Monday, September 8, 2008

Diabolina Digs

Being an In Style Magazine editor.

Now I'm not really an In Style Magazine editor. The closest I've gotten was living with Jean Bean senior year of college. That's when she was an intern at In Style. Meanwhile, I was busy nerding it out with Mr. Diabolina and Sable Crow. Too busy to ponder a career. F.

But when I got the September issue of InStyle I realized that, well, I could have been a contender...

After all, I was covering Gossip Girl fashion back in June. And I hadn't even watched one episode yet.

And I've been chronicling Charlize's fashion moves just as long. Even waxed poetic on her recent fall trend interpretations - mark my words she'll be plastered all over next month's issue in that Prada lace dress. And I will be yawning.

I also did a nice reverie on Narcisco Rodriguez back in early March

Discussed wunderkids Proenza Schouler back in May.

Revealed my girl crush on Margherita Missoni.

Have been digging gladiators since May. Especially when paired with white and on my favorite white girl, Gwynnie.

Leather leggings have been on my mind since February. Finally debuted them last month.

Art prints on the other hand I've been rocking since Spring. Glad to see I can wear this Chloe inspired dress well into Fall. Maybe with some tights and a blazer.

Plaid is a more recent obsession.

Learned it from the Olsens, I'll admit. But I've been on the 90210 bandwagon since they were in diapers (read her quote at the bottom of the page!)

Have been jumping on the floral trend since June.

I wore a similar rose garden of a dress for the Tarina Tarantino Plastic Pink Party.

And a ruffle top and black skirt combo for Chowmein's birthday last month.

Am a big fan of all things ruffled so glad they are in vogue this fall and seemingly into Spring 09.

Have been loving this shot of Eva Mendes since June. And teaching you how to pose skinny since April with the help of Mr. Architect. Shared some of his recent tips last month.

Have been trying to share my belting escapades for months now.

Also been encouraging you to have a Madonna moment like I did for my birthday ;)

Taught you how to tie that indie jaunty scarf look months ago.

And how to rock the right bra too.

And though I haven't done a full denim guide, I talk about jeans alot: skinny ones and straight legged ones by Madewell and weekend ones by Blue Cult and Citizens of Humanity.

Phew! It's positively exhausting just looking back at all the terrific content I've created. In my spare time. For no money :)

But on a serious note, I am really starting to think blogs are the fashion magzines of the future. The immediacy of the internet has fundamentally changed how a new generation of women consumes fashion.

I, for one, didn't learn much of anything new from this recent issue of In Style. But I remember a time when I used to live for my magazines arriving in the mail. Now I just surf the Web (including In Style's excellent Web counterpart) and report my own takes on the trends with the click of a button.

So while I think print is far from dead, I think the Web is going to be critical for its survival. Now how exactly is it that I get in on that action?


WendyB said...

If you WERE an In Style editor I'd demand that you profile me! Darn it.

The Modern Type said...

Diggin' the new blog layout! Is it too late to be an editor of some sort? Because, I mean, I'd buy your magazine!

Emily said...

Great post. I felt the same way when flipping through some magazines in July...a feeling of "ok, I see this on fashion blogs and celebrity gossip sites every day, this isn't new." Vogue and W still did it for me, but the more general women's magazines were ho hum. The print cycle just can't keep up with fashion changes - look at the pegged jean thing (I refuse to call it a trend yet, I think it's ugly). That's been all over the internet lately but almost certainly won't have made it into magazines yet. As far as how you get in on it...just keep posting, you're already on your way :)

Fabulosity said...

Awesome post! You are right on all accounts..I still think you should be doing something related to Fashion.

weezermonkey said...

Clearly, InStyle is copying My Super Sweet Fashion Diary.

Da Fashionista said...

the modern type,
kiss you. i hope to one day hold you to that!

I am thinking about it. Trust me. I just think "getting into fashion" can be alot like getting into acting. Fraught with bitchy competition and low pay checks. Shudder. Not really willing to take a pay cut or start all over again so I have to figure out how I can do it on my terms. Don't want to feel like I've wasted nearly a decade.

ha. I definitely DON'T think they are stealing from me. They are just reporting what is out in the ether. I find myself bloggin certain trends and then seeing an almost verbatim post from other bloggers. I think my point is about being tuned in. And clearly having a good editorial eye for forecasting.

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

you are on the money about the fashion thing - (At least from my experience)! hence the going to law school thing...haha. but i totally agree. that in style was old news, I mean its nearly impossible for editors to be of-the-moment when they put together issues 3 months in advance..

Sable Crow said...

I love you. Your blog is a delicious distraction from financial meltdown. F.


amber said...

yeah, i don't know how you get in on that either, but YOU SO NEED TO!


Anonymous said...

Hi D,

Can't JB give you any insight on how to get a career as a fashion editor? I'm thinking she may know people! :)

Been meaning to ask if you've seen the new Marc for Target line of bags. What do you think?

Hope you and your beautiful mamma are well!


Jadelily said...

So are so ahead of the game. I think you definitely need to work in fashion, or do some styling on the side. ;)

Richel said...

you have a great eye for fashion!

Grace said...

I've been a lurker for a while and as crazy as it sounds... when I go shopping I wonder "is this something Diabolina would buy?" You're truly a fashionista!


Thank you, for the (early!) Birthday wishes, lovely!! <3

Tiffany said...

And that is exactly why I read your blog while my latest issue of InStyle is still sitting on our coffee table, untouched. You are much more entertaining.

amy said...

this post reminds of a diabolina flashback... freshman year of college when a nerdy r.a. thought it would be clever to have us all draw corny pictures of ourselves on our doors. i remember walking by a door and seeing a cut-out of cindy crawford on it. diabolina in the making.


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