Thursday, June 28, 2012

Katy Perry "Part of Me" Premiere and Concert

The Scene
On Monday, I worked until 10 pm.  
On Tuesday, my boss got me into Katy Perry's movie premiere. 
Working at Twitter has its pluses ;) 


Our team had tickets to the event because Pepsi was live streaming the concert before the premiere on Twitter.


In 34 years, I'd never traipsed around on Hollywood Blvd when the it's shut down (well, other than the No on Prop 8 march waaaaay back in 2009.) Felt surreal. Only really happens for The Oscars, which I haven't been to...yet. :) 


The bar courtesy of Pepsi was a refreshing bonus on a hot summer day. Champers on Hollywood Blvd. = the height of decadence. Pays to work hard. Stay in school, kids.


Had fun getting to know some new colleagues at the event. Both men have little girls. Would have gladly given up my ticket to have one of their daughters there.  Would have guaranteed them coolest dad EVER status.


My other coworker, however, is an uber Katy Perry fan and they would have had to pry the VIP wristband off her dead, cold, adorable hand.


LOVED how her thirty-something excitement fit right in with all the little teenage Katy fans.


Also made (more age-appropriate) friends with some Pepsi folks. Thanked them for having us and spent quite a bit of time answering their questions about the mechanics of using Twitter. 


But all professional talk and decorum went out the door when Katy arrived just a few feet from us. The pop princess was wearing a red velvet confection by Dolce & Gabbana with matching pumps – very Hollywood prom queen. With the retro glam makeup and and big barrel curls tinged with purple, she looked like a character straight out of an anime comic book in a David Lynch movie. 


We all watched starstruck as she did the interview circuit in the hot LA sun. 


She shared how her grandmother had just arrived and pretended not to know who Katy was. Love.


After strolling the pink carpet, Katy quick changed artist into the perfect popcorn performance look before a movie premiere. 


I'm glad I didn't wear MY movie reel bra. That would have been embarrassing. 


The show was pure Katy: fun, energetic and an explosion of color and visual candy.


She performed six of her biggest hits and ended with my favorite, California Girls. 


Only thing missing was Snoop.


After the show, it was movie time. 


Loved the 3D glasses, loved the movie. 


The message is a powerful one for girls and girl-women alike: Be yourself...everyone else is taken.

The Outfit
L.A. Fashion District dress and necklace
H&M belt
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Dior sunglasses
Guisseppe Zanotti heels
Random bracelets

The Grade


The Commentary

I found out I had a golden ticket waiting for me about two hours before the concert/premiere started. Not ideal but undaunted, I hatched a polka-dotted plan.


 Which was confirmed when my coworker emailed me that she'd almost worn her polka dot dress and blue wig.


Also knew I wanted to wear the neon heels again since they were such a hit at Scissor Sisters. Knew they'd be the perfect amount of Katy-licious pop. But, I definitely hesitated – was worried they weren't work event appropriate. 


 Glad I ended up throwing caution to the wind.  My coworkers couldn't have cared less what was on my feet AND I matched the pink carpet. I win. 


 Carly Rae Jespen (i.e. the Call Me Maybe singer) was also feeling the neon heels look. She may have the SOS but I think I won this "Who wore it best?" 


The Nars Schiap lips were a good call too. Spotted a ferosh drag queen (see her in the back with a HUGE blond wig?) sporting a similar pout. 


As was the adorbs Selena Gomez! 


Pink was also the Biebs color of choice at the event. 


For an old lady, I'm still somehow plugged into the teeny bopper zeitgeist. 


But Kathy Griffin's really old ass is really plugged in (that sounds gross.)
She wins best pose of the night. Can't believe I didn't think of it. 


Best dressed at the event goes to all the little girls in tutus  


And punk-rock-hipster-in-the-making lace up sneakers.  Felt like the 80s everywhere I turned. 


LOVED all the grown up girls in color. 


This teal dress with yellow sandals was my favorite. Purrfect summer look.


Also liked this pink pants and turquoise combo. Sadly, her friend not so much. Was giving too much Hollywood Blvd. in the 80s (i.e. hookerville).


Not even these tweens should go that short and that tight. Kids nowadays... 


This was my fave mother-daughter duo. Almost wore my Pradas.
They just felt cartoony and Katy enough.


But my favorite accessory was this Louis Vuitton purse from the Sprouse graffiti collection. Pitch perfect for Katy.  Check out the neon yellow purse her daughter was wearing in the second image from the top of this post. I swear fashion is in the genes. 


My polka dots ended up being a good call too.  


Matched Katy's look at the after-party
when she hung out with Robert Pattinson at the Chateau Marmont.


What a teenage dream.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Wear a Pink Blazer

The Outfit
LA Fashion District blazer, bracelet and sandals
Forever 21 tank
Liquid pants
Marc by Marc Jacobs purse
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade


The Commentary

I have been obsessed with Vanessa Bruno blazers for nearly a year. 

Love everything about them.  The crop, the drape, the shoulders.
The promise that they'd make me look tiny and chic like uber-fan Rachel Bilson :)


The one thing I didn't like: the price. At over $800, the Vanessa Bruno blazers are nearly 3 times what I've ever paid for a blazer. OOF!  Sure you'd get endless use out of a black one but I wasn't convinced the colored blazers I wanted were worth the investment.


That's why I was over the moon when I got an email from Racked LA saying there was a big summer sale at Vanessa Bruno. Had every intention of going and possibly splurging on a blazer in the right shade of pink or sherbet.

Screen Shot 2012-06-27 at 8.41.54 AM

But first I paid a morning visit to the L.A. Fashion District with my mom.  And wouldn't you know it,  there waiting for me was the exact look I wanted. Sure it's not a fine fabric but it looks anything but cheap. The cut and drape are dead on. And the color is what I liked most of all. Strike that, the price is what I liked best: $25.


On that same trip found these intricate little beauties. Very Balenciaga with the braiding. Just $20.


Also scooped up this bracelet that was the perfect compliment to the jacket.  Looks a bit YSL, no?   Only $12.


Moral of the story: when you're in LA, do your wallet and closet a favor and hit the Fashion District.

The Inspiration










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