Thursday, June 19, 2008

Special Feature: Diabolina Digs...

1. Black blazers with dresses for evening.
Have been dying to give it a whirl for months. Looks so London chic on besties Gwyneth and Stella. I want in.

Feels so balanced to me - strong and soft, femmy and masculine. Have just the right Armani blazer that I bought resale a few months ago...

Alas it's too hot in L.A. right now. Boo.

2. Charlize Theron lately.

Now I know what you are thinking. It's not hard to look great when you have one of the best bodies in Hollywood and that face but am loving all of her over the top get ups of late. So Euro, so daringly chic.

Love that Charlize looks like a woman not a girl anymore. Makes me excited to enter my 30s and look like I've lived a little . Own the years and the experience and the lessons - fashion wise and otherwise.

And are you looking at the shoes??? Dear lord, all the shoes are HOTNESS! Different and bordering on gaudy but me loves.

Her stylist for this press junket gets an A+ from moi.

3. Blake Lively/Serena van der Woodsen.
I first fell of her all American prom queen looks in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Am now trying to get into Gossip Girls in reruns this summer. Not very into TV lately tho. Not sure what that's about.

But I am very much into all the Gossip Girls/Blake Lively styling. Loving all the summer looks I've been seeing on her - on set and off. Very breezy Hamptons richie rich.

Adore this bananas for buckles bag so much. I think I need it. Thinking it's Fendi. Thinking it's too expensive.

Love that it's so cool it distracts from the dog pee on her dress. Ruh oh! ;)


tam pham said...

i love the blazer/dress combo as well. Waiting until fall to rock it since it's hotter than hell in Dallas right now.

Jean Bean said...

Si si si. I just got a Yigal Azrouel black blazer at resale but it is 90 degrees here in Milano. I will definitely get to wear it in Paris though.

amber said...

<3 blake lively <3

GG is such a trashy show, but it's just so fun!

Reena Rai said...

I pretty much love everything u mentioned! My black blazer is no longer confined to work situations, it pretty much goes with everything I decide to chuck on. And Charlize's dress sense is awesome


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