Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Scene
Hump day.

Get through the work day with the promise of fun times tonight. It's Mr. Honorary Hot Chick's birthday and Styleminded has put together a little dinner and drinks night out. It always turns into a rager with these two so I'm a bit nervous.

But once I see the two of them I realize it's inevitable that we are going to have a great time (read: party hard.) Realize just how much I miss them. Sigh.

We all chip in to get Mr. HHC a present - Patron and Bagel Bites, both his personal Achilles heel. LOVE HIM.

Mr. Diabolina and Mr. HHC are a TERROR when they are together. BFFs. It's adorable until they start ganging up against us. Here they are making fun of how chicks tilt their heads for pics. F.

But maybe a little true ;)

To make the night complete two more hotties stop by - Stylista and Mr. Prettier than Me.

Seriously, how adorably hot are they??? TOO MUCH CUTENESS on a Wednesday night.

After dinner and copious drinks, we head out to a sports bar for reindeer games and copious shots. Ruh oh.

The night gets SILLY real fast. At some point, I danced on a banquette with a stranger. Totally Paris Hilton style.

I ADORE when Mr. HHC has a few. Normally, he can be very shy and reserved even after all we've been through together - The Office, costume shopping, karaoke, a mud run. But get him comfortable and he's a ham. LOVES IT!

Wonderful night with some of my favorite people on earth.

But gonna pay for it tomorrow...

The Outfit
Armani Exchange halter dress
Forever 21 jacket

The Accessories
Chanel pink earrings
Marc Jacobs bag
Narcisco Rodriguez red heels
Silver "Damier" bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
This outfit has officially become a go to when I want to feel fabulous. Love how seamlessly it works together and is work appropriate sexiness.

Take a look at what a difference a tan and pulled back hair make versus how I rocked it two months ago.

Today I added the little Chanel earrings and the bangle for added sass. Also did quite a bit of silver around my eyes. Maybe a bit TOO MUCH. Opps!

Ugh. Maybe I did it to attract attention away from my lower half. My legs are far from recovered. So despite thinking this would have been cute for the evening festivities (sans jacket), I opted to cover up the gams and go with the maxi dress.

Again, just switched up some of the accessories from the last time I wore this dress to make the look a bit different. The biggest difference was probably the pulled back hair.

But also added the Alice Roi clutch, plastic Forever 21 button earrings and the lilac leaf bangle from Forever.

Loving this look for warm nights out. Makes me feel very Euro. Margarita Missoni style.

Ugh I'd kill for that girl's exquisite wardrobe and perma tan.

Another yummy baby I worship is my Styleminded. Tonight she was wearing her Balenciaga and gold wedges with a Forever 21 number from the designer line. The effect was high-low delish per usual.

LOVE LOVE LOVE how Mr. Diabolina pointed out that our bangles were similar tonight and snapped this pic.

Great stylish minds....


WendyB said...

Love your maxi dress.

weezermonkey said...

I love it ALL.

amber said...

that dress just screams summer. <3

okay, i really don't think your legs are taht bad m'dear. i was expecting horrible scars or something, but i think they look fine. no more pants covering them up!

tam pham said...

i WANT that maxi dress so bad! i've always had a girl crush on Margherita Missoni...such a cute girl.


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