Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina takes my mom in to review the MRI results with Specialist #2. He recommends surgery. Says there is no reason to wait for the tumor to cause more symptoms, for her health to deteriorate.

He says he can schedule it within a month. He says it is fairly routine...for brain surgery, that is. Ugh. It all hits me like a ton of bricks.

So now we officially have one opinion to wait and monitor, and another to have surgery. I was afraid of this. Neither option is particularly appealing. At least, we have three more doctors to meet with - that should help guide us to the right decision. I hope.

Thankfully, last week, Mr. Architect and I booked a happy hour tonight. I needed a martini or three by noon.

Ended up inviting my dears Giggity and Lauragami to join the fun too.

Sable Crow also unexpectedly made the trek out. Heart him. He brought his lovely coworker who in addition to being an avid reader of this blog also gets confused for being his boss quite often. Hence, she will go by Sable Crow's Boss ;)

Tonight I decided it's physically impossible to have a bad time around Mr. Architect. He is just too hilarious.

Like forever imparting his wisdom on skinny poses. Today he taught all of us "the head down with a half twist." He also advised to never EVER lean into a picture. You'll always look horribly large. And needy.

He also advises this dainty move for double chin obscuring.

Lauragami taught us her over the shoulder move. Probably would've worked better if I didn't do my signature drunk mouth. F.

As we ate and drank and ate and drank some more, we covered a gamut of topics. From the election to CEOs to traveling to parents to careers to the Barbi twins. That's right at one point while we were devouring burgers, Mr. Architect told us that the Barbi twins would carry around Comet and pour it over their food to force them to stop eating. I must say I had no idea those muppet-faced models were geniuses!!

He said he's starting to take similar measures to reign in his eating. And he demonstrated. By balling up his napkin and throwing it on my food. Ugh. I wasn't done! Precisely his point, he says!

Wonderful night. Too many laughs and just the right amount of tears. I love my friends.

The Outfit
Forever 21 ruffle blouse
Theory slacks
Lauren Allen cardigan

The Accessories
Chanel sunglasses
Me&Ro skull earrings
Fashion District spiked bracelet
Stella McCartney bag
YSL heels

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around this Forever 21 find. Think it's just the right amount of trendy (romantic blouse, as Neiman's calls it) for just the right price. $22.

Love the touch of ruffles and that it reminds me of my favorite winter floral print from Michael Kors.

Added the purple cardigan as a nod to this Thakoon look.

Love a floral top dowdied up with a cardigan. Feels very English major. Very Jane Eyre.

Keep seeing long purple cardigans everywhere lately. Love the styling of this one on Shopbop. Can't wait to bust out my leather skirt. And I want to try socks with sandals this winter too! The only downer is that this cardigan is $275. Mine was $35 at Filene's Basement in Boston six years ago. Natch!

Here's another one for over a $1000 at Neiman's. It's cashmere and Michael Kors but still...

And a Stella McCartney one (to match my bag??) for a cool $1200. Would never pay that for a sweater unless it came with a brick of gold!

Like The Style Rules I've been lusting for LC's Gemma cocoon sweater in plum. At $175 it's a steal compared to the designer ones. Pretty sure I can find a drapey approximation for $40ish though.

My downtown spike bracelet made it's debut tonight. So did my fist covering my double chin pose. What do you think?

Giggity was wearing a Gallo shirt exactly like Mr. D's tonight!!! His girlfriend just got back from there. What a coincidence that the one Guatemalan he knows would invite him out tonight. I'm tellin' you the psychic links abound in my life!!

Also love love love that when Sable Crow's Boss unfurled her sassy wallet, Mr. Architect pointed out it was the exact color as Hillary's suit last night. I could eat his face up!

She really did look spectacular. Would have loved to see what she would have pulled together for an inauguration :)

p.s. So clearly I have a thing for purple year round. So do my homegirls Kate of All Trades and Couture Carrie. So you know I am ADORING all the berry colored delights "in" this fall. Here are some of my favorites of late:


WendyB said...

LOL @ "drunk mouth"!

tam pham said...

so you finally found a leatha skirt?? yay.

weezermonkey said...

Love laughs with friends -- just what you need! :D

Sable Crow said...

From PERU on this f'd keyboard I comment on your blog! I love your name for you-know-who: Sable Crow's Boss is PERFECT! I send you kisses from Peru. Went white-water rafting today and it was incredible! Needed a little Diabolina-fix, tho.


dapotato said...

what a good day.

i think i look good in purple but am not a fan of the color and thus rarely buy anything in purple. maybe i should try the more plummy/berry tones...

amber said...

i love the over-the-shoulder pose. i did that a lot last weekend for vino's b-party. ;)

H&M has a sweater coat in a berry color that i'm dying over. although, stupid store put the silly thing on the model before putting it out for folks to buy. booo!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

i adore that purple gucci. and am still lusting over the LC cocoon...


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