Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Scene
Met my mom for a little Saturday Santee Alley shopping. Unfortunately, every store was stocked with in-between-season-blah merchandise. Wah. Only got three items: an animal print bubble tank, a stud mesh bracelet and a chain-maily necklace. Grand total spent: $46.

Chain necklaces (as seen here on the runway at Givenchy) are one of my must haves for fall. I've been looking for the right ones for weeks. My other top picks for end of year include more studded accessories, more ruffles, more winter florals. Also want just the right booties, a little leather and a lot of lace, one fringe bag, and loads of jewel tones.

Keep your eyes peeled, my pretties. Send me links to cute stuff, please. Much appreciated.

Headed west for a little lunch with a little mama. Ended up at Taste on Melrose.

We matched again today. Jeans and black and white tops and black sandals. Adore. No tumor talk today. Too drained.

Noticed a little store peeking out from behind Taste called Revolve. Styleminded was just telling me about it last night. Apparently she went to the opening party this past week AND SHE'S BACK TO BLOGGING!!!!

It's the first brick and mortar boutique for the popular online site Revolve Clothing. The plan is to have an eclectic selection of constantly revolving designer lines available at the gorgeous West Hollywood space.

I loved that the staff was so friendly when we walked in. Not annoyed and holier than thou like most neighboring stores. Hope that doesn't change.

Look at the sleek upstairs. Rows of A+ shoes. These booties might be my next splurge. They are the licious. $250ish. Wish they came in burgundy.

Had plans to hit a friend's BBQ but was feeling too Debbie Downer for socializing. So instead, Mr. D suggested Musso and Frank's one of my all time favorites. Had my childhood go-to, the braised short ribs.

Was seriously disturbed that as a 10 year-old I could inhale this entire plate. Tonight I only made a dent and STILL felt so full I thought I might puke. Ugh. I used to be a contender...

Then we watched the new Woody Allen movie. Mr. D was resistant at first because he thinks Penelope Cruz is painful. But I assured him Penelope Cruz in Spanish is a whole different experience. She is raw and lyrical and a revelation. Reminds me of that piece I wrote about my mother, how we make sense in Spanish not English.

I have always enjoyed Penelope in Pedro Almodovar movies. He is like a Spanish David Lynch. Volver was my most recent fave. It's about mothers and daughters. Rent it. You will laugh and cry and be transported.

And tonight Penelope was even stunning in Spanglish under Woody's direction. So fluid, so flawed, so natural, so funny.

Ugh. But I saw alot of myself in the film's three main characters. Scarlett's chronic dissatisfaction. Javier's overwhelming need to express deeply overwhelming emotion. Penelope's promise and her banana tendencies. Check, check, and check.

Tonight I remembered I am an artist. For better or worse. Not quite sure why I tend to forget that fundamental fact. Not sure why I insist on masquerading as a corporate raider. Sigh. Not sure period.

The Outfit
Forever 21 bubble tank/Marimekko for H&M tunic
AG jeans

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace
Chanel bag
Urban Outfitters sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

So I first spotted the rolled jeans look on Katie last month. I sensed a big trend about to break so I kept my eye on the pegged jean "situation."

For weeks now, she's been donning those baggy Prps boyfriend jeans. She wore them with "friend of Dorothy" flats and with heels, with tanks and with light-weight sweaters, with an adorable baby and with an odd-for-an-actress briefcase.

Then I noticed other fashiony stars were rolling their jeans.

I even spotted rolled chinos!

Then I started seeing bloggers pegging and hipster editorials featuring distressed jeans - rolled not skinny. Knew I'd have to take the plunge but wasn't ready. Too afeard. Also wasn't interested in buying new jeans for a trend that might not be me.

So last Saturday I did a test run. Found a pair of AG jeans hidden in the back of my closet. Bought them resale a year ago. $12. They are a little too short and a little too loose so they don't see much action.

But I realized they'd be the perfect no harm/no foul pair for this new trend. Took the plunge today. Paired them with my beloved new UO sandals. Thought I'd get a lot of disgusted looks but didn't.

My mom however didn't approve. Kept eying them warily. She said they reminded her of how I wore jeans when I was 12...and awkward. Eeeks!

Per usual, she hit the nail on the head. The look made me feel young and nerdy and of a bygone era. Plus the proportion doesn't work as well on me as say a shortie Bilson or statuesque Holmes-Cruise. Boo.

But thank god for these women at the Arclight tonight. Their pegging ensembles looked even more awkward than mine. I rarely relish other's fashion faux paus but today I did. I had to. I was navigating unchartered territory.

On a more positive note, I fell for these hot sandals at Revolve. Similar to my new UO lovers, no? And still under $100. I think I need. I know I want.

Today I also decided that if I could marry a top, I would marry this Forever 21 tank top. I wish I had it in olive green, navy, heather gray and black too.

It is just so perfect. Comfortable and flattering and chic. Reminds me of this Nicole pregnancy look I loved so much. My top works well with my little belly too ;)


Just got this insider fashion report from my favorite roving reporter, Little Miss MBA:

My Madewell pal was here from NY this weekend and we literally spent half the time looking for these jeans!!

Sold out EVERYWHERE...Nordie's (multiple locations), Co-op (multiple locations) and Barneys...and only available for pre-orders online...

AND my friend said both Madewell and J Crew are coming out with versions like this for release in Jan. Clearly a nerve has been hit!

p.s. The Current/Elliott girls are from L.A.! They really are THE brand for rolled jeans. So funny how L.A. has launched every denim trend, like, EVER...


lookrichbitch said...

Wow! You dared to peg the leg! Good job!

Still loving those UO sandals too.

Milly said...

you look to darn cute....hhhmmm..i might have to give a try myself..yikes :D

Couture Carrie said...

Wow this post is chock full of fabulousness! So much to comment on, I don't know where to begin!

First, in answer to your quilting query: J. Crew has a cute puffer jacket for $178

Loving the booties you have posted here, and your new profile photo!

Also - the cuffed baggy jeans ARE ubiquitous and they're beginning to grow on me (gasp!).


WendyB said...

I think you look adorable in the rolled jeans. You're going to get used to them, you'll see! I was going to post this great fringed bag (the seller has other colors too) but feel free if you want to:

WendyB said...

The fact that you went to Revolve hit me belatedly -- that's where I ordered my Acne Generic Girl jeans from -- half off!

weezermonkey said...

I don't think the rolled jeans look too bad. Would it be a faux pas to just do one huge fold? I am too lazy to actually roll.

Da Fashionista said...

I think one roll is always acceptable, weemo. It's kinda a prepster/east coast look so I don't do it much. But it is not to be confused with the very specific rolling that I am talking about.

carry on...

Sable Crow said...

Ha! I was reading along, relishing "the licious" and "cry and be transported" when I pooped myself! "If I could marry a top" you said! F. F. F. F...

In gay land, I hope to marry a top, too.




Marry a top!



Kate said...

Thanks for trying out the peg leg. Been mildly curious but also a bit suspicious. I think it would be proportion problem for me too. I think I will steer clear.

G said...

hi D! had to tell you...i have those sandals you saw at Revolve (the orange ones), you HAVE to get them! i get stopped every time i wear...worth every penny of the $90...

Anonymous said...

Hi D,

Check out my former co-worker Annie's site. She's an up and coming accessories designer and recently designed a baby gift basket for Gwen Stefani. I think some of her pieces are just what you're looking for!

Hope all is well with you. I've been toying with the idea of pegged jeans, too, which I gave up in high school! Sigh!


dapotato said...

love taste.

got spam about revolve, but it got me excited, too!

Juana said...

You need to go balls out and peg the pant legs, not just roll. Peg, baby, peg! Embrace the peg.

amber said...

alright, i'm going to be the lone dissenter here... the peg leg/rolled look is just not doin' anything for me. way too reminiscent of my elementary school days, which i'd prefer to forget. :/

Unknown said...

You look so super cute!
I don't know if I can handle the jeans or the chain necklaces on me. I have to do some major style thinking for the fall.


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