Friday, August 22, 2008

The Scene

So after reviewing my mom's MRI, Specialist #1 feels the best approach will be "watchful waiting" i.e. doing MRIs every few months to monitor the tumor's size and any symptoms that may arise. Several people including Mr. Architect's mom have said this is a typical "treatment" option for some meningiomas.

Not sure how I feel about this course of "action" though. Feels so passive. Kinda agonizing. Surgery's not much more comforting but at least it's active. Glad we have other doctors to meet with next week.

BTW, last week I found out Scotty 2 Hotty's mom also had a meningioma two years ago and had surgery to remove it. How odd, no? These tumors have a fairly low incidence rate in the general population (Meningiomas occur at a rate of 7.8 per 100,000 per year, but only 25% are thought to be symptomatic, with the others being found incidentally. They are twice as likely to be found in women than men.)

What's even odder is that I have felt a very palpable pull to Scotty very similar to what I felt to Mr. Architect. So thankful for all these friends around me right now...

Especially thankful for pretty kitties Styleminded and Stylista who tonight invited us to a little birthday celebration tonight.

Being hip, hot twenty-somethings they selected Crown Bar. Gulp. Crown Bar has been one of THE nightspots of choice for young Hollywood lately.

The Hills girls are there all the time. Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera too. Not exactly the type of place old farts like Mr. D and I frequent anymore...

I was super duper nerdy anxious about the door situation all week. Researched online a bit at work. Found out that getting in on the weekends isn't as tough as getting in on Wednesday night when all the paparazzi queens attend. However, when The Peeper and her husband (a fellow thirtysomething couple) decided not to to even attempt it, I panicked.

On the drive home from work, I had the genius idea of making a reservation for dinner. That's always the way to go with Hollywood hotspots. You get in for dinner and then stay for the club. Done. Problem solved.

Except they could only offer us a 8 pm reservation for dinner. Styleminded said she'd be there around 10:30. Yikes! So Mr. D and I hunkered down - senior citizen/early bird special style. We got ready for a long night by ordering a sampling of appetizers that were stupendously naughty. Among them:

Crab and sweet corn fritters, jalepeno aioli with watermelon balls.

Prosciutto, fontina cheese, arugula and carmelized onions on flatbread

Pigs in "baconet." We also had fries and bread pudding for dessert. Ugh. So decadent. Such pigs in a baconet.

By the time, the girls arrived at 11:30 we were full and, um, wasted.

After all, we had been there for 3 and a half hours!!! Think we managed 12 drinks between the two of us. F.

But we held it together. After all, both of us are pros when it comes to holding our alcohol. We giggled with the girls and did shots (!!!!) and attempted the dance floor.

But by 12:30 we couldn't hide our old age (and damaged livers) anymore. See my heavy lids?

And Mr. D's unbuttoned buttons??? Ugh. Suddenly we were a hot mess and it was time to go.

The girls were super bummed that we were leaving "so early." But from the looks of their pics on Facebook, they were just fine without us.

Wonderful escaping all the seriousness for even just a night.

The Outfit
Armani blazer
Parisian chiffon top
American Apparel leggings

The Accessories
Stella McCartney shoes
Vintage sequin clutch
Fashion District zebra bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary
Finally - the big debut of the much debated and finally purchased "leatha" leggings. When I bought them, I just knew I'd wear them on a night out with Styleminded. After all she is my connection to all things hip and young and hot.

She is the one who invites me out to Hollywood hot spots where leather leggings aren't considered daring. They are par the course. In fact, within minutes of walking in tonight, the hostess squealed, "I think we are wearing the same leggings!" I giggled nervously and said, "We certainly are. Except you are thin and young so they look perfect on you." Again, I am not one to front.

Decided to wear them tonight after reading this Refinery29 trend report confirming skinny leather pants are here to stay this fall. Been worried they are "over."

Love how rock and roll edgy they can look even on a Chanel prepster like LC.

As I was searching on Crown Bar for this post, I realized she wore leather leggings there too for a Cinco De Mayo party. JINX!

I think I wore them best tho. After all, friends are one's best accessories and mine are gold. Hers are low. OH SNAP!

The sheer top I wore tonight I got in Paris like 8 years ago. Love that you can wear it on or off the shoulder and how nicely the neckline drapes. Opted for the slouchy blazer to add some age appropriate gravitas to the outfit. Also some much needed tush coverage ;)

Love how a blazer looks and feels for evening. And am really really getting into the all black look too. Maybe those New Yorkers do know a thing or two...

Think the look worked tonight. Mostly cuz I worked it. Got over myself and tried to exude confidence, feel thankful for my health and relative youth. Would likely never wear this look without the blazer in public. But here's an end of the night glimpse of a a drunk-as-a-skunk thirtysomething in leatha leggings. Not too busted :)

Here's what I wore to work. More black, another blazer, blah, blah, blah.

Digging striped sweaters alot lately. Chic and simple pattern.

Probably why I'm addicted to this zebra bracelet. Wore it out in the evening and all the girls coveted it.

It works so well with the Chanel black and white earrings. And well this sparkly necklace always works.

Rocked the new Urban Outfitters sandals. Again. I am smitten.

Today I paired them with a Marc Jacobs bag. Brown and black may be a new signature color combo for this Chanel girl. Stay tuned...


Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

i love, love the outfit you wore to crown bar. just the way to wear the leather leggings trend. chic but still young and flattering, not overly trendy :) i need to get me a pair of those.. kind of frightened and not sure where I would wear them. but i am about to cave and get the kova and t ones.. hope you are having a great day today and that your mommy is feeling better with every day.

Sable Crow said...

I love getting trashed at hot hollywood clubs vicariously through your blog. I feel so fabulous now. Friday night I worked out with my trainer, rented Logan's Run, and stayed in.

I want a pair of leather pants, but it's hard for a guy to do without looking like an 80s heavy metal band-member. Can't I get a pair of supple, classic leather pants? Hrmph. I wanna play.

Sable Crow

JillFantastic said...

Damn girl! You look long and lean. Way better than boring old LC. The leatha was a hit!

tam pham said...

the green eye makeup is so FIERCE.

weezermonkey said...

Unbuttoned Mr. D kills me. Still.

Emily said...

I was going to mention the green eyeliner too...looks great! Colored eyeliner is a look that I think often looks clown-ish, but you pulled it - and the oh-so-cool, totally age appropriate when paired with the rest of the outfit - leggings off like a pro. Which you kind of are, so I really shouldn't be surprised.

WendyB said...

I'm so psyched for your leggings! You look like an It Girl!

Juana said...

You are an effing rock star!

amber said...

look at you hot stuff!

dapotato said...

dying at "Such pigs in a baconet."

um, i'm probably their age but such an old, unhot, unhip fogey. sigh.

Lynn Tran said...

Like SC, I too live vicariously through you. You are a rock star for pulling that outfit off with such pizazz and for lasting that long at the club.

lookrichbitch said...

UGH. You look amazing in all that black!

I hate you!



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