Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Celebrity Halloween Costumes

The Scene

Tonight Rachel and Brad met their reality TV matches:

Mr. Architect and Silver Haired Fox as Kate and 8. I DIED! Lit-E-rally!

I'd been trying to guess their costumes for weeks. Was convinced they were going to be Little and Big Edie. But thank goodness they opted against it since two of their guests tonight KILLED it as the Grey Gardens dynamic duo. LOOOOOOOOOOVE!

But the most talked about couple of the night: Daisy Duke's and Danny B. Partly because Daisy looked smokin as a Robert Palmer girl (genius!) but mostly because Danny B. scared the crap out of everyone as a sad clown. Fucko the Clown to be exact.

Reminded me of the clown from Stephen King's It. Daisy Duke's wasn't sure what was scarier: smile or no smile. I vote smile. Nightmare central.

Just when we thought he couldn't get any creepier, he did. He silently dug around in his pockets and started pumping air into a balloon. Mr. Architect's face says it all. AAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

But once we figured out he was making penises we all relaxed. Because every boy loves a clown's penis, right?

The Outfit
James Perse top
Max Mara fur vest
H&M sequin vest
Theory pants

The Accessories
Thrifted hat
Forever 21 jewelry
Tory Burch booties
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Some fellow faux Brad and Rachel's sent the real Brad and Rachel their photos via Twitter last night. Amazing.

But I still think Mr. D and I nailed it because (as with any outfit) the devil is in the details.

Like the purrrrfect hat.

And fur vest

Wide leg pants

Big sunnies

Fuckloads of jewelry

Patent leather booties

Chanel bag

And the absolute cherry on top: a Starbucks drink.

Rachel also seems to have just dug around in her closet for her Indian princess costume this year. Sorry, Rach, a bit of snooze.

My best costumes of 2009 hands down go to Regis and Kelly as Rachel and Brad

AND John and Kate

AND Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga really was THE celeb costume of 2009.

Here are some of my fave pantless/sexy looks

And genius mommy appropriate costumes

But one new mommy took the cake. Heidi Klum and Seal dressed as black crows this year!!!

Sable Crow wasted no time in emailing me to say he was in love and found his 2010 costume!

Though I'd still love to see him as Karl one day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski Halloween Costumes

The Scene

Tonight a budding brunette stylist became a big shot blond stylist. Bye bye Diabolina, hello Rachel Zoe. Do you die?

Mr. Diabolina had no time to plan his costume this year so he gave me free reign to dress him up. Big mistake. I decided - DUH! - he should be my monkey butler, my very own Brad Goreski. Purrrfect no???

The #1 criteria for this year's costume: ease. I didn't want anything complicated or expensive. Energy is limited lately in the Diabolina household.

I had thought about being Rachel Zoe last year. Would have been more topical since the first season of the show had just aired. But Karl Lagerfeld just felt like the more fabulous fashion icon choice.

This year, I said to heck with fabulous and creative. I realized I had everything I needed in my closet to be a convincing Rachel. Done deal.

Centered the look around the Zoe signature: fur vest.

Then came the wide leg black pants

Sequin vest

Big sunnies and bigger purse.

Oodles and oodles of jewelry

Tall YSL platforms

Thought about a beret or pompom hat

But ultimately settled on this hat that I picked up 10 YEARS ago at a Brentwood garage sale for $3.

I've never worn it because - HELLO - it's a lot of look. But it is LITERALLY the one Rachel wears in pictures emblazoned all over her blog and Twitter account. Meant to be!

Mr. D's costume was even easier. It only required 3 things: 1) a natty bow tie (borrowed the one Sable Crow wore when we all met Rachel and Brad last December) 2) thick glasses (bought a pair at aahs! for $7) and 3) a man purse (chose my Stella McCartney bag with the big thick strap that always makes me feel like a man.) The designer shoes, shirt and jacket are all Mr. Diabolina. I've trained him well over the past decade.

Sable Crow was tres impressed. We attended his big AIDS Research Alliance benefit tonight. At a fancy house perched in The Hills. Um, next door to Tyler Perry. Me-OW.

But Sable Crow's costume was really the center of attention tonight. HE MADE IT WITH HIS VERY OWN HANDS!!!!! LOVE couture on Halloween. The concept was a Medici banker in the 16th century, but all the pieces ended up being heavily Tudor and not so Italian. All I know is that talented bitch looked fab and he needs to sew me some dresses.

Other notable costumes - hot topless boys.

Masked marvels

Girls and boys next door.

Breakfast cereals

And lesbian power couples Condeleeza and Hilary

And Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

I was particularly thrilled because I "styled" Lindsay back in the Zoe-bot hey day. Remember when all those girls were super skinny minnies?

Speaking of, the only negative of channeling Rachel tonight? Not being able to eat a damn thing all night.


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