Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Trends: Military, belted jackets and satchels

=The military trend that was hot for Spring will stick around for Fall this year...ah-gain


The easiest way to incorporate it for me has been wtih my F21 army green jacket.


This summer I've been loving the juxtaposition of pairing it with flirty print dresses




Decided to up the ante and add a new thin belt from H&M

all 022

It's a look that's another Fall trend


Thin belts are such a simple way to update a silhouette or create some contrast

Copy of glamourai_scarfDIY_8w

Copy (3) of 62110GoldBlu_5157Web

Copy of IMG_2259ASEj

Pulled matching sandals and a purse that I stole from my mom's closet last year.

all 023

Have always loved the color of it and am particularly digging how it vibes the satchels from Proenza Schouler and Mulberry. Feel very Alexa Chung every time I wear it.








I distinctly remember my mom buying the bag when I was about 11. Right around the time I was wearing little backpacks - a '90s look that is also back and big with the young hipsters now.


Funny how everything cycles back...when you are old enough :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gaga over Green Givenchy and Gorg Gays

Last May, I escorted Sable Crow to The Trevor Project's big summer fundraiser.


That was the first time I met Lashes (in sunnies).  He was a new friend of Sable Crow's.  A lovely, hilarious lawyer who in case you are blind happens to be prettier than most girls.  Yum.


Fast forward a year and Lawyer Lashes has become one of the dearest people in my life.  We now work at the same company, volunteer on the same Trevor Project committee and talk every day.  He makes me laugh, he makes me think, he inspires me.  He is a gem. 

all 400

He is also a fellow Leo whose birthday is a week after mine. This picture is from my 33rd birthday, my Jesus birthday.  It was a party of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. I was The Virgen de Guadelupe. (Yes, I know I am going to hell.  Plan on tap dancing all the way.)


For Lashes Lawyer's birthday, I traded the biblical garb for Givenchy.  A silk and chiffon drop waist dream that was a birthday present from my mother.  Yet another recent resale score.  Paired it with my emerald Stella McCartney clutch, Guisseppe Zanotti hot pink heels and a full body spanx because the shape of the dress isn't ideal for my no waist bod.

all 180

The hair is getting so long that it got pinned to the side with a little Forever 21 barrette.


The better to show off the Givenchy corset-y back.  LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

all 178

When we got to the party at The Andaz hotel in WeHo, it was a sausage fest. A glorious glorious sausage fest.

all 327

There was only one other lovely lady in attendance at the big birthday dinner.  She is one of our coworkers too.  We nearly squealed with delight when we realized we were both rocking head to toe BOLD.

all 329

Love great brunette minds that think alike! 

all 360

Also love me some attention.  Especially from gays.  The hotter. The better.

all 359

all 338

all 393

all 418

all 411

After 12 years together, Mr. Diabolina doesn't bat an eye at my shenanigans.

all 361

Frankly, I think he appreciates a night off.  Smirks at me flouncing about, molesting all the gay menz I can get my paws on.

all 365

Was on fire all night.  Felt radiant and confident and happy.  Felt the power of green.   


Can't wait for a chance to reinvent the dress.  Pair it with a long art deco necklace. A poppy wrap.  Drop earrings.  Maybe a neurtral shoe.



where blake lively fendi bag






Though the shoes really made the outfit. 


Even gay men can't resist...bandaid and all ;)

Zanotti's tag line should be: Makes all the boys come to the yard.

all 330

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me? Featured in CA Apparel News, WWD and Racked LA?!?!

Jean Bean called me a Fame Monster today. And I had to laugh.  It did seem like I got my 15 minutes this week.  Just call me Lady DiDi ;)


Exhibit A: My golden eye and I were included in a California Apparel News article citing Who's Who of L.A. Fashion Bloggers. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?

brian lichtenberg forever 21 party los angeles bloggers

Amazingly flattering.  Especially since I feel like a chubs, play-it-safe granny compared to most of the lithe, adventurous PYTs out there.  They inspire me to keep evolving my style, my talents and my voice. Heart.


Exhbit B: A few months ago Women's Wear Daily tapped me to be part of their "WWD Blogger Board." I know: kinda amazeballs, right?!!!


I was one of five lovely bloggers featured in an insert to this week's WWD issue.  It centered around Magic, an annual industry tradeshow in Vegas.

WWD_Magic Trend Guide

Each blogger got an advertiser's spring 2011 collection and compiled a trend  page. I focused on timeless body-con LBDs.  Very Alexander Wang, no?

WWD_Magic Trend Guide Da Fashionista

I had no idea what other bloggers were participating until this week.  Was over the moon to find out that two of the bloggers I've been following the longest,  Omowrites and That's Chic, were also tapped. Love keeping good company.


Exhibit C:  At last week's Forever 21 party, my fave snarky blog Racked LA asked to snap my pic for their Street Scenes feature. I obliged, never thinking they'd actually use the shots since there were so many other stylehounds at the event.  But today, my picture is up - ass face and all. Sigh.  

securedownloadAt least I looove my outfit.  If you do too, go over and vote. I'm getting lots of "Who did this to you" votes. Boo and HAHAHAH!

Reminds me of a quote I saw and looved last night on the Twitters: "When you start dressing to feel exciting, instead of dressing to fit in or fit others, people notice.  And the ones who ridicule, wear it a year later." Stamp.

The last two and a half years of blogging have taught me many things but the most important: you will never please everyone. Not with an outfit, your appearance, your job, your political views, your spiritual beliefs, your personal goals, your life decisions.

Like most nerdy good girls,  I used to exhaust myself trying to be all things to all people.  But ever since I hit 30 and started blogging I realized "This is me. I like me. And you don't have to like me." 

That one lesson is more meaningful than all the little accolades.

Big kisses as always for reading.  And when you get dressed tomorrow remember to please choose something that excites you.  Otherwise what's the point ;)


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