Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Scene
Have a riotous lunch with my momma. She is on FIRE today. Within the first five minutes, she pronounces that Stepbrothers looks like it's going to be soooo good! ahhahaha. Who is she - a 12 year old boy??

She proceeds to add that the poster reminds her of us. Two big curly fros. HAHHAHHAH!

I proudly tell her (for the billionth time) Will Ferrel graduated from USC. And she sniffs, "I knew I liked him."

Today she is in casual, running-errands garb but I need to point out the top. Look closely. No it's not the James Perse side paneled button down she swears by. IT'S A NEARLY IDENTICAL REPLICA WE FOUND DOWNTOWN FOR $20!!!!!!

We were shocked. Never expected to find THAT knocked off. My mom swears the cotton is just as soft and the only difference is that the cut is a bit narrower than the real thing. Hard for her chesty chest. But she just layers a tank or tee underneath and gaping button problem solved.

Workout after work and come home to Mr. Diabolina making me dinner - spicy chicken, green beans, rice and a roll. He has been on fire lately TOO!!! Adorably attentive and supportive.

What a blessing my mom and my love are. I am a ungrateful ingrate. Not allowed to whine...this week.

The Outfit
Fashion district two tone sack

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Steven Gladiator wedges
Gucci sunglasses
Canal Street earrings
Marc Jacobs hobo

The Grade

The Commentary
While researching my latest designer look alike score downtown, I came across this two tone dress by Phillip Lim. Have seen near identical copies in the Fashion District. Today's dress is definitely not an exact replica. But it might be "inspired by." Like it even more now that I've decided it has a bit of Lim in it.

I prefer how I styled it today versus the first time I wore it back in April. Think I played it too safe back then. A bit too matchy matchy with the shoes and the bangle.

Today I loved pairing it with the uglier (read: edgier) sandals and the neutral Marc Jacobs bag. Wore the Guccis instead of my Forever 21 sunnies because the dress and the shoes and the earrings are all thrifty finds. Had to luxe it up with some designer haute-ness. Remember balancing high and low in a look is always key. Head to toe designer is as much of a tragedy as head to toe cheapie.

The last addition to the outfit was this necklace. I bought it months and months ago at Forever 21 but hadn't found the right outfit for it. Today was the perfect coming out party.

Bought it thinking it was very poor woman's Marni but when I was on the plane to New York last month and reading through my Maire Claire I stumbled upon this glass and metal Louis Vuitton necklace. It instantly reminded me of my own little circular dream tucked away at home.

Well except mine was under $15 not $17,760!!! Oh that Marc! I seriously nearly choked when I saw that price.

Apparently so did Wendy Brandes because she blogged about the exact same necklace from the exact same magazine spread. Jinx.

The second time I nearly choked during that flight and while reading that same issue of Marie Claire, was when I saw Wendy's picture peering back. She had this great two page spread!!!! I'm pretty sure I actually said 'YAY" out loud to my sleeping seat mate.

Wendy is a hilarious and brilliant fashionista I have been girl crushing on for months now. Not quite sure when we started commenting on each other's blogs but I somehow felt like I'd "made it" when she agreed to add me to her blogger role. What a nerd I am :)

It's just that people who write well slay me. When I read Wendy's blog, I can actually hear her. I can hear the cadence of how she tells jokes and has intelligent exchanges with friends. I love that.

And I must admit I am also smitten with her profession: a jewelry designer. Have never "known" one before. The deliciously involved historical research she does and the ingenious, hidden surprise element of her designs fascinates me.

What a gift to be so creative. To play with such luxe materials for a living. To create living art that is one part feminist, one part playful and just plain exquisite. I imagine the road hasn't been easy for her. In fact, I know it hasn't been after reading the Maire Claire article. But what an inspiration as I struggle with my own path to see a woman pursuing her passion and finding success.

Plus that bitch is just as obsessed with latex leggings as I am. Alas, her tiny ass looks better than mine ever will in them!!

Funny how blogging creates these wonderful, odd and real connections to other women, no?


WendyB said...

You are too sweet!!! Now I want to put a photo of YOU wearing latex on MY blog. BTW look at mom throwing the major attitude! You two are bad-ass!

weezermonkey said...

When I read the Wendy Brandes article in Marie Claire (Mr. Monkey got me a free subscription somehow -- bizarro), I thought you'd made it, too. ;)

tam pham said...

i love of post from a fave blogger who raves about another fave blogger...one happy blogging community!

amber said...

love that you're getting love from the blogger world. and i love all the connections that blogging seems to initiate between cools folks. while there is plenty wrong with the internet, there is also a whole lot right with it.

and seriously, you look like such a little hollywood starlet in that outfit. i could never pull it off, but, in the words of shane sparks "you are killin' it!"


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