Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Scene
Last week, I had lunch with a reader who I'd never met. Nerveracking but since she is a friend of a friend, I didn't have to worry about getting kidnapped. Today was a different story ;)

I met MissJordyPants of The Jordana Project, who is a real live honest to goodness stranger. No mutual friends, no ties other than our blogs.

Yet she's become such a valued voice in my life. A cheerleader and a sounding board all rolled into one adorable twentysomething newlywed.

It was her post back in February that made me realize that people who aren't connected to me in any way might be reading. And even feeling inspired. Wow. Pretty major for me.

I heart on MissJordyPants for many a reason - her name, her taste in shoes and weddings, her adorable bob, her love for her husband and the color yellow, her craftiness in the kitchen.

But mostly I appreciate her honesty. She is so open about the journey she's on. I love that she actively questions who exactly it is she wants to be. I think too many people don't think, they just follow a script. It seems she wants to write her own story, create her own rules. I can relate.

Have also been watching her blossom as she pursues her passion for photography. Been so impressed watching her undeniable talent grow. What a gift to have a front row seat as someone discovers a piece of their puzzle.

So when MissJordyPants reavealed last week she's started her own photography business, I was OVER THE MOON. Sent her a private email telling her how happy I was for her and to thank her for inspiring me. Her response was pitchperfect, one of the best things ever:

Thank You SOOOO MUCH! I'm super excited and scared shitless.

Blogs are weird... your life is on them and people read about them!

Creepy Confession: Sometimes, when I'm getting dressed in the morning, I think "WWDD" and then I feel like a psycho :-)

Wanna have dinner/drinks so I don't have to feel like a pyscho anymore?

My answer was DUH, YES!!! Which brings us to today. We met at the Village Idiot at 7:30. Gabbed and ate and drank and connected. For FIVE AND A HALF HOURS!!!

Totally lost track of time and bam it was 1 am. That'll happen when two open hearts start discussing love and work and friendships and family and fulfillment.

Wonderful wonderful first friend date. She sparkles with potential. Glad our souls are dancing.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Fashion District zebra bangle
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Chanel Bag and earrings
Forever 21 sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
Woke up suffering from "face and hair looking like ass" syndrome again. Ugh. I think I'm just not taking care of myself. Not sleeping well and getting to the gym enough.

Had an official fashion emergency this morning. Tried on three outfits. All looked too too.

Wanted to look chic but relaxed. Effortless. Didn't want to feel overwhelming for this first meeting. My personality can be overwhelming enough :)

The perfect thing to wear would have been the shorts MissJordyPants inspired me to buy. But that wouldn't work in the office. Even that place draws the line at shorts.

So instead I went for a similar pattern with this Karta inspired dress. Stuck to the always fashionable black and white color pallette. Love how the pattern mimics the quilting of my Chanel bag. Nearly wore these slingbacks that also match perfectly but the dress is too short with a heel. Actually it's too short even with a flat sandal. Felt the most comfortable back in February when I wore it with tights

Loving that MissJordyPants was decked out in black and white too! Jinx! With her Anna Wintour bob, she was oh so very Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2008. She knows her audience well :)

The pop of yellow I expected but not in the belt. Very cute. Very Sex and the City.

Feel like I looked busted after a long day at work so thank god, she looked cute enough for the both of us.

A table of Spaniards apparently agreed. They sent over an elaborate dessert for us. Picture me rolling my eyes. Men are redic. She clearly had a wedding ring on and I looked ass-like. F.

We awkwardly acknowledged them and then as soon as they left, promptly boxed up the tart and took it to go. Suckers!

p.s. Am loving these LBD from the recent Chanel show.

Also the idea of a headpiece that creates a frame around your face. I SOOOO WANT TO BE LIVING ART!!!!

How awesome would it be at the next beach party to rock this fierce and austere hula dress by Chanel????

Ugh Karl is a god. Yellow vest or not.


bubbie said...

LOVE the dress! It works well with your Chanel purse. Confession: Since I started reading your blog, I've also thought to myself WWDD when I'm getting dressed or shopping. Your blog makes me want to be more daring with my clothes. :)

tam pham said...

i wished i could have been a third wheel for your get-together. obsessed with you both. kisses.

Sable Crow said...

I also think WWDMMDD! (What would Diabolina Make Mr. Diabolina Do?)

F. That night was the night your purse dialed me TWICE at 1am. I was like, "WHO THE H#LL IS UP AT 1AM ON A THURSDAY?!"

Kisses. Love the couture. Love that black dress with the dark halo. So anime-chic.

Danz said...

I too am amazed at how blogging has brought me into contact with great people from all over the world who know much about me but who always take time out of their day to offer me kind and encouraging words.

Your dress is super cute and it looks wonderful on you! I'm also drooling over that Chanel bag! I love MissJordyPants' outfit as well, I need a pair of white trousers like hers!

MissJordyPants said...

Thank you for being such a beautiful mirror for me! You're utterly fantastic.

I also went granny style on Friday. Passed out on the couch by 9:30ish.

How was the tart?

Fabulosity said...

I'm jealous!

Kate said...

I was wondering when you two would finally get together. Fun, fun, fun. I'm so glad you had a good time. And maybe I can tag along next time I'm in LA?

Ly said...

soooo glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks "WWDD" at times. LOL. you are inspiring the masses girl;)

Mar5195 said...

I always say to myself "Is this a Diabolina approved outfit".

Most of the time I turn back to the closet and readjust my fashion.

I got that Mossimo top you posted. The brown one with the pink flowers. Love it! I dressed it up for work and down for a Dodger game. Thanks for keeping me looking fierce. :)

amber said...

all of these blogging connections! so fun!


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