Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V Day!

To the love of my life and the many loves of our life.

 Thank you for all the support you've shown me over the years especially since I started on this strange blogging adventure four years ago.

You all complain I take too many pictures but someday you'll appreciate it, you turds.... xo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Look Rich Bitch, Sundance and Mr. Louboutin

I started off the year with such good intentions. I was going to blog more consistently like back in the day.

About outfits. Like this holy trinity of a debut (new Missoni for Tar-jay maxi, new Forever 21 necklace AND new Marc Jacobs polka dot bag).

Or my furry vest debut---Forever 21 but looks 'spensive!


Or how I'm wearing old shoes in new way thanks to inspiration from my girl, Pursuit of Shoes

I was also going to blog the EPIC visit to LA of my oldest and most favorite blogging sister from another mister, Look Rich Bitch

All the food we ate


The red soles I debuted for her


How ADORBS we rolled at The Bazaar


How much Mr. Diabolina hearts her and she hearts him (see her smitten kitten leg!)


But then---record scratch---I had a non-stop week at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival for work
(insert your eye-roll at my humble brag here)


So I couldn't blog the swag I snagged


The celebs I peeped


The childhood girlfriend I ran into there

Sundance 2012

The insane Moet party she took me to


The LMFAO show I saw

The, um, delicious fitness model I befriended despite wearing bedazzled frames and a hipster beanie


The wellies I wore most of the week so I wouldn't fall down and go boom


The crazy "old lady in the cold" accessorizing I did to draw attention away from said slip resistant, dowdy shoes


Ugh and then don't even get me started about how tired I was when I got back from Park City. Too tired to even tell you about my latest assignment for Neiman Marcus: Interviewing Christian Louboutin!!!!!


But if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know ALL about my whirlwind January already. That's honestly where I'm doing most of my "blogging" lately.

In February, I promise to blog more, recap less. In fact, 10 days in NYC starts this Friday, just in time for NYFW!



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