Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Scene
Mommy Day. Sensing the work doldrums still have me a bit down, she proclaims my official birthday shopping can commence even though 31 is still two weeks away!

Ugh, she's the best. The prettiest (enabler) in pink.

My mom and I don't do guessing and wrapped surprises for birthdays or Christmas. We'll take each other shopping and then squirrel away the presents until the actual day we celebrate.

I imagine she puts on the clothes/shoes/bags and dances around her house in the meantime. That's what I do with her presents. It's delicious torture.

So with my mom's permission, I allow myself a bit of birthday spree to ease into Diabolina-ukkah!

Hit Forever 21 first - duh. Have been stalking this coat online for about a week.

Kinda love all the details especially the delicious lining. But the shape is a bit too voluminous. Trying to learn and reign in all the "too big for me" purchases.

And OOOF!!! It costs $60. No, thanks. Besides I think I like it in blue better. Gonna see if it sticks in my head.

End up only getting a belt from Forever 21: $7. Then a YUMMY Marni-like clutch from French Connection $30.

Finally got the new fringe sandals I've been mooning over: $23. And a feather headband from Urban Outfitters: $16. Both quite hippie dippy.

Then we hit Crossroads. My fancy mom can't deal with that kinda grungy resale place so she takes a seat by the door. I dive in. After a mere 15 minutes, I emerge victorious. Find two Marc Jacobs skirts. One $25 and the other half off at $12!!! Have always loved both prints and they are my size! Clearly meant to be.

Then I hesitated over two "high ticket" items. A pair of pristine Marc Jacobs heels for $40 and the J Brand skinnies I've been wanting all year for $37. Both fit like a glove. But do I neeeeeeeed them I ask myself? Ugh when did I get soooo practical?

My mom says if I won't buy them she will. Then goes ahead and snatches both up. Two early birthday presents. More than 80 percent off retail. WHAT A STEAL OF A DEAL!

Get home and Mr. Diabolina cooks up some tasty shark tacos. Ugh. My life is gilded.!

The Outfit

One shouldered tiered floral dress

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Gucci hobo
Silber rosette sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

How amazing is this dress? Three trends - ruffles, floral, asymmetrical- in one. But somehow it doesn't feel fashion-victim trendy.

Feels timeless. I can imagine wearing it for years. To bridal showers and Easter brunches and to fancy dinners on tropical vacations. Or for tea and crumpets with Gwynnie :)

Can dress it up with silver heels and my sparkly clutch. Can toughen it up for fall nights with dark tights and a blazer.

All those possibilities for just $50.

Plus it vaguely resembles the Chloe color block tank dress I've loved all spring. Well, until Heidi ruined it for me. And she's wearing my strappy sandals in beige. F!

If any of you have a couple thousand to burn on a dress hit Net-a- Porter now it's down from $4Kish to $2Kish. Bananas.

Today's dress also reminds me of the tiered white ruffly BCBG dress I wore to several holiday parties last December. ADORE!!!

Like that dress, today's dress is not the most flattering on a girl with curves. The tiers invariably add a bit of bulk. But I don't care. They make me feel fluttery and carefree and pretty princess.

Also tried on this ruffly flowery tank at Forever today. Pretty no? I just wasn't dying for it so passed. But it does look quite pricey. And the ruffly blouse is still "in" for Fall...

Here's a round up of more designer ruffle madness.

Ruffly blouses. Strictly for the less endowed.

And tiered skirts. Strictly for the less hippy.

My recent favorite is this one-shouldered Lanvin. Exquisite elegance.

And this stunning Marc Jacobs ad is an all time fave. It haunts my dreams. What an image, no? To pass out, impeccably dressed from head to toe in your best friend's designs. On a meticulous white bed. Oh and you are the first female director ever nominated for an Oscar. For one of the all time great Bill Murray movies that you just happened to have filmed in Japan. Ugh. Now THAT'S a gilded life!

Check out some more ruffling action on Tam's Thoughts.


dapotato said...

i need to try crossroads again. i always score good denim but rarely look at everything else as it makes my head spin.

you look so summery in that number!

Jadelily said...

Yay, I can comment now that I have "met" you! LOVE that dress and you look adorable in it! ~Sharon

lookrichbitch said...

Ugh! You and Miss Tam have gotten me obsessed with ruffles! I used to shy away from them thinking of the added bulk but darn it if you don't always look amazing in them! Must try, must try..

I didn't know you could eat shark! I mean, as a Chinese gal, we have shark fin soup (yum! and probably totally cruel! but yum nonetheless!) But I had know idea you could eat the rest of the shark!

Do tell!

Couture Carrie said...

Love all those yummy ruffle pics!!
Lanvin rocks, of course.
And great find on the French Connection clutch!
I like how you and your mom shop - fun!

MissJordyPants said...

I almost bought the same BCBG dress for pre-wedding festivities! LOVED.IT. But decided it was too itchy at the top and found a dress that I was head over heels for. It looks fantastic on you!

Cee said...

I have yet to hit Crossroads. I gotta go soon before you score all the fab stuff.

What a great way to start your bday month. Yay for shopping. That's what I do for my mom's bday. I take her on a spending spree.

Ditto on the ruffles. I picked up a nice ruffled bloussant from F21 the other day. It's just ruffled on the shoulders as not to overwhelm me. Also, it's in the floral print. 2 points!

weezermonkey said...

I eat too many Ruffles to be able to wear ruffles.

Sable Crow said...

Ugh! You're so my idol. Such easy writing and such great discipline. I eat you up.

Victoria said...

that one shoulder dress is my favorite thing on you ever!

LBIC said...

Great dress! It looks so cute on you. And the MJ heels are adorable.

amber said...

* why all these work blahs? :( i want to finish getting settled in the new casa and then can we go on a "new friend" date?

* love your dress. so cute, so you.

* such a score at crossroads! all of it. can't wait to see what you pair with everything in upcoming posts.

* do you recognize that yellow tiered maxi dress with the black ribbon around the waist -- serena wore it in the season finale of GG. does that make me sick for knowing that?!

WendyB said...

Love the three-trend dress!

tam pham said...

the dress is DIVINE on you!! does it ever freak you out how we're ALWAYS on the same wavelength?!?!?

thanks for the shout-out and the words of kindess for my cuz and me! you're such an amazing blogger bridesmaid :-)! love you!

Style Maven said...

aahh you got the fringe sandals! ever since posting about them, i really want them but have been holding back. they are haunting me though - first a girl in the elevator and now you! they are fab. LOVE the french connection marni-esq clutch! It's so MARNI!


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