Monday, September 8, 2008

The Scene
Monday's not so bad when your bestie is back from Peru and whisks you away to a lovely patio lunch.

And in addition to tales of far off Inca lands, he comes bearing prezzies!!! A lovely BABY Alpaca scarf. In my signature purple, no less!!! He is too good to me.

The best Monday in a looong time is topped off with a glorious new episode of Gossip Girl. Mr. Diabolina is away on business so I sprawl out all over the living room and lap up the witty banter (WeeMo's transcripts are the best!) and the fashions! Recognize this two tone Marc dress with a bow? Have been loving it for ages!

And anyone notice Blair's pearl headband during the party? Just bought one at Forever last week! JINX. Donned it, tiara-style, to finish watching the episode. What.a.nerd!

In SATC parlance, I am a Carrie. Tonight I decide I am a Blair.

And a Leighton. Which means girly and classic and clean.

Love color blocking.

And bold colors.

But also adore beiges. Especially Phillip Lim beiges. With pockets!

And making even casual shorts look glam ;)

However, don't do edgy very naturally. This outfit is a total disaster area! I have a very similar leather skirt that I'm dying to wear this fall. Haven't worn it in over five years precisely because of the whole tummy situation seen here on Leighton. And F to her stylist for letting her walk out with so many trends (leather, sheer, blazer, gladiators) piled on at once.

Speaking of edgy misses, anyone seen Taylor Momsen IRL lately?

In addition to getting far TOO skinny, she is now trying to get part of the fashion pie. Trying to be edgy from the clothes to the hair to the makeup. But I'm not buying it, Little J.

The Outfit
Fashion District top
Forever 21 jacket
Kaytone Adeli pants

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace and bracelet
Coach shoes
Marc Jacobs bag

The Grade
B (for blah!)

The Commentary
Built the outfit around the necklace. Bought it right after grad school circa 2001. The top too. Love that they look like they were born to go together.

Was inspired by this DVF look I came across yesterday for my orange and pink post. So sherbert chic.

Paired it with demure beiges to make it boring for work. Sigh. And added this serpentine bracelet to make it fun for me. Sable Crow loved it too.

One last Gossip Girl image to leave you with. What do you think? I think I love the IDEA of it (statment necklace, flattering fit, fluttery jumpsuit) but not the reality. Sorry Blake. I am a Leighton.


MissJordyPants said...

Love the sherbets... fantastic!

Sooo sooo sooo sad to have missed Gossip Girl this week. Damn you Time Warner for accidently not coming to my house to connect my cable! Have been avoiding recaps like the plauge. Must go find it online somwhere...

Emily said...

Holy crap, Little J is far too little! Girl needs some help from the looks of things: someone to get her fed and someone to explain that she's a cute 14 year old, and there is plenty of time in life to dress like a strung out hooker when she's older.

I like Blake's jumpsuit look. Would never in a million years wear it, but like it. I like to pretend I could be a Blake - all thrown-together and easy and yet still chic - but I must recognize that really I'm a casual version of a Leighton - polos and cute dresses. I even have loafers, which are definitely NOT boho chic.

amber said...

still 2 weeks behind on GG. :(

taylor momsen needs help and needs it quickly. she was so cute last season and now she just looks rough. ugh.

tam pham said...

i'm utterly obsessed with Blair AND Leighton. how very thoughtful of SC to get you such a lovely souvenir. can't wait to see you rock it!

WendyB said...

Cute little jacket you got there.

lookrichbitch said...

I need more headbands!!!!

weezermonkey said...

Li'l J must be sent away!


Love your Blair style!! (:

Ly said...

enjoy the alpalca. i brought back a whole boat load of alpalca goodies from my recent trip to Peru in June. its so warm and soft:)

Jadelily said...

Adorable jacket. Is this the one with the cute apples/pears print on the lining?

Tiffany said...

I'm behind on everything, including reading blogs and Gossip Girl! I love your new blog look!

Just the other day, J asked me who I was a Blair or Serena and I didn't even hesitate, I'm a total Blair. But I love Leighton's style much better.

Sable Crow said...

I love how the wrap I gave you coordinates with your new web design. Damn, I'm good.

Wearing my steel gray Emp Armani coat today. Was inspired by last night's festivities...

Still pondering the mystery of the leather jacket. I would be greatly helped if you get one, too.

Things are more fun in pairs.


Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic pics, Diabs!!
I love the idea of an accessory inspiring an outfit - your necklace is tres gorgeous.

In terms of GG style, I am a Serena I think. But I love little Jenny too - what the hell happened to her? She went from being a teen knockout to looking like a coked out has-been. And will someone please encourage her to eat a sandwich???

Your idea of Tippi Hedren in The Birds as a Halloween costume is so perfect - love it!!


Milly said...

i love your necklace....i'm digging leighton's style lately


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