Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Scene
Armani is to Sable Crow

As Chanel is to Diabolina.

So when he was invited to this season's Emporio Armani trunk show, I was ecstatic.

When I found out it'd be hosted by Roberta Armani and I was invited, I went faint.

It's as if my Chanel party in May had been hosted by Amanda Harlech, Karl's eyes and ears outside Paris.

Roberta is Giorgio's niece and heir apparent. She is tight with the Cruises.

And is always front row center at the shows.

Today was no different. She was in the front row flanked by lovelies: Maria Sharapova, Kerry Washington and Camille Belle.

Sable Crow and I just happened to be seated right behind them. That's my arm in the professional shot above, right over Maria's shoulder!

And here's my leg making friends with Maria's tush. HAHAHAHA!

Roberta looked pretty in pinstripes. Very smiley and gracious all night. A classy, lovely energy about her.

We were also seated right behind Bobby Shriver, the Kennedy behind Product RED which fights AIDS in Africa. That's him in gray applauding next to Maria.

The runway show was not what I expected from Armani. The clothes were much younger and hipper. The tailoring was completely stunning.

As were the male models. Hottest creatures I've ever seen up close.

This boy in particular. Yum. Every time he came down the runway, he'd make googly eyes at Maria. She pretended not to notice while I felt uncomf. In my shorts :)

After the show, Sable Crow and I mingled, sipped champagne and fell in love. With leather jackets. That we really shouldn't buy. Boo to a bad economy.

So instead we left with little perfume-filled gift bags and fashion stars in our eyes.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress

The Accessories

Forever 21 lucite bangles
Target necklace
Me&Ro skull earrings
Stella McCartney heels

The Grade

The Commentary
Built my outfit around one of my oldest and most fashionable friends today. Knew Sable Crow was going to don some of his stunning fall purchases for the event.

His new vest KILLS me. So hot, so many ways to wear it. Here he is with one of his Emporio sales team. Yes, he has a team. Love dopplegangers in vests, hats, spectacles and gray.

Visited yesterday as research and confirmed gray was also a key color of the women's fall collection. That narrowed down my options considerably.

Decided this nubby yummy dress might work. Looks luxe but simple. Very Armani aesthetic though it's a Dior knock off.

A bit like my favorite outfit of the night. This fab lady runs Emporio in the US. I want her job. And her purple heels.

Should have done a clutch instead of the Louis Damier. F. But my monochormatic Stellas were on point.

Similar in shape to the little up-turned fuschia pumps we fondled after the show.

That Camille Belle was also in a gray nubby material. Adorable two piece suit.

Even more adorable face. Porcelein doll like.

If I didn't know any better I would have thought Kerry Washington and Maria Sharapova were dressed by Chanel tonight. Kerry was in a LBD with rows of pearls and a simple side bun. Maria wore a Chanel pallette. Only a blond glamazon tennis champ could pull off high waisted, wide-leggged pants IN WHITE SATIN!

We had no idea who this stunner was but we were mesmerized with her face and the see through blouse sans bra! Sable Crow said she made him wonder whether he actually might like kissing a girl, Katy Perry style ;)

I was also LOVING these two outfits all night. So chic. So easy.

Both work for Armani. Ugh. Both need to be my friends.

Tonight got me thinking about all the Fashion Week photos I've been seeing.

Of friends looking impossibly chic

And flitting about together to fashion events in fabulous frocks.

This picture I particularly loved. Each woman's look is her own but as a group there's definitely a theme. Simply adore.

A bit like Sable Crow and me tonight.

BFFs in our matching shades of gray. And hungry for Armani eyes.

p.s. Here's tonight's professional event coverage at Wire Image

p.p.s. And look at the picture I just happened to zero in on back in July! I think I might be psychic. Or manifesting. Or both.

This is the couture event where the photo was taken - same crowd, different Italian designer. Hmmm. A Valentino show would be fun...


WendyB said...

Sounds like a great time!

tam pham said...

how fun!!! love both you and sc in gray.

Kate said...

Excellent reporting my dear! Sounds and looks awesome.

Tiffany said...

I ♥ this post! love the insider scoop of what was shown and what the celebs wore.

never seen you wear those lucite bangles. I like!

amber said...

what a fun night! so awesome :)

Sable Crow said...

F! I love this post.

You know, I've come to rely so much on your posts as a window into your activities that I read this event--over which I presided--with new and fresh eyes. It was like I was seeing it for the first time all over again. How fun!

For those of you who didn't go, Diabolina's recap is first rate. It really felt just like that.

I can't imagine a better woman with whom to have shared this fun and joy. Getting carried away on free-flowing champagne in the presence of so much Armani is really the best intoxication. F opiates. Give me Emporio, my bestie, and an unlimited sense of freedom anyday.


weezermonkey said...

You took a pic of Sharapova's butt! Love you. :)

Victoria said...



Hmmmm? Not sure if I'll dress up this Halloween? But maybe I just will, for the blog, that is! Thanks for the idea to start thinking of something. I'm sure you'll look cute in whatever you choose. As always, dear!! :)


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