Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Scene
Determined to have a great day. Determined to shake off all the funk of the last week.

Thankfully, it's not going to be particularly hard to have a blast today. We have another summer associate event for The Firm. Probably the best one of the summer. A scavenger hunt - L.A. style (click on the pic for details.)

Three limos, three teams of 8, three hours. We have over 50 possible Polaroids we can take and a stretch loaded with booze. What could be better?

Mr. D and I are team captains again since we know the area so well. One of the summers brings camo gear for our team to wear. She's HIRED. Had me at hello. Me loves costume lovers AND team unity.

Last year, Mr. D and I took the scavenger hunt too seriously. We're just competitive nerds that way. We were all stategery. We jumped out of the limo at every clue stop, frantically barked orders. When we got to the finish line and realized most people had just gotten drunk AND there was no prize, we felt like suckers.

So this year, we mellowed quite a bit. The heat also factored into our more languid approach. We still got about half the clues crossed off. But the two of us hung back in the limo and at bars while the summers ran around and took the Poloraids.

The pics at right were at the 25 degrees bar (AGAIN!) while the kiddies bagged the biggest get of the day: a photo with a living celebrity, Adrien Greneir of Entourage at The Roosevelt Hotel pool. The points on that one alone made us the day's winners. Yay!

The final stop of the day is a bar where The Firm gathers for more cocktails and appetizers and mingling (read: trashtalking.) Had no idea what I'd find at the finish line: my best friend from childhood Poptart Lover!!! Haven't seen her in 13 years!!!!

Ugh. I adored her. She was my everything from age 7 to 17. Here we are at a school picnic in 2nd grade. I'm the tall, four eyes in blue and she is next to me in all white and a bowl hair cut. Hot.

Here we are at Magic Mountain in 7th grade, wearing a Hard Rock sweatshirt and New Kids on the Block T-shirt respectively. I do believe that's a fanny pack and a pop Swatch watch I'm sporting. Yikes! And I'd cut my curly hair short - boy short. Worst mistake of my so called life.

Here we are in Contempo Casual baby doll dresses for our first high school dance. LOOK AT THE BIKE SHORTS WITH TIGHTS!!! I shudder to think what shoes I was wearing. And that fro. Tragic! My mom should NOT have let me out of the house. But clearly I thought I looked so Madonna fly.

Have not laid eyes on Poptart Lover since we graduated from high school. Just drifted apart how girls do. I've always wondered about her and her sisters and mama though. My mom too; she says she considered her part of our family.

Tried to find her online over the years. Looked on Myspace and LinkedIn but nada. And she didn't come to our 10 year high school reunion.

And then all of a sudden there she is. At the end of a day-long scavenger hunt. And she's with two other girlfriends from high school. Surreal! They are like a mirage in today's desert heat.

It's wonderful to see our other two high school friends, Principal Len and Nurse cK. Loved them. They haven't changed a bit. Such smart and funny girls.

Mr. Diabolina and I have run into them a few times in Hollywood. Visited them up north when I was considering going to Berkeley for grad school. But even that was 9 years ago. Gawd, we are old.

The four of us plus Mr. D caught up on careers and classmates and families. Laughed and drank and ate for a few hours - well after The Firm cleared out.

I teared up a bunch of times. What a crier I am. It's just that I realized how much you can forget when you don't have people to remind you of certain times in your life. It felt good to remember. Felt like I found a piece of myself that I'd lost along the way.

Fun day and wonderfully unexpected evening.

The Outfit
Image maxi dress

The Accessories
Chanel sunglasses
Marc Jacobs Irina tote
Urban Outfitters sandals
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 purple leaf hinge bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Today was balls hot. Knew I wanted to wear as little as possible to stay cool. But knew I still had to be appropriate for Mr. D's coworkers. Oh and there was the matter of getting in and out of a limo. Didn't want to pull a Britney.

This maxi was the only way to go. Long, chic and flattering. It has quickly become one of my absolute favorites. Have already gotten my money's worth - worn it three times which breaks down to $10 per wear. A Recessionista's dream. Run, don't walk to Image today.

The sandals and the bag and the violet Forever 21 bracelet are perfection with it. The high end designer touches (the LV earrings and Chanel sunnies) class it all up. Super easy way to look laid back luxe.

Good sassy look for old friends and new.


Sable Crow said...

Ug! how often do I get to be the first comment?! Not often. Too many rabid Diabolina fans. Today it's me, people! Staking it out to say how much I loved today's entry, and how much it made me smile to imagine my D so happy. Yay for scavenger hunts!


PS. It's funny and kinda sad that D can tell me about things, but until they show up in the blog, it's like they haven't happened. Finding her high school friend, therefore, was a totally new experience for me, even though she told me yesterday. Yay alzheimers!

MissJordyPants said...

YAH! Glad you had a fantastic day!

tam pham said...

ugh i almost teared up reading about your reunion...i'm such a sucker for those kinds of stories. um, can you please buy me my own Image maxi dress as an engagement present???? LOVE IT!

amber said...

you soooo needed a day like that!

we did scavenger hunts like that (but the low budget variety) each year with the sorority as a big sis/little sis event. twice, we convinced some firemen to drive us from the village back up to the house w/ sirens blaring. needless to say, we won both times ;)

Lynn Tran said...

Yay for a good day! I LOVE that you share your life in images with us - past and present. How is it that you have all these pics so readily available? I can't even find my H.S. yearbooks ... lost somewhere in my parent's cave-like home. Sigh.

Da Fashionista said...


am not particularly good at keeping all my financial paperwork organized but am really good about my photographs. most are in albums organized by era.

now this blog is kinda serving as a living album. love that!

kiss for the kiss!

Poptart said...

hi, it's me Poptart Lover! um...yeah, so i had forgotten that Fraulein Maria had sewn me my dress for the high school dance...i also love my little 7 year old potbelly at the school picnic. i forget, did i already drink beer back then?

gomie said...

great pictures. kenny rogers' "through the years" could not have been more timely. that high school dance picture...when the song "pump up the volume" was playing, your hair was totally listening.


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