Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Scene
"Business" lunch with Mr. Prettier than Me. Knowing he is a Chinese Chicken Salad connoisseur, I decide to introduce him to my long time favorite.

Behold the CC salad from Feast from the East. She is a thing of beauty. $8 worth of heaven. Today she snagged another convert. A convert prettier than me.

As we tried to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes the salad so transcendent (is it the perfectly shredded chicken? perhaps the scallions? the dressing? what, dear god, WHAT IS IT???) we also covered a whole gamut of topics - deep and spiritual things as well trite and funny things.

I crush on Mr. Prettier than Me. Hard. He's so sweet and intelligent and witty and piggy. Reminds me so much of my Peaches. And he knows it. He's taken to calling himself Peaches 2.0 ;)

When we are done with lunch, he apologizes and says we are heading straight to Sprinkles on the way home. HE'S NEVER BEEN and feels the time has come. Ugh. Could this culinary experience/new friend date BE any more perfect?

So in the name of celebrating his momentous deflowering, I inhale two cupcakes. TWO! I justify this grossness with a) Mr. Prettier than Me eats two too and b) I only eat the cupcake tops. Kinda like that muffin top episode of Seinfeld except these are slathered in icing. Sigh.

Late night, Mr. Diabolina and I meet up with Fancypants and Mr. Roboto in Hollywood. We go see a buddy of theirs perform in a band.

Said friend is the lead singer and is such a good performer that it makes me sad he has to be a lawyer. Sad he can't make the stage his office. Boo to thwarted creativity.

Fancypants and I peep rocker hipsters all night. Most in the skinniest skinny jeans Ive ever seen. Some guy is wearing WHITE skinny jeans that looked painted on with a sleeveless TIGHT tuxedo shirt. Not pretty. Not on his body type and frankly not on MOST body types.

These three girls were wearing dresses that they DID NOT look comfortable in all night. Ugh. You couldn't pay me enough to be awkward and young like that again. It's terrible that we so often piss away our youth and beauty fretting about unimportant things.

Night ended with a kid in a (woman's) white sequin jacket and synthesizer taking the stage. He unexpectedly rocked the house with a little old school Bell Biv Devoe. So fun. Guess he performed at Cochella. Wallpaper. Hysterical moves and lyrics.

One of the best random Wednesdays in recent memory.

The Outfit
Marimekko for H&M top
Theory white pants

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 necklace
YSL tote bag
London Sole animal print flats

The Grade

The Commentary
Pretty sure this is my longest streak of sporting white pants. Ever. Fie on these bites.

Matched today's pair of Theory slacks with the other Marimekko top I scored at H&M. Heart the over the top print in this BRIGHT color combo. Match my Louis Vuitton earrings to a T. Plus the top complements the tan nicely and makes me feel like I'm on holiday in Capri :)

Loving these new London Sole flats I bought recently. Very luxe looking but only $27, resale at Crossroads. I have been looking for a great animal print flat for about a year and think this one will more than do.

Took a chance with the evening look. Not sure it completely worked out but at least I felt good in it. This tunic is quite the conundrum. Also got it at Crossroads. $14, no tag. It's got so much going on that it makes it a bit tough to style.

It's sweet but tough. Flirty but naughty. Heart the contrasts. The frilly ruffles next to the punky stud detail. Think it went quite well with the long leggings and Prada ombre shoes and vintage clutch and Chanel earrings.

I didn't look like anyone else out at the club - that's for sure. There was a time (my early 20s) when that would have made me feel pretty uncomfortable. But tonight, it just made me feel like me.

Gotta love your 30s :)

p.s. Realized today's two outfits could have easily swapped the bottoms to create two additional cute outfits.

p.p.s. Will do more one item worn multiple ways soon soon soon. You voted for it, I'll deliver.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Scene
My leprosy is starting to feel better. Thanks for all the sweet tales of similar monstrous reactions and your kisses.

Managed to run three miles though my legs feel like they are on fire most of the run. Saw Wilson Cruz aka Ricky from My So Called Life at the gym again. I really need to become a D lister officially. Is there paperwork one fills out? Who do I talk to?

Have an early dinner with my mom. What are the odds that she would wear her pretty yellow???? And that she'd be sporting white pants too!!! So psychically linked and SO ADORABLE!

I show her all the vacation pictures and tell her all the stories but she is most enthralled with the color I got. My mom doesn't tan at all so she always covets my golden skin. I covet the fact that she - like the perfect lady she is - never sweats. I would kill to not be such a sweaty monkey.

We do a bit of shopping to make up for two lost Sundays together. I pick out three summery fluttery tops for her at H&M that she LOVES.

And I finally get my maxi dress at the same place we get our wrap sweaters. It's as colorful as these in the window but not as tacky somehow. Feels very Roberto Cavalli meets Missoni. Will likely unveil it this weekend.

The Outfit
Gap navy bow tie tank
Liquid white pants

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 bangle
Marc by Marc Jacobs logo purse
Fashion district silver rosette thongs
Gucci black glasses

The Grade

The Commentary
Same pants today as yesterday. Worried my legs won't be ready to be seen for another week. BLECH! It's like those diabolical mosquitos knew I was dying for summer to arrive and needed to thwart my leg baring plans. And that I was starting a new job and needed to make it harder for me to impress sartorially. Double F.

As we were trying on clothes, end up having to show my mom how bad the bites are. She was surprisingly cool about it since she normally throws a fit when I manage to hurt/maim myself. Maybe they feel worse than they look...

Loving this top mostly because it shows off the tan nicely. And that it works so well with the Marc bag. And the bow tie situation at the neck reminds me of the recent Who What Wear Daily post on bow tie blouses.

On trend for just $5. Woo hoo. Me loves it.

What was your latest steal of a deal?

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Scene
Back from paradise and still on vacation. WHEEEEEEEEEE. Life is good.

Well, except for the whole eaten alive by mosquitos thing. UGH. Practically crawled out of my skin all night. Itchy and swollen and hideous.

Came to terms with the fact that I'd never last on Survivor, could never be Julie no matter how much I vaguely resemble her ;)

Remember that girl with the really bad leg sores on like season 3? That would be me. After one day.

Power through the itch and do errands, straighten up the house and catch up on blogging. Then take it easy.

Mr. Diabolina and I order in and watch The Hills. LC's pain over the delicious Stephen Coletti brings me fleeting joy.

p.s. Never EVER google mosquito bites. Some of the pictures that will assault you are vomit inducing. Seriously. For the love of god. Just don't do it.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic
Liquid white pants

The Accessories
Forever 21 yellow bangle
Chanel black chain tote
Chanel black and white earrings
Gucci black sunglasses

Stuart Weitzman gold gladiator sandals

The Grade


The Commentary
Today was about function. Just about getting out the door. It was about covering up the bites because ugh, no one should have to look at the hideousness. It was really just about minimizing the chafing so as not to aggravate my diseased lower half. Wah.

Wore super light Liquid white pants that I got at the Barney's Barker Hanger sale years ago.
I haven't been to that sale in easily 4 years. Styleminded went to the last one and scored Marc Jacobs oxfords for like 80 percent off.

Always felt like I was getting caught up in the sale frenzy and not buying stuff I really loved. Or needed.

Plus I think you have to go that first day and line up and elbow Westside ladies who lunch to get any real deals. Me thinks my beating-girls-up-for-Manolos days have passed. And I don't wait in lines anymore. Not if I can help it. Too old, too famous.

Feel like a baby bumble bee in this tunic today. Wore it to approximate Daisy Duke's pretty pretty yellow yesterday. The color looks so good on tan skin.

And boy am I tan. A little TOO tan. Thinking that I look a bit like that tan-aholic from There's Something About Mary. Ruh oh ;)

Also concerned I look like Laura Ingalls. You see I rarely do flower prints this obvious. If you recall, the most flowery I get are these Marc and Forever 21 prints.

More straight forward flowery prints just make me recoil. They are too sweet. Too obviously girly for me. Make me feel like a Laura Ashley bedspread.

Ironically, Mr. Diabolina loves him a flowered dress. Would be a happy man if I wore one every day. And stayed this tan. And wore my hair curly. {rolling eyes}

It's not very high fashion of me to dislike flowery prints as much as I do. All the big design houses do them. Usually in the spring, like clockwork.

Particularly the Latin designers like Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrerra. Flowers were even big this season at "edgier" houses like Balenciaga and Stella McCartney. Humph!

Must confess that I do love love love these Prada shoes. Waiting for them to go on sale. Flowers on my feet and in my hair are somehow ok. I'm just nutty that way.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Scene
Barely sleep I am in so much itchy agony from the mosquitos. Mr. Diabolina forces me to sleep in the mosquito tent. But that only makes me feel like a caged quarantined animal. ROAR.

And don't EVEN get me started about how curly my lion mane is in this picture. Trying to embrace my natural curls but jeez I look like the crazy lady in the attic from Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea (two of my all time fave books but still...)

As soon as it's light out, I head out to the pool for some sweet relief. Daisy Duke's joins me and we have a lovely meandering talk.

We discuss growing up and becoming women and gratitude and our bodies and openness and L.A.

It's the culmination of 4 days of getting to know each other and laughing at the boys and bonding. She is a sweet smart woman.

Feel so pleased to have crossed paths with her at such a pivotal memorable moment in my life. She is one of the lights in the darkness.

We wash up and dress up to enjoy our last breakfast. She sports the BEST dress of the trip. A strapless dream of a dress. A+

The color is my absolute fave of late. Alot like the pretty one everyone was yammering about on Angelina last week. Plus it's fitted (death to volume!) and shows her great waist off.

When Daisy Duke's is out of ear shot, Mr. Diabolina points out in a knowing whisper "And it has pockets too!" LOVE HIM. AND HER.

After breakfast, we hit the pool again. Mr. Diabolina sets the trap for the iguanas once again but no cigar.

Tres sad to leave but ready to face my new life back at home.

Besides I'm tired of being in the sun
and Mr. Diabolina always having to be in the shade ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 white rosette bubble dress

The Accessories
Coral choker
Express silver sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Seriously, I was in so much discomfort today it's a miracle I pulled it together at all. The choker I bought from a friend of a friend and always bring it on vacation. Love the coral with a tan.

Specifically brought along this doily of a dress to show off the color I knew I'd have by the end of the trip. Up until a few years ago, I never used to burn. Apparently when old age settled in, I had to burn first to get any color. Dems the (geriatric) rules.

But not this time. I credit Daisy Duke's magical potion. It's called Maui Island Secret Browning Formula and she swears by it for years now. I know, I know - skin cancer isn't pretty and Latinos get it too and the sun ages you. But once every few years on vacation, it's nice to get toasty brown like a nut. Can't I have that one vice? Isn't everything killing us anyway? Sigh.

The rosettes at the neckline of this dress remind me of the one Tam Pham blogged about the Hills girls discussing. I bought this one - say it with me - TOO BIG. Should have gone down two whole sizes to a small. Ugh. Forever 21 sizing is BONKERS.

Feel like a bit of (brown) marshmellow in it. Also reminds me of my grandmother's lacy table runner when I was growing up. Doh!

But it's pretty and I like the subtle bubble. Mr. Diabolina read my first "Dear Diabolina" post and has since been very confused by the concept of a bubble dress. Or so he pretends to be. Any dress I wear he asks me if it's a bubble. Funny but ultimately annoying - his specialty.

Love how hot he looked in his linen button down. WE MATCHED YET AGAIN!!! Good lord he is a cutie. Danny B. teased him a bit about being an aristoCAT today in a collared shirt. Loves it!

p.s. Tell me, do you love or hate this doily of a dress on Gwynnie? I will reserve judgment until I hear from you. Although I gotta say that I am really digging her new hair and slightly less smug attitude of late.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Scene
Have I mentioned that gay men and old people LOVE me? No? Well, they do. Since I was a child and almost without exception.

Unfortunately, mosquitos also love me. Something about my delicious Sprinkles-filled blood, me thinks. Also think it's hereditary since they terrorize my mom too. And like the little princesses we are, we have really bad reactions to the bites. Big red painful itchy welts. UGH!

Try to put the pain out of my head as we head out to Playas Gemelas. Beautiful white sand and appropos since Danny B is a twin.

I settle in with my book and busted legs and Mr. Diabolina finds a sliver of shade to sleep in. Heaven.

The sporty couple, on the other hand, decides to snorkle. Unfortunately, within five minutes, they spot jelly fish in the water. I have never seen one so I go take a gander.

They don't seem very scary but Danny B has been stung and says (practically in tears) he is out. No snorky for him. This coming from a guy who goes shark fishing. At night. The record scratches on our fun beach day and we head back to our pool paradise. Not quite sure why we left in the first place ;)

There we deal with more innocuous wildlife - lady bugs and iguanas. Did you know that in addition to Predator, Night of the Iguana was filmed in Puerto Vallarta?

Well, Danny B knew and he gets it in his head that he wants to catch one. Ugh. He thinks he's the Crocodile Hunter for realz.

Daisy Duke's and I start getting real nervous since it seems iguanas speak English and they are spreading news of a gringo who fancies himself an iguana catcher. O SHIT!

No joke we see about half a dozen in the span of an hour. Before, we'd seen about three in three DAYS.

Eek and they are all circling the pool area from above. AAAAAAAA! It starts feeling like a terrible slasher movie waiting to happen. Night of the Iguana: Tourist Blood Bath 2008. If I wasn't drunk, I'd be scared.

When Danny B goes to take a siesta, Mr. Diabolina takes over iguana duty. He sets out dried mango as a trap. Danny B. is the definition of a bad influence!

He practices his golden lasso skills on me. And I tell him the truth - that he's totally delusional if he thinks he can wrangle himself an iguana.

Have enchiladas for dinner. Though tasty, they don't hold a candle to Mr. Diabolina's family recipe. Who knew he was Mexican????

Daisy Duke's wears the PERFECT maxi dress for dinner. I NEED ONE!

In addition to her prettiness, we are treated to the most spectacular sunset yet. The colors are breathtaking and we all go picture crazy. Love when nature is so beautiful that human beings suddenly think they are spectacular photographers.

We finally get a photo with our favorite person, the house man, Eufracio. He is lovely and so accommodating the entire trip. He and I bond discussing his sisters and son who live in Long Beach. I hope someday I can repay the hospitality he has shown us. What.a.sweetheart!

End the night GOING NUTS with Pictionary and Scattergories. Once again, Danny B. dominates and is hilarious doing so. I heart him. Funny how it often takes a change of setting to completely rediscover someone you've known forever.

The Outfit
Fashion District yellow dress
Roxy blue swimsuit
Forever 21 turquoise rings

The Accessories
Fuchsia hair flower
Forever 21 turquoise rings
Old Navy turquoise flip flops

The Grade

The Commentary
You've seen this dress before but isn't it just perfect in Mexico??? With the flower in the hair and the turquoise accents. Ugh. So adorably sassy.

I always do flowers in the hair on vacation. When I was in high school, I did it alot just because. So froufy girly of me.

Got these orchids in pinks, yellow and white for the tropical bridal shower I threw for Chowmein (she got married in Jamaica.) Everyone who attended the shower left with one. I wonder if people still have them six years later and take them on vacation like I do. I hope so.

The newest thing I want to do is feathers in the hair. Had the idea a few weeks ago at Urban Outfitters.

But thought I might be too old to pull it off.
And it might look TOO Pocahantas.

But now all of a sudden seeing it everywhere like this DailyCandy and all the Cochella recaps.

Ugh. I should always trust my instincts. Not worry what other people might think. If I like it and I work it, 8 times out of 10, it will be FIERCE!

Spent entirely too much time in the water today. Got pruny. And DARK. It's just the only place I didn't feel the mosquito pain.

When I finally got out I donned the Forever 21 floppy hat I recently bought. Loving the old lady fabulousness of it all. Very Old Hollywood on vacay.

Loved my evening look. Yes, yet another Forever 21 color block dress. Leave me alone, I love them. And I live in California. And it's the exact copy of a Donna Karan dress from 2007. And I know her dress wasn't $20 so I'm stoked.

Really appreciating that it's almost cute enough to draw attention from my leper like legs. F!!!

Oh and ADORE that Danny B. called it my Lakers dress. Perfect since his daddy worked for the Lakes for most of his career.

Once again, I AM GOOD.


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