Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Scene
The focus of today's conference was - drum roll - Twitter. Seriously. This is my nerdy life.

In early January, our company's social media manager started reporting to me. This means I now supervise our corporate blogs and Twitter presence - in addition to overseeing PR and corporate communications. Excellent experience. Which is why I try to endure shoes with toes. Sigh.

I've worked in the online space most of my career but today's conference was definitely the first time I've rubbed elbows with social media, um, CHARACTERS. They are a fun and funny bunch. Today they helped crystallize why Twitter has the whole industry gaga: Never before have we had a platform with this kind of adoption rate that is mobile and global.

Think about the fact that recent California earthquakes were a trending topic on Twitter 9 minutes before the AP knew there was an earthquake. When you really think about it, Twitter was built for news. 140 characters is essentially a news headline.

Sure, an individual can use Twitter to blast out the mundane "My cat rolled over" or "I'm hungry." But the real sweet spot exists for major brands, entrepreneurs and content providers interested in getting their message out instantaneously. Vital to understand if you're thinking of starting your own business anytime soon.

The most random part of the conference: MC Hammer. Yes, THAT MC Hammer.

Apparently, MC Hammer is all about Twitter. He spoke VERY articulately about the ability to manage and extend a personal brand on Twitter. He also predicted that in the next five years full length features will be created specifically for the web and marketed via social media platforms. He spoke about the need for today's artists to work around the monolithic movie and record industries to produce innovative art instead of formulaic crap. His insights were the best part of the conference. Totally unexpected!

After the conference wrapped up I had an hour to kill before heading to SFO, so I headed to my home away from home, the Forever 21 on Market.

Tried on several dresses but only ended up with the strapless one in the background of this picture. You are gonna love.

Then I headed home to Mr. Diabolina on Virgin America. Talk about a brand innovator. Love that airline. Their social media team was at today's conference sharing all the cool things they are doing with Twitter. And building their brand i.e. giving out cool t-shirts ;)

The Outfit
Robert Rodriguez high waisted skirt
Banana Republic top and coat

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Chanel bag
Gucci scarf
Tory Burch flats

The Grade

The Commentary

If I'd known Hammer was going to be in the house today

I would've rocked some sweet Hammer pants. F.

Ironically, I got my Hammer jumpsuit up in San Francisco back in October.

Have been to the Bay Area more in the last year (back in August and then in November again) than I've been in the last decade.

Today since I was attending a conference instead of working one I didn't have to don the McDonald's uniform.

Wanted to look professional but summery. Definitely no suits for the Silicon Valley set.

Turned to this skirt-top-coat combo that I discovered for my first client meeting in January. It is just the right mix of pulled together but not stuffy.

Still addicted to all things high-waisted.

Interested in scoring more obi belts that create the illusion of a high waist. See how it transforms a simple t-shirt and pair of pants?

Currently loving the versatility of a good skirt.

Particularly love looks like yesterday's where the skirt and top look like one single piece.

But the real centerpiece of today's outfit was my new Forever 21 score.

Purty statement necklace for under $15.

Better than over a hundred for House of Harlow.

Or over $800 for Marni.

These necklaces are currently on sale.

But a sale for Marni means $500 for a necklace.

Looooove them but not willing to pay that much. Hello, remember Chapter 11? Ugh.

These Kenneth Jay Lane ones are better priced in the $100 - $200 range.

But they are not really my style. Too TOO.

And much prefer my version of the Diorette ring than this KJL one that retails for a $180!!! If you bought one from me on eBay for $30, you got a deal, ladies.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Scene
A month ago I found out that I'd have to head up to San Francisco for a work conference. On a Sunday. Just my luck. Figured I'd make the most of it and plan a romantic weekend for Mr. Diabolina.

Fast forward just a few weeks and our world has been turned upside down by a family tragedy. And sadly, today, traveling out of LA just added to all the stress we've been feeling. Think the fear and anger we've both been squelching for weeks finally bubbled up to the surface. Spent half the day bickering. Over stupid things. And not so stupid things. So much for getting away from it all.

Eventually strolled around Union Square and Chinatown and snapped out of our funk. Monkeys helped. They always do.

Chanel helped too. It always does.

But Peaches aka "El Cerdito" saved the day by recommending Lark Creek Steakhouse for a scrumpdidliumpcious dinner.

Nothing like a pretty boy, a glass of scotch and a buttermilk biscuit to melt my troubles away.

Day Outfit
Diane Von Furstenberg top
Liquid pants
Banana Republic coat
Chanel bag and sunglasses
Gucci scarf
Louis Vuitton earrings
Tory Burch gold flats
Me&Ro necklace

Night Outfit Same as Day Except:
Forever 21 skirt
Prada sandals
Tarina Tarantino bracelet

The Commentary

Unlike Nor Cal native Fashion Toast, dressing for San Francisco does not come naturally to this fashionista.

Donnning winter clothes or dark colors in late May just does not compute for me. I admit it. I am soooo a So Cal spoiled brat.
(Did you know that "Mediterranean" climates like L.A.'s only constitute 2% of the earth but are inhabited by 20 % of the world's population?)

So today I stayed true to my So Cal roots and built my day and evening look around this very summery DVF top. $50 resale. BEEN OBSESSED WITH THE PRINT FOR A YEAR!

Paired it with white pants and a nubby neutral Banana Republic coat that I would NEVER wear in Los Angeles between the months of May and September.

Would have been fun to roughen up the look a little with distressed white pants.

Must find a cheap designer pair resale that I won't feel bad cutting up.

For dinner, I just tucked the top into this deeevine Forever skirt.

Love love love the tulip shape.

The shape is super flattering because it's just high waisted enough.

And it's got a bit of pouf around the hips. Just the right amount to let them breathe after a big meal but not look enormous.

Felt a bit strange about wearing the black purse with the light colors today.

But I was in a rush to get to the airport in the morning and didn't want to switch purses. Plus I figured everything goes with Chanel ;)

Loved how the coat functioned like a long blazer today.

Was perfect for the day but wasn't warm enough for the arctic chill of a Nor Cal evening.

No one batted an eye at me during the day but as soon as the skirt came out - ugh. Even Mr. Diabolina was struck by the number of stares we got. Mostly from women. Mad dogging women. Made me horribly self conscious. Probably because it'd been an emotional day. Funny how we have no idea what that stranger on the street is going through and yet so often we judge them.

Must remember that legs aren't something they see very often in San Francisco. NOT EVEN IN THE SUMMER. Ugh. I.would.die.

Can't imagine what people would've done if I wore the skirt with some serious heels instead of my sensible traveling Pradas.

Fear they'd have a coronary if I did heels AND leather. Except in The Castro. Boyz there would get it. Gay boys always get it.


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