Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Feature: Dear Diabolina

For the last month, LilCee and I have been falling in (fashion) love slowly but surely via email. We've discussed Marimekko at H&M and Target's Go International line and even running in mud. She seems like a girl after my own heart plus she sends me sale notices :)
This could get serious.

The Nine West flats from yesterday reminded me of an email she sent last week:

I need your fashion advice. I've been dreaming about the Nine West gladiators since it's available to purchase again. Should I get them since it's so late into the game? Do you think they'll last throughout the summer at least? I'm just worried that they'll be out of style in a month or so. conflicted.

The Dear Diabolina answer:

Eeeks! To gladiator or not to gladiator - that IS the question this season. Jean Bean, Styleminded and I have been AGONIZING over the right pair for months.

I think I am just going to let the trend pass since I am incapable of making my mind up.

However, I think those Nine West ones are good good good. They transcend the trend because they are not flats, me thinks. I am seeing ALL kinds of strappy shoes into the fall season so I think you'd be safe.

Just ask yourself whether you really really want them. That's my big thing lately. If I can live without it, I am trying to pass. No matter how cute they look on hot chicks.

BTW go to Fashion Toast's site. She is super into gladiator type shoes and does really interesting pairings. Also she gets alot of them at Nine West and Aldo. Who knew!



And then, yesterday, I emailed her this Who What Wear Daily story featuring her shoes!!!! I swear those girls are tapping my emails. Homeland Security style.

Nine West is really stepping it up lately - pun intended. It's like the Forever 21 of shoes. So is Steve Madden actually. Lots of looks inspired by high fashion for bargain basement prices.

Here are some more of the gladiator/peep toe sandals I've been mooning over.

However, think my Forever 21 bubble black flats and Stuart Weitzman gold flats will do for this season. Maybe I will get a heel in the fall. Maybe maybe maybe.


Cee said...

EEEE, i feel so loved to be posted on your blog.

I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need them but I think I'm going to cave and purchase them. I missed the window to save 30% off. ugh! Indecisions make me lose money. boo!

WendyB said...

I love any kind of gladiators. I say go for them!

Jean Bean said...

I haven't found the right pair yet, but no way can I afford to let this trend pass. A trendy flat is a New Yorker's bestest friend in the whole wide world.

R said...

I love peep toed but so not a fan of the gladiator. But then again, what does this non-fashionista know? I am admittedly not in the know. But I heart Lilcee so we're good. :)

weezermonkey said...

I am giddy that my friends are becoming friends. :)


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