Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Scene
Every Sunday is Mother's Day for me and my little terror. So she begged me not to do anything extravagant and this year I complied.

Well, except that I bought her these little Marc beauties. On sale for 45 % off. Total hit! She's been wanting red cuteness with a sensible heel.

Plus she decided to buy herself a little treat with her tax refund. And I definitely encouraged it.

She got herself this YSL medium tribute tote but in LEOPARD PRINT. Sweet baby Jesus it is beautiful and over the top and befitting a queen like my momma. AND it's her first YSL.

She always feels guilty when she buys herself stuff. Such a Catholic. So she offered to buy ME the YSL she knows I've been eyeing. An adorable little patent evening clutch with the YSL Paris address scrawled across it. Adore.

I told her she was bonkers and refused to let her buy ME a present on Mother's Day. Told her it's my turn to treat her. It's time to put herself first, make herself happy. She's spent 3 decades thinking of me first. It's her time now.

Great mommy and me day!

The Outfit
Beige tuxedo ruffle dress
Vintage cerulean trench coat

The Accessories
Me&Ro earrings
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals
Banks & Biddle bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary

My legs were DYING to come out and play today. Convinced myself that they were healed enough to display and chose this little vanilla dress. Knew my mom would love how clean and prim it is with the girly tuxedo ruffle.

Got it in the Fashion District for $30. I love the shape on me - it's volume done right. The metallic material makes it look rich bitch when paired with my tan and highlights. Digging how it can work with either gold or silver accents. I puffy heart versatility.

Looks very sweet and daughterly with flats. But could really vavavoom it up and make it hot mami with teetering heels too. I think I could even pair it with leggings or colored tights for evening. Hmmmm....

The keyhole in the back is sex kitten yummers but I should have ironed the bow. Kinda looked a little sad and deflated when I unveiled it to my mama. Wah.

Chose the pretty trench coat because the sky looked threatening. I've had this coat for 10 years but noticed for the first time today that the tag on the inside said Bullock's Wilshire. For all of you who grew up in L.A., doesn't that take you back??? Do you remember Buffum's too? And May Company? God we are old ;)

p.s. Meet my new lover. His name is Louis Vuitton and he's metrosexual enough to rock lilac. Yum.

p.p.s. JUST LOOK AT THE INSIDE!!!!!!! {fainting}


WendyB said...

I'm in love with your lover.

Michelle said...

I TOTALLY remember Bullocks on Wilshire! My great grandma took me there on the bus (RTD at the time) to get my holiday dresses...memories. And my mom always took me to May Company as there was one in Whittier. Good times.

Oh & LOVE that bag!

tam pham said...

ahhhh the behold the beautiful YSL address clutch. i still haven't made the leap yet...let me know if you do- i need encouragement. happy mother's day to your little terror!

amber said...

ah, mommy's new shoes remind me of dorothy! so cute :)

i'm loving your little dress, especially the bow in the back. tres chic.

Jean Bean said...

Bought a white dress at 21 yesterday. I learned it by watching you, OK?

JillFantastic said...

I have the same Stuart W. gold gladiators as you, yet yours seem hello! gold. Mine are a less impressive pleased-to-make-your-acquaintance gold. What gives?! My shoes are jealous of your shoes.

Cee said...

omg! I totally remember those stores. I was just thinking about them the other day when I drove by the Glendale Galleria. Dam I'm old.

Love the new bags at LV. But I'm swearing them off since the prices have gone up so much. Plus for that much, I can get another fab bag from another designer.

That's super sweet of your mommy to purchase the clutch. I love it and so cute.

Kate said...

Love the dress and trench....such a great color that coat.

Taking a new lover already? Crazy how fast we move on once we score with the previous one (blue MJ). Good thing we don't have to monogamous in fashion!

Blue Bird said...

Love the red shoes for yo mama. My boss has a very similar pair. I liked them so much that I took a picture of them with my cell phone and made that her picture ID for when she calls. Plus, her ringtone is "Happy Little Working Song" from Enchanted. It's the cutest MFing phone ID/ringtone combo ever. I heart her.

Other thoughts:

1. That YSL clutch is super pimp. Love it. It should belong to you.

2. Ruffle dress is so cute on you it makes me dizzy.

3. Your love for your mom is mega cute. I feel the same way for my tiny mom as well.


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