Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Scene
Earlier this week, Peaches sent me this article about breakfast spots in L.A. Notified me that he'd like to sample a few the next time he's in town. He is the only pig I know that plans meals months in advance. Love him.

The article got me thinking that I've been dying to check out the new hotel The London. And THAT got me thinking about this Sable Crow blog post which got me thinking about another little piggie I know, Weemo.

Fast forward to today - the three of us had a fancified Sunday brunch with

One impeccably turned out Sable Crow

And two adorably hungry Monkeys. Truly the perfect six-some!

The setting was stylish. Very Kelly Wearstler, very Bergdorf Goodman, very Sable Crow.

Love how he perfectly matched the decor in shades of steely gray. Love the emblazoned Juicy Couture too.

The food was stupendous - Gordon Ramsay stupendous. Proof positive is the eyes of cuisine connossiuers rolling back into their monkey heads! Hee hee!

But hearing my mom laugh was the best part of the experience. She adores Sable Crow. She gets such a kick out of his clothes and his stories and well, his gay Andy Rooney SELF.

And ever since my birthday party, she's been falling for The Monkeys. It was great to hear her giggle over their antics. It was great to see her relax and forget.

It was a bit of trip down memory lane for the two of us. When the hotel was The Bel Age in the 80s, we'd come here for Mother's Day brunches. Have such fond memories of us dressed up with my dad, hoovering waffles and omelettes.

My mom also got a HUGE kick out of the fact that half the table was bloggers. She kept encouraging our obnoxiousness. Setting up shots. Suggesting angles. F. It's like feeding the animals at the zoo. Not a good idea.

I love that Mr. Monkey and my monkey as the dignified non-bloggers at the table were so tolerant of all the picture-taking. They are gems.

In fact, Mr. D was on a roll today. After brunch, he ran a few errands and picked me up the Gossip Girl DVD. FINALLY I can be part of the in-fashionista crowd!!! I don't deserve him.

Relaxing weekend after a stressful week.

The Outfit
3.1 Phillip Lim dress

The Accessories
Prada shoes
Chanel bag and earrings
Tarina Tarantino Mod Kitty bracelet
Pucci scarf

The Grade

The Commentary
The big debut of the Phillip Lim little black dress. Ugh it is simply perfect. Love the drape at the neck and the arm holes. So elegant.

The peeps of white at the hemline and at the pockets make me giddy. So Chanel.

But the drape at the back is my favorite part. It's just the right hint of sexy for me.

Makes me want to dance like this Josephine Baker print in our bathroom.

Today was also the grand debut of the Pucci scarf! Originally wanted to wear it around my neck but it didn't work with the neckline of the dress.

Then I wanted to tie it around my head but figured it would be too much, too Maria.

Ultimately just tied it around my bag and called it a day. Provided a much needed pop of color(s). Think it worked beautifully with the Prada shoes and made the whole look more brunch appropriate. More festive.

Did you notice my mom's top? It's Forever 21!!!

Great copy of the designer top all the glitteratti were wearing earlier this year!!! Suckers!!!!!!!!

Loved how she and I matched YET AGAIN today! We both even wore Chanel earrings. Yummers!

There was actually lots of matching today. I wore my Mod Kitty for Weemo and she wore it for me. ADORE!

Even the non-bloggers in the house matched in polos and jeans. I take it as a sign that we're all linked. That today was meant to be.

Read WeeMo's account of the day here.
Sable Crow's behind the scenes look here.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE blog cross-over episodes!

p.s. Here are two of the dresses I am considering getting with my left over credit at Phillip Lim. Part of the holiday line. I love.

p.s. Random note: The Bel Age hotel was also the site of the infamous Color Me Badd Beverly Hills 90210 episode. Do you remember???

It is also the episode where they caught Donna's mom cheating. And I do believe Dylan "lived" at The Bel Age Eloise-style for a season between drugging and living at that random shack of a house. 'member????

Maybe there's a potential tie-in with the new hotel and the new season coming up...


Sable Crow said...

I LOVED the LBD! I didn't realize the magnitude of the occassion; I certainly should have.

Love how you follow trains of thought the same way I do; up winding mountain pasees, mostly.

And FYI, I told you about Gordon Ramsay before that Peaches muncher ever thought of it! Damn, it's hard to represent like a trend-setter around here with every other chump out to steal my creds. Yo.

Sable Crow

PS. Last time this season for that jacket. When I get back from Peru, it will be past Labor Day. Remember that folks!! Put it away after Labor Day, even in LA. Let's bring some order back to this dollhouse.

weezermonkey said...

Fantastic food, pretty surroundings, Phillip Lim, Prada, Chanel Tarina Tarantino, Pucci, crow, monkeys, mommy, blog cross-overs, and Color Me Badd -- really, life just doesn't get any better.

WendyB said...

Great dress and those shoes!!!

tam pham said...

i could eat you all up with a spoon!!!!!!!!!

p.s. the dress is AAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING.

lookrichbitch said...

I looooooooooove that dress! It's so chic and understated. And you must tell your mommy that I adored her F21 top too!

I wanna sex you up!

Ewww, wait. That's weird and gross. I was just trying to stick with the Color Me Badd thing. I SWEAR!

Da Fashionista said...


Victoria said...

i am starving now!!!!! oh and the color me badd/9-0 reference? you are out of control! i have one roll left of vintage 90210 wrapping paper and i think you may deserve something wrapped in it.

Da Fashionista said...

WRAPPING PAPER???? amazing!!!! that was MADE for me. yes, please wrap the next magazine that comes out with one of your stories. danke.

- crazy

Tiffany said...

those shoes are to die for. love the draping of the back of the dress.

The zebra print with the cap sleeves and criss cross back? um wow! you must get it! and then show us how hot you are in it!

your mommy's top is cute! I must make a return trip to F21 sometime soon.

dapotato said...

SO jealous. SO jealous. and lots of love to the whole table. :)

Lynn Tran said...

Two big debuts in one post - you are too good to us. Loving it all.

Milly said...

oh man...nice dress, nice shoes, nice HK bracelet (me wants), nice pucci(me wants too)..etc..etc. lol

and yes i remember those episodes as well......just in memeory of my youth i shall give 90210 part 2 a try

Anonymous said...

ooooh pretty! love the entire ensemble. way to work it girlie.

amber said...

that dress is so pretty! excellent choice!

yayayay for GG! it's a great way to escape real-life for awhile. you're going to love it. :)

Ly said...

Adore your Sunday Brunch look. Very chic with just the right of sexy. And your obre shoes are FABULOUS. I've seen them in some of your previous ensembles and have coveted them ever since. Found some half descent knock offs here:

that I think I'm going to order becuase I'm too "frugal", (or cheap, whichever you prefer) to get the PRADA originals:) Hope mine look at least a quarter as good as yours.

Anonymous said...

Those Prada shoes are absolutely lovely! I love seeing photos of your Mother because she is too cute & stylish.

Fashion Intel


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