Friday, April 4, 2008

The Scene
Awake to find the most devastatingly beautiful email in my inbox. Our dear friend Mr. NBC lost his daddy to leukemia last night.

Being a gifted writer and blessing of a son, Mr. NBC wrote the most moving tribute.

It wrecked me all day.

I lost my dad when I was a teenager. Ugh, what he's going through right now. I ache for him. If you are the praying type, please keep his beautiful family in your thoughts.

The day flies by. Find out I have managed to blow all my Q1 goals out of the water - who's the shiznitz? I laugh all day at things that would normally drive me nuts. It's awful that it often takes tragedy to put everything in perspective.

Get some MUCH ANTICIPATED news in the afternoon that calls for celebration. Good thing we have a happy hour at The Office. [straight face] There was a bubble machine and hula hooping and musical chairs. I SWEAR IT. Who could make this stuff up? Hightail it out of there after I hoover down a margarita.

Race home because Mr. Diabolina and my mom have a tres important date tonight at Cafe Med. We are meeting the beautiful and always hilarious dynamic duo, Mama D and Daughter D. We've known them for half my life.

After my dad passed away, we moved into the same building as Mama D and her two kids, Daughter D and Son D. I was about 7 years older and used to babysit them.

It's been such a privilege to watch them grow into amazing, hysterical, GORGEOUS adults. Super proud that they both ended up Trojans.

Coincidence? I think not :)

Mama D probably also had alot to do with how awesome her kids turned out. She is THE coolest. And just happens to be the best real estate agent in town. We heart her - professionally and personally.

Upon sitting down, MD and DD promptly announce Luke Perry is in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the odds right???

DD and I proceed to nerd it out and talk 90210 whenever there is a lull in conversation.

She is good. Even though she was only in 2nd grade, she recalls detailed plotlines I had forgotten. She loves the pics from Mr. D's b-day. ADORE HER on a whole new level now.

We decide we are going to go up to Luke. Get a picture. She is super notorious for going up to celebrities and having zero shame. PURRRRFECT because I am notorious for being the shy olympics with celebrities. Um...hello...IT'S DYLAN MCKAY!!! [fainting]

So we plot and primp and then go up to him giggling like we were 7. She proceeds to tell him that when she was 7 she had a shirt with HIS picture on it. I smile and nod like an idiot and finally blurt out, "Can we just get a picture?"

He is super laid back, looks tired and wryly says "Nice to meet you. " I sense a "but" coming. Instead he
says he's about to leave, to come back as he's leaving for the picture. AMAZING.

When he gets up to leave 20ish minutes later, sure enough, he beckons us over.

I pop right up and race to his side. Have him all to myself for a few extra seconds as DD makes her way over in a calmer, more dignified manner.

Debate telling him about our 90s party last Saturday but am afraid I'll come off like a stalker...well...more of a stalker. All I manage is: "Thank you so much...we are just huge nerds for you and 90210."

He looks amused by me and proceeds to rub the small of my back exactly 3 and a half times. I get
lightheaded and struck dumb.

Mr. Diabolina takes the photo and just like that one of the silliest moments of my life is captured on film forever.

The Outfit
Forever 21 turquoise dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Express flat silver sandals
Devi Kroell for Target silver hobo
Downtown blue bangles
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Outfit

The Commentary
Given the somber emotional start to the day, I decide to wear something super bright and cheerful. Something to celebrate someone's spirit more than mourn their death. I think it's how the good doctor would want it.

Saw this dress at Forever a year ago. Liked it but decided to pass on it. Was trying to be disciplined and not buy any ole thing. Was trying to only get the pieces I couldn't bear to live without.

Then a few weeks later I saw it on a girl at Bloomie's and fell in love. She looked so casually chic in flats and with her hair up. Decided I needed it, couldn't bear the thought of not having it in my closet. Was lucky to still find one since the clothes cycle so quickly there.

It is jersey but has a lining so it has real weight to it, weight that makes it look expensive. The color is just stunning no??? It doesn't do much for my figure but god is it an interesting dress. And paired with the fuchsia it was, well, a total home run.

The jewelery was spot on too. The bangles and the mismatched earrings - ugh. Perfect.

Could there have been a more perfect outfit to run into your teen idol? Well other than this little white and black number :)

p.s. Hold the people dear to you a little extra close this weekend - I know I will ;)



Cee said...

prayers and thoughts to this family.

R said...

So sad. Best thoughts to everyone to get through this difficult time.

Hungry for a sense of fashion said...

Just cleaning up my e-mails on a boring Fri eve and wow....I never checked your blog! You are hilarious. If I only had a fraction of your sense of fashion-putting outfits together...I would not be sitting here at my work desk in turquoise scrub pants and an orange scrub top...With the Dickies label prominently displayed.

weezermonkey said...

Sad for Mr. NBC.
w00t for the news! :)
Super-duper YAY for Luke Perry!

tam pham said...

your friend will definitely be in my prayers. he's lucky to have good and caring friends like you!
ps. you look fab in that blue dress! kiss kiss!

dapotato said...

prayers to his family. :(
eee for luke perry!!! :)
yay for blowing your Q1 goals!

Kate said...

Ugh, I am just NOW reading this! This is a testament to my crazy week. Anyway, so awesome that you met him! I'm glad he let you do the picture.

Also, congrats on the good news!!!

And thanks for sharing Mr. NBC's email with me. You are right, beautiful and a moving tribute, especially on that day. It's kind of interesting, I've been having an "active" week with dad grief myself. Just working some things out. What I know is that your friend is not really losing his relationship with his dad, it's just shifting to a whole different paradigm. It's sad and hard, but not over.

Samantha Smikle said...

Condolences to your friend.........
You saw Dylan!? He's still gorgeous!

Lynn Tran said...

Big hugs to Mr. NBC and his fam. Congrats on the good news and blowing Q1 goals.


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