Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Scene
On pins and needles all day for Jean Bean!

Today's a day a lifetime in the making for a fashionista.

We've been friends for 12 years but haven't lived in the same city for 8. That's amazing to me.

Our friendship has outlasted jobs and apartments and spats and boyfriends and hairstyles and bad fashion.

It's amazing that our bond has endured beyond sharing the same floor in a freshman year dorm. And that it continues to grow and flourish. That it completely transcends daily contact.

It's a great reminder as I end one chapter and begin another.

Jean Bean updates me every hour or so about operation "Engagement" in the morning. But then goes radio silent for a couple of hours. Argh! Doesn't she know this is what I live for??? The big life events of my friends are my life.

Then finally she gets back to me and informs me that the proposal happened. At sunset. At the Empire State building. She wore her new vintage print DVF. Yum.

Ironically Peaches closed on his condo today, so the newly engaged couple heads over to celebrate with the newly mortgaged couple with some champagne.

Needless to say I wish I could be there...celebrating, boozing and loving. The two of them are my family. And now so are the men in their lives. Them happy makes me overjoyed. YAY, YAY, YAY!

From old friends to a new one. After work, I head out to a dinner with That Girl.

It's our first solo friend date and I'm excited. I bring her flowers and a Slim Jim like any half way respectable date. I peep her CUTE new apartment, get terrorized by her friendly cat and then we walk over to Little Dom's for a drink.

She instantly peeps Burger aka Mr. Post-It himself from Sex in the City in the back. I love celebrity peeping ninjas.

We discuss our new jobs and love and life and jujitzu. She is so articulate and kind and lovely in every word she hands me. Ugh. I want to be friends with this girl. For reals.

Love her energy and her perspective and the fact that she is so open and awake. Love that we both need to learn how to see people as they are not as we wish they were.

Tonight I tell her that as a friend my sole mission will be to celebrate her light, help it shine brighter. Nothing more, nothing less. I think that's the definition of friendship.

Wonderful day sparkling with possibility.

The Outfit
Forever 21 black leggings
Fuchsia wrap sweater
Fashion district black and white tunic

The Accessories
Chanel black and white earrings
Chanel black chain tote
Forever 21 sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
So I told Jean Bean yesterday that I'd wear DVF today in solidarity. But this morning woke up feeling too fats for any of her wrap dresses. They made me feel like a bacon wrapped hot dog but not delicious.

I decide instead to wear a DVF lookalike that I got in downtown. Diane likes to do Chanel color combos and polka dots practically every season. That's why she's my homegirl. And this tunic is a great approximation of some of her $400+ looks for just $19.99.

However, one of the downsides to cheapy frocks plays out today at work. I was getting coffee with Styleminded when talk turned to my top. She said she really liked it and looked closer to ask if it was one shouldered.

She asked this because the left strap had snapped and was precariously threatening to expose one of the girls - Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl style. EEEK!

It was really my fault because I tugged at it a bit too hard this morning. Jimmied it up with a safety pin the rest of the day. What if this had happened at the new job where I have no friends?? Ugh...

Anyway, the tunic is a great drapey material that really falls nicely and minimizes the bloat that's happening today. Feels pricier than it is.

If I am feeling adventurous I think I can wear it as a dress. It's a bit short but the shape is lovely. I tried to take a picture of what that looked like without the leggings but couldn't get the right angle. I MISS MY PHOTOGRAPHER, MR. DIABOLINA!!!

Oh and this look is also a dead ringer for a current cutie J Crew top. $42.

Now the shoes. This look is all about these shoes. Gonna dub them my bubblicious gladiators. They are much more comfortable than I expected. $17 at Forever. Perfect for walking a 5 blocks to lunch with Styleminded and The Peeper. And another 4 to dinner with That Girl. Today I actually walked in L.A. ;)

The ankle tie situation tends to make my calf look bigger but I think sometimes it's a trade-off. Like getting something for a great price but the quality is not as great. No pair of shoes, dress, relationship, job, moment is ever perfect. You take the good with the bad. And just try to breathe.

p.s. Jean Bean's wedding will likely be next year. Ugh. It's going to be SO much fun. All of us together. I smell a repeat of fun college times :)


Lynn Tran said...

CONGRATS Jean! What a wonderful journey you have begun. Love the old pics, D, especially the one from the Mortar Board retreat :).

weezermonkey said...

Yay for Jean Bean! Yay, yay, yay! Will she be getting married here or there?

I want to try Little Dom's.

Actually, there are lots of places I want to try.

We should go on a solo friend date soon, too. No flowers or Slim Jim necessary. :)

amber said...

oh, i love solo friend dates! whether old or new ones, they're always fun!

j crew has all kinds of cute tops for summer. whether or not i could actually pull them off is another story.... ;)

MissMissy said...

How fun for Jean Bean!
Slim Jim and flowers - the best date ever! Add a Diet Coke mmm perfection!
Have a great day!

tam pham said...

you just got TAGGED! check out my blog for details! XOXO tampham

p.s love the top!

Jean Bean said...

A costume wedding to rival Cavalli's halloween party! I'll see what Jim thinks about it. Thank you for the endless moral support during the hysterics of the last two days. Your sparkly face was in my heart at every step. I love you!

JillFantastic said...

How random is this. One of my many 'gigs' is doing some bookkeeping for none other than DVF's daughter, Tatiana. She does not seem to be a fan of her mother's genius though. Only ever seen her in a slip and combat boots. Amazing house though.

Cee said...

Congrats Jean!

Oh no about your top. I'm sure the straps can be reinforced. cute shoes but i too noticed the ankle wrap makes my legs stubby. Not sexy at all.


very cute style! ♥

that girl said...

awwww i want to be your friend too! i had a great time and talking with you helped my own clarity. can't wait until our next play date. kisses.


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