Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Scene
Promising day at work - more collaborative than it has felt in months. Thank the baby Jesus.

Left me in the perfect mood to continue kicking butt at the gym. Today was D-day: my first bootcamp class. I rush home, cursing the L.A. traffic because I fear that the drill sergeant will make me do push ups if I am late. Gulp. I can only do girl push-ups so I get there 10 minutes early.

The Sergeant is this mass of shoulders with a tiny waist wearing camouflage. Ugh. I start panicking. He spies me and asks me if I am here for the next class. I say yes and he extends his gargantuan paw with a big grin. I relax a bit, shake his hand and tell him I am terrified. He sweetly assures me the class is for "all levels."

Flash forward a few minutes and I am one of exactly three out of shape people in the class of about 25. Everyone else is rock hard. ROCK HARD. Come to find out half the room is full of TRAINERS who are taking the class to learn techniques. WTF.

Here's how the hour long class breaks down for me:

Number of times I think about walking out: 6
Number of times I worry I am going to throw up: 1
Number of times I worry I am going to faint: 2
Number of times the instructor high fives me: 2
Number of times the super fit guy next to me says he can't go on: 3
Number of times my pants almost fall down: 5

I feel wrecked but accomplished when it's done. Plan to stay the course for the next 7 weeks. My dedication to myself - on the fitness, fashion and writing fronts - is at an all time high. I feel very proud. Everyone reading and commenting is a big part of this surge of motivation so thank you, thank you, really and truly!

Now back to fashion ;)

The Outfit
Grey and white chiffon dress
with cut-out flowery detail
Black footless tights
Beige slim cut trench I bought in Austria

The Accents
Burgundy pashmina
Stella McCartney grey pumps
Tiffany heart earrings
Gucci black sunglasses
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Sparkly bangle inspired by Louis Vuitton Damier pattern
Grey stretch headband

The Grade

The Commentary
Dr. S said "You look FAB-ulous today" when I was standing at the printer. EL heard him and loved it too. YAY!

I felt fabulous today. Yes, this dress is a bit like the tunic I wore for L's birthday but if it works and you love it I always sanction getting a slightly different version. Especially when each one is under $40.

Adore burgundy with grey. And the bag works so well with the Stella avant garde shoes and the clean line of the coat. Ugh. Love love loved it.

Realized my hair looked like a WIG in yesterday's picture so decided to pull it back today. I learned this hairstyle from Gwyneth Paltrow circa my college years. Looks so dancer chic. Me gusta.

Styleminded's delicious friend T just got us all a TON of Cover Girl makeup because she works for America's Next Top Model (do you love OOC reality tv that rots your brain? I do!)

It was perfect timing cuz I needed some new easy, breezy shadows and eyeliners. For the last year, I have been trying to wear more makeup. I tend to feel clownish whenever I do more than blush, mascara and lip gloss (partly cuz I am kinda a rere at applying it.) But I am trying to get better with color combos not only in my outfits but in my makeup. I feel a true fashionista should look pulled together from head to toe. Maybe I should find a makeup bootcamp ;)

p.s. My babyfashionista Styleminded is get in shape girl too. She bought a stability ball today to sit on at work. I was skeptical at first but look at her. So adorable she could fart all day and I'd clap my hands like the lady in that Eddie Murphy movie who says "hercules! hercules!"

A co-worker is telling tales of a friend losing FIVE pounds in a month from sitting on the ball for 8 hours every day. ONLY THAT. I am not so sure. I bet you get toned but losing weight?? I will report back Styleminded's findings though...


weezermonkey said...

I don't think I'd lose any weight sitting on that ball. I would get a lot of bruises and bumps, though, from falling all the time from accidentally rolling around.

I heart Damier.

amber said...

2 huge thumbs up on the bootcamp!! just don't be scared when walking is difficult tomorrow or saturday ;) if ya stick with it, your body will get used to it and it'll start to feel weird if you miss a session, promise.

i love that headband look and would totally wear it if my hair wasn't so thin. that look just looks best if you have some sort of volume to your hair, you know? very cute on you!

Kate said...

Yay!!! I thought about you last night. I am so glad you did it. The next few days will be rough but you'll manage. I had BC this morning. I did push-ups to failure....that's doesn't feel good. Do you think I can get through my day without using my arms at all?

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit and the attitude, but my all time favorite is high fiving the instructor...twice. Way to go!

R said...

Boot Camp?! You're awesome! Congrats on making it through when the wussy "pro" next to you wanted to wimp out. ;)

Anonymous said...

While my favorite entries are any that reference me, this one is one of my favorites. Your recount of bootcamp is fantastic. You're a star, my Diabolina.

Da Fashionista said...

kisses to all for the love

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting here b/c it's about the only section I can relate to since my fashion sense is just about as keen as a blind man's. Boot camp breakdown was hilarious. I would totally do that with you. And don't fear, I have a baboon heart and am partly incontinent. I would make the class very interesting.


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