quilted sunglasses
Diamond stud earrings
Camel coat

The Grade

The Commentary
I kinda hate this work outfit. It's ok. Just makes me feel generic. Ugh. That's the worst, no? Like you are dialing in your life!

I GUESS the pearl detail is cute enough. And I really do dig the Mary Janes but the whole thing just made me feel like a cog in the wheel today! Or maybe I am just hating work.

The Fun After Work Activities and Fash-un

K to the B came over and we laid out multiple outfit options. Helped each other pick the purrfect ensembles.

Yes, this is actually a straight boy that cares about fashion as much as I do!!! Adore him!

I urged him to rock the tiger hot pink T-shirt with his 3 piece vintage suit that was just MADE for him. Why not, right?? We also threw one of my jaunty scarves on him. Hot!

For me, he chooses a bejeweled satiny purple dress (it's Forever! Don't tell!) paired with boots and tights and a trench and my new purple feather headband.

Oh and my Chanel. Tonight is definitely a Chanel night. Think it all adds up to cute and Parisian and hopefully artsy.

Me thinks we looked fab. Definitly felt fab.

Tonight, we discussed our careers and parenthood and art. How to overcome fear and take more risks and get paid to be ourselves for a living...soon! We were serious and silly and everything in between.

Oh and I am pretty sure we impressed the modern art crowd.

Took it by storm, if you will ;)

I love K to the B. I love nights like these.

I love my life.


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