Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Scene
No Mami today. She did not feel up to playing. Too hot, too emotionally drained. Boo. Wanted nothing more than to hang out after we'd both had such a tough week.

Instead enjoy a meandering outdoor brunch with Mr. Diabolina. Then I was in the mood for a fashion fix...and some air conditioning. Hit the mall by myself and got this little $22 dress at Forever 21. Very Chanel sailor. Fits like a dream. Looks quite expensive on.

Reminds me of the ensemble I recently saw on that goregeous Ziyi Zhang. Except...well... my new dress isn't exquisite perfection. Sigh.

And then I did the unthinkable. Brace yourself.

I not only stepped into Express and bought something, I did the same at - wait for it - ANN TAYLOR. I know, I know: who am I? Two stores that aren't me at all.

And actually the articles of clothing I bought - a floral skirt and a pair of shorts - aren't me either. Remember I swore off shorts last summer when I turned 30? And as you may recall I have a bit of an aversion to overtly floral prints. Too Laura Ashley.

So let me explain. First the shorts. Soon after I started blogging, I spied Miss Jordypants getting a pair of graphic, retro shorts that made me swoon. I couldn't stop thinking how cute they'd be for summer. So preppy prep. Great with a flat sandal and Chanel accessories.

And then more recently TamPham has been wearing me down by pairing shorts with Phillip Lim. So chic, so yum, so 'why not me?'

Both girls unwittingly made me see that my "no shorts wearing" clause may be a bit silly since a) my legs haven't completely fallen apart (yet) and b) I live in Southern Cali.

Plus this pair was a good length, had a flattering flat front and was on sale for $30. Sold!

But lest you think I've gone completely batty, rest assured, I refused to take an Ann Taylor shopping bag. Just shoved their shorts in the Forever 21 bag. Did it for the planet and my reputation ;)

Now about that skirt. Must confess I've been thinking about florals non-stop lately. Have been getting over my perception of them as strictly Little House on the Prairie. Think the desensitization is a result of them being all over the magazines for months now.

And there's no sign of it letting up. Looks like they are still in for Fall 2008. Michael Kors. Thakoon. Giambattista Valli. They all showed "winter florals."

Adore the idea of hanging onto the blossomy spring prints into a time that is typically not about renewal. Like extending a trend's shelf life. Digging the idea of reinventing pretty flowery prints with darker, colder weather pieces. Very Miss Havisham.

This crazy stunner on Charlize from Valli's fall collection makes me want to wear a rose garden. Every day. Makes me want to BE a Rose Parade float! Love how over the top it looks. Very Japanese somehow.

Additionally, Jean Bean and I discussed seeing pretty Prada-like florals at Express months and months ago. Loved her Express skirt when I visited NYC. So when I saw the big bins marking the annual Express sale, I strolled in. Why not?

The skirt I ended up buying fit like a glove. Extremely flattering for a pleated, light colored skirt. Felt really 50s housewife - but modern. And again it was just $30.

Not sure exactly how I'll rock it but I intend to try - soon and in the fall. Which makes the cost per use at the very least $15. Yay!

After an arduous afternoon of out-of-character shopping, Mr. Diabolina took me to sushi and then we took a walk in the twilight (romance!) and rented some DVDs.

Great day - ALMOST successful at staving off the Monday Monsters.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 headband
Forever 21 bangle
Louis Vuitton earrings
Marc Jacobs Irina tote
Urban Outfitters sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Too hot to over think today's outfit. Plus I typically dress for my mom on Sundays. No point in dressing up for Mr. Diabolina ;)

That being said, he made a big to-do about the dress when he first saw it. His eyes got wide and started nodding his head and said, "OOOOOOOOO! Very 70s."

I just rolled my eyes. Know he could care less about the flower power print. Know he doesn't even know who Trina Turk is. And that it looks vaguely like one of her $200+ print dresses. Or that my version cost just $20.

He just liked all the cleavage :)

p.s. I tried on this little yellow shift at Forever 21 today. Very sweet. But nothing too special so decided to pass. Am loving yellow for summer. Can't get enough of it lately. And look how great it looks with the tomato colored flats. Delish.

Loving this Phillip Lim dress that Emmy Rossum wore to his store opening on Thursday. Jean Bean can't stand that Emmy Rossum shows up at all these fashion events. WHAT HAS SHE DONE EXACTLY???? Ugh. We think she is the new Bai Ling.


tam pham said...

yay! so glad you changed your mind about shorts. you realize you were being silly, right??? i can say that to you since i love you. you are such a hot mami to think that shorts aren't for you!

ps. HATE the black belt that Emmy added to the Lim dress. Totally takes away from the beauty of that dress!

lookrichbitch said...

"new Bai Ling"? hahaha! At least Emmy is cute. Bai Ling is a disaster!

I've been obsessing about florals too. But I haven't found the perfect piece yet. I want tight light flowers all over!

I want some shorts too but I seriously can NOT go in to Express. I swear that store smells funny. It must be because my nose is up too high. Read: SNOB. *laughs*

MissJordyPants said...

YAAAAH for the shorts! Super cute, and so happy to be of inspiration. How about I've only worn mine once... should go home and put them on STAT.

Ohhh - and my necklace from the Hollywood Bowl - Forever 21. You've been my accessory inspiration recently. I hit up F21approximately once a week and buy too many accessories. I went from diamond stud simplicity to a counter full of accessories! Thanks!

LBIC said...

The skirt is super cute. And I totally agree about both Ann Taylor and yellow. This girl I know, who's only 21, dresses only in Ann Taylor. It drives me crazy. And yellow is so my summer color this summer.

JillFantastic said...

I love your new shorts! And yellow looks great on you. That shift may not be too special, but it still looks lovely.

amber said...

oh, so many thoughts:

*i've seen you wear all these short lil dresses that show off a lot of leg, so the idea that you had sworn off shorts never made sense to me. your legs are far from busted and i say flaunt it if you got it!

*hey now, no bagging on AT. without them, half the clothes in my closet would disappear. :P

* yellow for summer is hot... on the right skin tone. i'd look ill and yet on those of you with a tan, it's killer!

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for the add, hon! I just put you on my "Fellow Fashionistas" blogroll!!

Jean Bean said...

Good job on getting that skirt for $30. I was tempted at $80 but took a pass. I think the "inspiration" is Prada pre-spring, btw.


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