Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Scene
Big game day. Not only is it the first home game of the football season but it's against Ohio State. This is the Pac 10 v. Big Ten clash that football fans have been dying to see. So.freaking.excited!

Mr. D and I are fancypants donors so we snagged four extra tickets to this sold-out game at the Coliseum.

Invited this fabulous foursome: Mr. Architect, Silver Haired Fox, Mr. NBC and Sable Crow. My very favorite mos from college. Felt like I was inside a hilarious episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. All day.

For example, Sable Crow brought Sprinkles. To a tailgate! Adore!

And Mr. NBC arrived bearing mimosas! Seriously, gay men make everything better. No wonder I'm a hag.

(Unfortunately, Silver Haired Fox and Mr. Architect couldn't tailgate before the game. SHF is stumping for Obama in swing states. So he had to attend "Obama Camp" all day. How much do you adore it!!!!)

Before the game we met up with Chowmein for some drinks.

And cuddles with this gorgeous creature.

Then we joined my former co-worker Rocket Man and his MChu at their Trojan cuddlefest.

They are our usual game day partners in crime. They taught this old bird how to shotgun a beer. And they roast a pig in the center of campus every year. They are hard core.

We ran into Traveler on the way in to the stadium.

And Denzel too!!

The game was a yawn. Over before it started. For all their shit talking this week, Ohio had nothing. F.

During half time, the six of us hung out together, ate naughty things and drank smuggled booze.

Perfect start to the season. I smell another championship.

The Outfit
Victoria Secret College T-shirt
Madewell Jeans

The Accessories
Forever 21 sunglasses
Claire's headband
Cartier, Banks & Biddle and Fashion District bracelets
Louis Vuitton earrings
Tory Burch flats
Stella McCartney bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Despite blogger opinions to the contrary, I love this Victoria Secret "Collegiate" T-shirt. I am a sucker for hearts. And yellow. And the Trojan logo. Plus it was cut well, not too Ronald McDonald and cost just $25. It does say PINK on the back in white block letters but um, my hair covers it.

Wish I had been wearing this shirt when all the Buckeyes were doing cheers on the way into the stadium. Blech. Or maybe the other shirt we saw that said: "Is Ohio even a state?"

Decided to glam up the t-shirt and jeans with my golden flats. Chose these two gold bangles for some extra bling.

At the last minute added this Cartier red bracelet.

Got it in a gift bag at a Cartier event Little Miss MBA took me to years ago.
It was that event where Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie were looking REALLY REALLY thin in white and satin. My how times have changed: Lindsay's a lesbian, Nicole's a mother and Nicky is now the too thin one.

Struggled with how else to accessorize the outfit. How to fashion it up. Thought about adding this faux Burberry hat.

Or this hippie feather headband in cardinal. After all the USC victory sign is the same as the peace sign ;)

In the end, decided to embrace the casual. Not look like I was trying so hard. Settled on these Chloe-inspired sunglasses in red with a headband to tame the curls and my Louis Vuitton earrings. See the heart matching the heart!

There are so many ways to accessorize on game days. You can rock a Trojan mowhawk.

A Trojan sombrero.

The ever important travel flask.

Championship bling courtesy of Chowmein's husband who is a coach for USC.

Rolled up designer jeans newly purchased at Nordie's Rack.

A REDICULOUS monster truck

A Lexus cum mimosa bar.

A baby that happens to look like you and helps you bum food like a homeless person from other tailgaters.

Or cupcakes as a thank you for being invited to a tailgate.

My fave tho was a Stella bag with a more functional strap.

To keep your hands free for important tailgating business.

Trojan Girl


MissJordyPants said...

ohhh how I miss tailgates! You look super adorable dressed down m'dear.

weezermonkey said...

I feel self-conscious wearing my stuff with my college emblazoned on it. I should get over it.

tam pham said...

THAT is a cute college shirt (i love yellow AND hearts). I was just commenting on how OU's stuff was ugly. Don't crown USC yet :-)...perhaps an OU vs. USC BCS title game...perhaps our first meeting?!?! too excited!!!

amber said...

yay for tailgating! while you pretties were enjoying the sun, we were sitting at home licking our wounds after the complete ass-kicking BYU gave us. ugh. i can't even discuss.

you are the second person i know (and love) that refers to themselves as a "hag". and you both have big, fun, crazy personalities. i have a feeling you'd get along well :)

Jean Bean said...

YAY for yellow! See how you stand out? I don't know why everyone doesn't do it.

Sable Crow said...

Um, I love that my nom-de-blog initials are SC. Fight the F on.

Love the post. For those of you who didn't see her, she also had the coolest flats ("These are SO old") and I snagged the picture of the bag. Expertise without effort or artifice. Much like our football team.

Best Diabolina quote for that day: *said grudgingly with a one-shoulder shrug* "You've gotta hand it to these Ohio people; at least they love their football."

Pity we broke their hearts, and their team. It's hard to be a top.

Fight on,

Anonymous said...

Sprinkles and mimosas for a tailgate? Ugh, I need your friends!

Kate said...

Yay Trojans!!! We spent the whole day running around town all wearing our shirts. We were like celebrities. People kept coming up to talk, people gave us dirty looks, we got heckled by cars driving by. Most were really cool but with others you could see the hatred in their eyes. But if it hurt our feelings (which it didn't) we could always go home and cry ourselves to sleep on our six consecutive Pac 10 championships. It is so awesome being this awesome. Fight on!

WendyB said...

Looks like you had a stellar time.

Lynn Tran said...

Love this post :), sad that we didn't connect on Saturday :(. We would have gladly shared our carne asada and pollo; ugh, so much wasted food. One of the perils of tailgating.

I even accessorized for you - wore a pretty red, flower bracelet.

amy said...

remember when we were smuggling ben and jerry's in??

the shirt would have only been better had it said "my maid went to ohio state."

i think sable crow created the new sc slogan: fight the f on.

Nololos said...

Loving it! Very cute in your yellow VS tee.
One thing tho...where did you get those cutie silly, not the sunglasses...the "seeing" ones???
Must have.
Thanks girl,
Ur friend in Hawaii ;)

Victoria said...

i have a question... where do you put your nice bags when you are somewhere like a stadium? on your lap? it seems so dangerous that's always my concern about going to concerts, sporting events, etc.

Da Fashionista said...

yay to your first comment, nololos! the seeing glasses are prada. picked them up at the tres chic lens crafters ;)

HAHAHHAA, Victoria! I totally get bag at arenas anxiety too. yes, I clutch my bags on my life as if they were my children that i bore from my womb. ugh. i just got really nervous at the thought of your WHITE CHANEL at one of these events.

mindy said...

Loves how you protect the Stella while shot-gunning! Can't wait for the next game.


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