Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mama Diabolina Speaks!

So much has happened in the last few weeks and I can't wait to catch you up on all the fashion, fabulousness and funny!

But first and foremost, I wanted to let you know my mom had her 3 month MRI and got the all clear from her neurosurgeon!!!!  No signs of  any residual tumor tissue, no signs of new growth, no need for radiation.  Her next MRI won't be scheduled until December, a year from the date of her surgery!  This is huge news since she's been doing (and dreading) one MRI every 3 months since we discovered the tumor. 

I wanted to thank you - stranger and friend alike - for all the support over the past two years.  It's meant the world to both of us as we've confronted and - fingers crossed - conquered this bump in the road.   

Also wanted to share a little video I made right before we went in to see the doctor.  We were both so nervous and I was trying to distract her by playing with my iPhone - even though I was on the verge of throwing up.

I think it's a testament to how brave and sparkly and adorable and loving my mama is. And if you listen to my voice, you can tell just how much I appreciate all those things about her.  Kiss!

Mr. Diabolina-palooza...and all the Forever 21 I wore!

Mr. Diabolina has learned many things from me over the years - an appreciation for grapefruit juice, pedicures, and Lady Gaga.   The difference between violet and purple, how to exit a party gracefully, the importance of hair styling products.  He's learned to never ask me how much I've spent when I come home from shopping.  Instead he excitedly says, "HOW MUCH DID YOU SAVE?"   He is a gem.
But this year, that COPY CAT blatantly stole my signature move: he extended his birthday celebration into a whole weeklong me-me-me shebang.  Started innocently enough with cake and presents with his family. 

a 096

a 094

a 088

a 089

Then drinks and hijinks and more presents with friends at a new bar named after him: Surly Goat.

1 267

1 271

1 272

a 108

1 286

a 111
1 275

UN THEN an overnight jaunt to Santa Barbara for a little romance....and a doctor's visit!!!  You see, The Peepers have been splitting their time between L.A and Santa Barbara for the last year.  In that time Dr. Peeper opened his own medical practice. So proud.  It hasn't been easy but his patient base is growing, he is happier than ever AND they now live a block from the beach!  They are pretty much living the dream.

a 005

a 009
a 017

a 039

a 034a 026
a 035

a 037

Spent one perfect Saturday with them under a cloudless sky.  Had an insanely good French Country brunch at Stella Mare's, lolled around the beach and pool and ended the trip with dinner at our absolute favorite Montecito spot, Cava. Relaxing, inspiring time with the most relaxed and inspired couple we know. LOVE!

a 041

a 045
a 046

a 052
a 053

a 057

a 059

a 061

a 063

a 066
a 067

a 069
a 070
a 068

a 072

And to top off a birthday blowout of epic proportions, I scored tickets to the one show every elderly white man in L.A, including mine, wanted: Paul McCartney at the Hollywood Bowl. 

a 217
a 137
a 165

a 146
a 153

a 156
a 176
a 190

a 197

Mr. D had a blast, shaking his booty, drumming his fingers and just in general being an old, white fart.

a 181

a 206

a 182

By Paul's third encore, though, I was ready to go. I was tired.  Tired of Mr. D, Mr. D, Mr. D!!! When you are as much of an attention whore as I am letting someone else have the spotlight for days and days is positively EXHAUSTING ;)

a 212

 It's tough when everyone is falling all over your Mr. D and no one notices all your new Forever 21 goodies. Like our new studded khaki dress, available online for $32

1 282

Asymmetrical bubble Lanvin-y top kinda like this one for just $17

a 015

Chanel-y flamenco dress for $32 and still available

a 074

And Miu Miu meets Givenchy studded fringe messenger bag for $28!

a 218

When we got home from the concert, I told Mr. D that

1) I've loved him since he was 18
2) He is the best man I know
3) And I could not imagine my life without him.  

And then I pronounced his 33rd birthday was now officially O-V-E-R.  I let him know in no uncertain terms that it was back to me AND my clothes being the center of attention 24/7! 

And all was right with the world again.

a 211


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