Friday, January 29, 2010

Patti's Piggie: Sprinkles Mobile

Today I experienced heaven on wheels for the first time. That's right. I finally saw her - the mythical Sprinkles Mobile.

And by "saw" I mean almost licked. JUST LOOK AT THOSE TASTY TIRES!! I wanted to fall down and worship her deliciousness. But I managed to play it cool. Just took pictures nonchalantly like this wasn't the best day of my life, like I wasn't peeing my pants excited.

Thanks to Twitter, I found out the brown truck of brown chubby girl dreams was parked just 15 minutes from my office.

I enlisted the help of the woman who taught me every pig trick I know and headed over there during lunch. I was able to waddle right up to the truck because there was NO LINE!!!!!! That's unheard of at the Beverly Hills store. (Mental note: Brentwood women do not know a good thing even if it drives right up to their doorstep. F!)

We had three flavors left to choose from: Strawberry, Black and White, and Red Velvet. Guess which one this little piggie snarfed? Hint: Which one is the yummiest and messiest and fattiest?

But my favorite part of the entire experience: free accessories touting your love for a truck that brings bougie pig dreams to the masses.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mommy and Me Matching: Scarves and Cat Eye Sunglasses

Last Sunday aka Mommy day I wasn't feeling very inspired. Ended up piling on accessories to trick myself into feeling fabulous - cat eye sunnies, a Gucci scarf, new Forever 21 cuff, black tights, fabulous bag and cool boots.

And I challenged myself to try a trend I don't normally do: shorts in the winter. Remember this old lady only very recently started wearing shorts in the summer again. My thirtysomething ass cheeks felt a bit self conscious but in the end love how everything came together. Very chic look. In a not L.A. kinda way.

My mom loved the look. So much so that she totally went Single White Female on me. Within an hour of laying eyes on me, she bought a scarf on sale at BCBG and a GORGEOUS pair of MJ cat-eyes that I've had my cat eye on for weeks.

I think many a daughter would be annoyed with having a tiny copy cat of a mother. But I love it. I love being told we look alike. I love that we have the same taste and enjoy doing the same things.

I love that when Mr. D and I finally saw Avatar last week, I bought my mom a ticket without asking her. I knew she'd be up for anything. She usually is when accessories are involved.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just posted a new Examiner article: Decadestwo $150 shoe sale this Saturday.

Personally, I'm leaning toward not attending. In my 20s I didn't think twice about lining up for sales at 5 am. My mom and I would pack a thermos and some magazines and have a gab fest.

Now that I'm older, I try to just say no to lines. Even when red soles are involved.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Examiner article up: Alexander McQueen Surprises at the SAG Awards.

Shopbop Spring Shoe Stalking

Suffering a case of the Mondays? I've got the cure: spring shoe stalking. It's good for the soul/sole.

Behold my drool worthy Shopbop picks and tell me which ones tempt your tummy. Please. Your comments help get me through the week. Seriously ;)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shop on Melrose and Robertson with Me!

Check out my best dressed picks at the Golden Globes and where you can get similar looks on a budget: click here for my latest Examiner article.

New Shiny Toys: Foley + Corinna Bag

This is what I was wearing on a day that will live in infamy - the day Mr. Diabolina and I filmed that trainwreck of a closet tour video. (Thanks for all the kind, supportive comments. I will be forcing myself to get over myself and do more video in the coming year.)

I was unintentionally a recessionista version of Jennifer Connelley in Balenciaga.


But if you look closely I was rocking my own new TDF accessory: a Foley + Corinna bag. Purchased resale at Designer Labels for over 60 percent off retail. It was a belated Christmas present from my generous tiny mother.

Have wanted a Foley + Corinna bag for a few years now. Love the tough chic look and that soft leather. Obsessed with its slouchiness and the versatility of being able to fold it over and wearing it with a shoulder strap. Plus the price point is more reasonable than high end luxury brands. They are like a Balenciaga or Mullberry bag for a 1/4 of the price.

I was worried that a F + C bag was a little past it's hey dey. But there they are - still all over Shopbop.

And I realized some of my favorite newer bags by Marc and Alexander Wang bear more than a passing resemblance

I originally planned to get a F + C bag in gold (like fellow LA blogger Miss Cupcakes and Cashmere) because that's one hole that I can't seem to fill in my purse wardrobe. But resale beggars can't be choosers. Figured a black one would help give my Chanel bag a break. (I know, my life is redic blessed if these are my issues!)

Here's some more slouchy purse eye candy I've been loving.

And finally a resale conundrum - I've found a Fendi Spy bag in mint condition at a resale shop for under $700. Pretty sure I can get the price down to under $600. They retail for well over $2000.

So the question is: Do you think a Spy Fendi is worth it at this point in the game? Is it a classic that I will wear forever? Is it an evergreen like the Chanel 2.55 or is it a has-been "It" bag?

And should I really be saving my pennies for the ONE thing I want most in 2010: a puppy?


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