Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Scene
Day whizzes by as I catch up on two days worth of work that's piled up. At 6ish, race downtown to The Edison.

I heart The Edison. Such an amazingly moody space. Full of nooks and crannies. Have so many good memories there. Namely exactly one year and one month ago.

I rallied a group of former coworkers to play on a random weeknight. M and Teriyaki and The Riz and The Peeper and Mr. Peeper and Styleminded and Mr. Diabolina.

It was the very first time our group hung out.

It was one of those magical nights where everything & everyone just clicks. No drama, only love and laughs.

Where new bonds are formed through tipsy sharing and silliness.

It's funny to think how some of my dearest friends today were just strangers back then.

Funny to think all that's happen to each of us in the ensuing year. How much has changed, and how much remains the same.

All those warm fuzzies contributed to Mr. Diabolina choosing The Edison as the venue for his annual pro-bono event tonight. Yes, in addition to working tirelessly as a litigator at The Firm and being my adorable partner in all crimes, Mr. Diabolina loves to give back.

Last year, he did the most pro-bono hours of any other L.A. lawyer at The Firm. Very proud of him. I heart his heart.

Tonight he served as the night's emcee and killed it. Looked hot doing it too. Please note the custom made French cuffed shirt. They've got
his initials monogrammed at the wrist. This shirt gives me palpitations.

A ton of our friends came out to support Mr. Diabolina's legal efforts on behalf of the indigent. Fellow philanthropist Sable Crow made an appearance looking dashing per usual.

Fellow legal eagle do-gooder Fancypants popped in too. She brought her fancy Balenciaga that I NEED NEED NEED.

Fancypants fiancee (another lawyer) Mr. Roboto looked dashingly Bollywood prince with his new haircut. My former coworker M. looked SMOKIN in her LBD and luminous skin.

One of our undergrad besties Big Fucking Asian (BFA) - yet another lawyer - stopped by. He is like a brother to me. My Japanese brother if you will. Need to hang out with him more.

The Peeper and her yummy hubby and Styleminded made it out too. YAY!

Made it out just in time for the fundraiser lawyer crowd to clear out and the Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque to traipse in. Yep, all of a sudden it was bring in the clowns. Apparently Every Wednesday people in 1920s circus gear take over the club. Bizarre, huh??

Guys on stilts seemed to materialize out of thin air. Extremely TRIPPY after you've had a few cocktails!

Scantily clad acrobats dangled from the ceiling and displayed rather impressive flexibility. Unexpectedly hot after a few cocktails!

There were burlesque type women sashaying about above our heads.

And women with cotton candy on their boobs!!!
We asked this one to take a photo and she told us to give her two minutes. WHATEVER, BRITNEY!

Wonderfully RANDOM night making new memories with old faves!

The Outfit
Fashion District beige tunic
Chocolate wrap sweater

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs sandals/YSL pumps
YSL tote/Alice Roi clutch
Me&Ro necklace and earrings

The Grade


The Commentary
The Peeper and I discussed outfits last week. She wondered if she should do a prim and proper lawyer look. I said blech, no way. Figured there would be enough boring lawyer outfits there. Instead I advised her to channel "professional minx." After all, it's her specialty.

She totally delivered in this lineny H&M dress. Just $34!! Delish fit on her figure. She could do a great contrasting belt with it for a very SATC, fashion forward look. And I'd love to see a red or yellow Christian Louboutin peep toe with it. The mere thought of it makes my mouth water. Very luxe librarian.

Love that both of us used a sweater to make the look work appropriate. She buttoned hers up to mask the plunging V. I wore mine to balance the shortness of the dress.

We both also wore flats to work to dowdy up. Meet my Marc Jacobs gladiators. They are so granny chic I heart the weird looks they get. So orthopedic hot.

Switched into my YSL heels for evening. Do you love? This was one of my very first pair of designer heels. Got them resale for about $50. A steal for such a classic shape in a modern metallic.

Notice in the picture above how the dress actually has a metallic sheen to it? Works PERFECTLY with the heels. Makes me wanna squeal.

There wasn't one lawyer or one stripper at Edison tonight that looked quite like me. A good thing on both counts ;)


tam pham said...

me heart both pair of shoes. i just gifted my momma with a pair of resale Prada floral peep toe kitten heels (Summer 07) that I scored for $30!

random question: bf, momma, and i are watching "deal or no deal: spring break" (yes, I can't believe i just publicly admitted that) featuring USC Sigma Chis. Were they a good house at USC? Bf was a Sigma Chi (OU of course) so I was just curious.

weezermonkey said...

I am crying here at Big Fucking Asian. CRYING!

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged by Fabulously Lizy
Check out for details. Great Deal on the designer heels!

Lynn Tran said...

Good to see BFA appear on the blog.

amber said...

those circus peeps would have totally creeped me out... especially after a few drinks.

my skin is far too pale to pull it off, but love the creamy tunic paired with the brown and metallic accessories. <3


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