Friday, July 18, 2008

The Scene

I am seriously working for the weekends now. Sigh. When did my life become a bad 80s song?

So happy we get to do another fashiony party tonight. Need to keep the momentum going after yesterday's Barbie/Tarina Tarantino/Hello Kitty fabulousness.

Tonight the yummy Daisy Duke's invited us to a launch party for S.N.O.B. Style TV. S.N.O.B. stands for Shopping's Naturally Our Business. Clever!!

A dear friend of Daisy Duke's is the star stylist behind S.N.O.B. Style. DD talked to me about her quite a bit when we were getting to know each other poolside in Mexico. Was very excited to meet her in the flesh tonight.

Thinking she would have fit right in with the glitterati last night in her blingy Barbie dress, right? Wish we had a chance to chat more but she was playing hostess with the mostess. Am sure our fashionable paths will cross again though.

Had a fab double date - sipping champagne, spying fashion and meeting DD's inner circle.

Found out one of her nearest and dearest is actually an avid reader of this blog. EEEKS! One of the first things her friend said to me was "What grade are you giving tonight's outfit?" AHHAHA! This strangers-knowing-you thing is hilarious!

Don't know why but we decided to dance our way out of the club.

I heart white boys. They've got moves I've never SEEN before ;)

Can you stand how smokin' DD looked? Almost keeled over when I saw her. Hadn't had the pleasure of seeing her all glammed out ever. Her gorg LBD is H&M. Her belt, a resale score perfect for sassing up a look and cinching it in too. The decollatage and mile long gams? Courtesy of her mid twenties, thank you very much.

As we were getting into our car, I'm pretty sure I saw Mischa Barton with Cisco Adler. Very big deal in our world. You see for years I've thought she looks alot like someone we all know and love. Someone with deep set blue eyes, a pointy nose and pretty bone structure.

Yep, that would be Mr. Diabolina. HAHAHHAH!
Just another fun fun night in Hollyweird.

The Outfit
Fashion District tiered dress with chain straps

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 leaf bracelet
Chanel bag
Prada shoes
Urban Outfitters peacock feathers

The Grade

The Commentary
Couldn't stop thinking about all the brilliant plummage last night on the posing peacocks. So built the outfit around my own feathers tonight.

Definitely more subtle on me but still beautiful. It was actually the first thing Danny B. noticed about my outfit. Big deal when he notices. He's typically too busy thinking about how to kill sharks to notice hair accessories. Clearly I done good.

Had to give into the curls tonight. HAD TO. They were refusing to behave. Finally decided to work with them and not against them. The result was very Shirley Temple. Blech. So I swept it all to one side, clipped in the pin and stopped fussing. Curly hair is maddening. MADDENING I TELL YA.

Chose this dress to play off the blues in the peacock feathers. Love the shape of it - the subtle tiers and high neckline and chain-detail of the straps. Very sweetly addicting ;)

Bought it because the print reminded me of last season's Chloe prints. Cost just $50. Much better than spending a couple thousand on the "real" thing.

Should have really done a clutch tonight. The Chanel purse kept getting in the way since it's a bit bulky at a club. Much more of a day time bag. Jennifer Garner can't seem to get enough of it lately.

But I wore it tonight because was digging how it worked with the Prada shoes and the detailing of the dress' straps. Plus I still need a black clutch.

Oh and at work today (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!) I wore this ADORABLE Ben Sherman jacket. Got it at Loehman's a million years ago.

The colorful piping just kills me.

And the button detailing is very Marc Jabcobs.

Love pieces that are all about buttons here, there and everywhere.

Paired the jacket with my MJ pointy flats and the Forever 21 bubble tunic to match. Kinda odd portions but super comfortable.

Then added my new Rich and Skinny jeans. Got them as another early b-day present during the recent sale at Bloomingdale's. They were just $45!!!

They fit me like a glove.

But I must admit - I got them because I just love that name.

p.s. Mr. Diabolina thought this striped skirt looked hot. Ugh. Clearly I have taught him nothing.

Black and white - yes. Black and white stripes on tops - yes. Black and white stripes tight across one's bottom - FFFFFF!

Here are Some Wireimage shots from tonight's S.N.O.B. party - and the VIP gift bag worth $2K!!!


weezermonkey said...

Not to mention those stripes were horizontal. Ugh.

Have always loved the comparison to Mischa Barton. Continue to do so. :)

dapotato said...

i want your ben sherman jacket.

rolling at the uncanniness.

tam pham said...

tiered dress= awesomeness

kudos to keeping the R&S jeans. they look fabu on you.

amber said...

good fashion day for you. loving the dress and the work look. :)

lookrichbitch said...

LOL. Clearly, Mr. D needs a refresher course in stripes. Yikes!

Love that you're workin' it at work!


WendyB said...

What do you mean, BAD '80s song?! That song is a work of art!

Couture Carrie said...

OMG are you the sweetest?? That comment you left just made my whole week :)
Really loving that blue patterned dress, and am wondering if I can please use the pic in an upcoming post on blue prints?


Da Fashionista said...

being featured on my fave fashion haunt??? um, yes please ;)

kiss, CC!

Jadelily said...

Looks so fun! I want to go to those parties with you!

Trisha said...

Love Ben Sherman!!! Your party outfit was TDF. The girl in the skirt looks like the Hamburgler crossed with a hooker. No bueno.

Christina said...

Thanks for the comments...I love the dress and the peacock feathers look great.


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