Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Scene

This year for Christmas, my mom requested a Fruit of the Month package from Harry and David. Done and done, I said. Unfortunately, there's a downside to this delish piggie gift: on Christmas day you don't have anything to unwrap. Wah.

So today my mom was like a little Tasmanian shopping devil. In her glorious shades of purple and plush Theory velvet pants. First, she took full advantage of the 80 % off sale at Tory Burch. Bought a signature print tunic, a glittery cashmere sweater AND a stunning sleeveless number. [Interesting side note: there was no sale signage in the store. Not in the front window or near the sale merchandise. Only a verbal explanation from pushy salespeople. And even then how they positioned the promotion was telling: 60 percent off plus 20 percent. They didn't just say 80 percent off. It's like Tory doesn't want you to know the sky is falling.]

Took my mom over to Reiss down the street which was having a major sale too. Tried on this bustier beauty. My mom adored and offered to buy it for me. But I passed. It's a dress best worn by B cups/size 6s and under.

Drove my mom over to the site of my Wednesday resale spree to introduce her to these Miu Miu dreams. Knew it'd be love at first sight. Just $110. That's like 80 percent off retail. Gawd, they are so magical they make me want to weep. I'd wear them every day, all day. Even to work out. My mom wasted no time in whipping off the shoes she was wearing and leaving the store with twinkling toes.

Tried on a few beauties of my own. Tory velvet flats I never saw in the stores

And Christian Louboutin slingbacks. Both just a hair too small tho.

I did find a pair of Spring 2005 Prada wooden heels much like this pair - except they are yellow with a red buckle.

And navy blue Tory flats with a silver buckle. Before I could pay, my mom snapped them up for me. Love when she is on a spending tear. Happens but once a year. YAYAYAYYAY!

After getting tickets to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, she decided she wanted new sunglasses too. Aviator Marc by Marc Jacobs. AND THEN she told me to pick out a pair for me too!!!!!! I declined but she insisted. So I got the medium black wayfarers I've been falling for this entire year. Just in time for the hipsters to have moved on. PURRFECT.

After a sushi dinner we settled in for another feast - a Brad Pitt feast. Every time he came on screen - not shriveled by aging makeup - my mom muttered, "God, he is handsome."

Every time. She said it like 15 times. Her heavy breathing started making me uncomf ;)

The movie was not only a touching love story but a unique exploration of mortality and time. Really got to me. Got me thinking about my dad's death and my mom's recent health scare. Got me worried about being 31 and childless with a job I merely put up with and no prospects for one that I love.

Got me realizing something has to change in 2009. I have to change in 2009. Time's running out.

The Outfit
Mossimo jeans
Old Navy henley
L.A.M.B cape

The Accessories
Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings and sunglasses
BCBG boots
Gucci bag

The Grade

The Commentary

This cape= I DIE!

Felt so glamourous and retro all day. Somehow a little British too. Like I was about to go on a hunt. Or get drinks with a broad like Katherine Hepburn.

Love the green color and the dramatic collar. Both so versatile. Can just wear it open and it will look like a cool drapey jacket.

It was also surprisingly warm. Not warm enough for snow in NYC but warm enough for brisk L.A. winters.

And the price!!! $130. Never imagined I could score even a resale cape for under $200. Much less a hip designer one.

This cape is my first L.A.M.B. piece. Dreamed of just being able to get my hands on a zip up.

Am thrilled to own a more dramatic piece of the Gwen Stefani empire.

A college friend has known her for years and says only good things. Think she is the epitome of a cool, talented chick. A local girl done good. Seems like one of the rare stars that keeps it real despite her enormous success.

And the girl knows how to dress.

She actually has personal style not just a personal stylist - big distinction.

Especially loved how stunning she looked when her tummy got a bit rounder ;)

She lived in flowing designer pieces in larger sizes - no materinity mumus for her.

Adore her mix of high fashion (Vivienne Westwood and Dior)

with her signature L.A.M.B accessories.

How she integrates old Hollywood glamour with chola, Indian and Japanese influences.

Ugh. And don't even get me started about how I covet her invariably fierce and flawless ponytails.

She and Gavin are one of the couples I actually root for in Hollywood.

Probably because this wedding picture is one of the all time great fashion moments I've ever seen.

And because they seem like becoming parents only made them cooler. Like they didn't lose themselves - and their style - like too many people do.

Seems like they merely integrated this little person into their amazingly stylish world.

Plus Gwen clearly shares my love of animal print.

AND animal ears.

Seriously, SERIOUSLY, all I wanted for Christmas was animal ears and a snuggie with reading lamp. Didn't get either. I bet I was on Santa's naughty list. F!


WeezerMonkey said...

I want Tory shoes in every color!

Glad to hear somebody liked Button. The Monkeys *really* didn't. :P

Sable Crow said...

Love all the Tory! I complimented my Queen on her Tory flats the other day and she nearly died. Stammered and practically blushed. It was as if a fashion seraphim had spoken to her from a burning Burch. It was a revelation.

She said no finance minister in her kingdom had ever known a Tory. I told her not to underestimate me, ne in finance nor fashion!

For emphasis, I said this as if I was holding a fan, like Karl.

I almost gave you an A just because of the cape (and all the photos of my secret crush, Gavin Rossdale) but decided to save it for something truly extraordinary. Step it up, please. Your audience is watching.

Kiss you.

dapotato said...

yay for tory shoes!

i got and gave slankets. no snuggies or reading lights, though. ;)

Amanda said...

But...but that Reiss dress looked really good on you!

WendyB said...

This is an A+ post. I'm sad you didn't get the bustier. It looks divine! And your mom's shopping outfit -- love the colors. Also I'm a big fan of Gwen's style. It evolves yet is always distinctively hers.

Jean Bean said...

Da cape is a beaut! I covet!

Style Maven said...

ohhh the cape is lovely. just bought myself one similar, but its joie..heres to a fabulous 2009! xo

Tiffany said...

I LOVE those miu miu shoes. wanted to wear something similar for my wedding but never found them. so pretty.

the cape is fab! you've inspired me to wear my cape out today. :)

Happy New Year!!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I knew that cape would be amazing on you.

Milly said...

love the cape!!....oh i got my own Burchs for with gold it..they feel like butter

amber said...

why, why don't designer shoe peeps make shoes in AA widths?! :(

loving the cape. it not only looks fierce, but comfy. love that.


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