Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Scene
Tonight was the joint birthday celebration for these two hotties. Chowmein and Tracilicious were senior year roomies at the good ole University of Spoiled Children. Just like Jean Bean and me - except tiny and not Asian :)

My mom can't believe Chowmein is a mother of two. She doesn't look a day over 12. A little boy recently came to Chowmein's door selling chocolates. He took one look at her - all 4 feet 11 inches of her - and asked if her parents were home. She said no so off he went on his merry way. Hysterical!!!!

But seriously, Chowmein has not changed graduation. The skin, the tiny waist, the smile, the enormous spirit.

Except for the whole two gorgeous children and big shot career thing, she's still the same hilarious party girl I fell for the summer I turned 20.

She was so pleased my mom came out tonight. They have been close since we were all in school. Me thinks their tininess bonds them.

ChowChow was the first friend of mine who called her "mom" too. So of course there were a few sniffles tonight about the tumor. But we tried to keep it all at bay. Think positive(ly) and shit.

Tonight the two of them were a riot on the dance floor.

Adorable little mamas salsa-ing their cares away.

Two of our favorite couples were on hand to celebrate too. Ugh, I want to eat everyone's face in this picture. With salsa and a nice Chianti.

Seeing The Brown Devil and St. JudE twice in one week is unheard of since they had their little bundle of joy two years ago! Loved getting so much uninterrupted grown up time with them.

Well, not TOO grown up. They couldn't get enough of playing Mr. Architect's optical illusion head game. Seriously, you have to play. It's fun for the whole family.

Another reason to celebrate tonight was the little angel growing in Nurse Betty's tummy. I almost keeled over when I found out she was entering her second trimester!!!

Was thrilled to see her all glowy and braided to perfection. And the proud papa Mr. Hunter couldn't wipe the smile off his face all night. How lucky their child will be to have such loving parents...

Lovely night with friends who have become family over the last decade.

Except I was exhausted by 10:30. Ugh. Who am I?

The Outfit
Fashion District ruffle blouse
Robert Rodriguez high waisted skirt

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Fashion District bangle
Manolo Blahnik shoes

The Grade

The Commentary
Can you believe how my mom and I matched tonight??? I SWEAR WE DIDN'T PLAN THE COLOR PALETTE! So psychicly linked. I love it!!!

And can you stand how unabashedly pretty this blouse is??? The cascade of ruffles is tres elegant looking. Especially for such a cheap garment. Yep, this top cost all of $25!!!! For the love of god, come to the fashion district with me already...

Reminded me of Dior the instant I saw it.

And also of the collection last season's Project Runway winner showed at fashion week! Look how great it would look stuffed under a slim suit with an enormous hat and hot boots. F-I-E-R-C-E!!!

I highly encourage the purchase of a feminine blouse right this very minute. It's a great transition piece that will still be in vogue this fall. So many ways to wear it and look fresh and girly.

However, choose your ruffles wisely. They can be a bit costumey. AND they add quite a bit of volume (read: make you look top heavy.) My top is borderline TOO TOO. It's almost too voluminous to pair with anything but a super slim pencil skirt or straight leg pants. But I was dying to wear my high waisted poufy new skirt that I got last Saturday.

Especially after seeing LC wear this glorious confection recently. BEST. LOOK. EVER.

Second is this little red high waisted number from her own line. Perfect length and amount of pouf. I WANT IT!!!

Think my $25 top (looks like $250) paired with my $25 skirt (retails for $200+) was a pretty good approximation until I become a reality TV star myself.


dapotato said...

love the blouse. love the tiny ladies everywhere.

weezermonkey said...

You and your mom look great in those outfits!

I love the chocolates-at-the-door story, and the optical illusion head game really is fun for the whole family.

Christina said...

I love your ruffled blouse and your Chanel bag! I so want a high waist skirt ASAP!

Unknown said...

I'm insanely jealous!
Your blog posts are always just so perfect. I wish I didn't always get such terrible writer's block!

tam pham said...

i need to find me a high waist black skirt ASAP. looks like you all had so much fun!

lookrichbitch said...

Hysterical anecdote about chowmein!

Am thinking I need to get a high waisted skirt too. Hmm

Kate said...

Love the blouse and skirt!

PS - Where have I been lately?? For some reason I can't load my own blog on my computer and it took me TWO DAYS to realize I could just google your blog to get to it. I thought I couldn't visit because I couldn't link from mine. Dummy.



amber said...

love the ruffles. so girly!

Victoria said...

RR is actually a friend of mine. I am going to send him the photo of you in his skirt!

Fabulosity said...

Your Mommy is looking really good these days...Her outfits hair and makeup, very classy. Now I know where you get it from.

Couture Carrie said...

I adore ruffly blouses - you and your mom look fab!!


MissJordyPants said...

that blouse is FANTASTIC!
Probably ought to get myself downtown one of these days...

Jadelily said...

Such cute and classy outfits on you two! Love it!

Tiffany said...

i heart the ruffles!! I just wrote a post about my ruffle-y blouse too but haven't posted it yet.

I adore high waisted skirts, you look great! I thought the same of Lauren Conrad in the delish ruffle skirt. So yummy!


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