Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Scene
Mommy Day.
Takes alot to get her out of the house this morning. She is tired. And sad.

She didn't feel like dressing up today. She still looks adorably doll-like even dressed down. Just look at those folded jeans. Must have learned it by watching me. Adore!

Most of the day I play cheerleader-slash-therapist. I tear up but I don't cry. Instead I am pragmatic and matter of fact. I prattle on and on about how lucky we are. I discuss all of our options. I break down our game plan. I deliberately choose my words, speak only the ones that will inspire courage, dispel the fear.

Over Sprinkles, I listen to her. To stories about her maternal grandmother who raised her. As she inhales a Key Lime cupcake, I devour the details of her last meeting with her estranged father before he died. I wipe her tears when she cries and guffaw when she cracks a joke.

I also try to distract her, fill her head with beautiful things, uncomplicated things. Like charming Chanel charm bracelets at Saks.

And exquisitely lady-like lace at Prada on Rodeo.

It's probably odd to some that we'd turn to window shopping for solace. But I think it's natural for us.

Fashion is something we love. It's something that brings us pleasure. It's a pastime. It was also my stepfather's business so it is tied to fond memories of him. It is something that invariably dazzles and delights. So it provides just the right amount of sparkle as the days ahead seem invariably gray and stormy.

The Outfit

Marc by Marc Jacobs tank
H&M shorts

The Accessories
Fendi wedges
Marc Jacobs hobo
Fashion District bracelet
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Have been loving this Marc Jacobs print since back in March. Pays to be a patient little fashionista. Got it for $60 on Thursday with my mom. Nice end of summer score.

Please note how the shape of the heart/acorns matches perfectly with the Louis Vuitton heart earring!!! And look at the sassy 60s back. Yummers.

I heart orange and pink. So fresh and bold and unapologetic. The combo happened to be very big this Spring. Pucci and Versace and Jill Sander all showed the vibrant mix.

Also reminds me of Tory Burch's signature pattern.

And Dior on Eva Mendes.

But no one does orange and pink quite like DVF. I have been craving a new DVF wrap dress like Mr. D craves Pinkberry. Technically only own one WRAP dress. She's very lonely in my closet.

BTW, how amazing is the DVF American Express commercial? Love the dreamlike feel of it. And it's as though they wrote it just for me.

Back to the outfit. For such a memorable print I think this top like most Marc pieces will actually prove pretty versatile. Chose to play off the browns and beiges today. Next time I'll rock these vintage pink Evan Piccones.

How much do you love the new cuffed shorts? Just $14 at H&M. Got them in khaki too. Also spied them in yellow, green, purple and pink. Wish I had gotten my mitts on them earlier in the summer. Maybe my no shorts wearing clause would have been lifted even earlier :)

p.s. Am currently drooling over all the little Marc baubles on Shopbop. So girly and delicate.

A bow ring is so very Blair Waldorf I can't stand it!!!

And this $90 label whore bracelet might just be the servicable distraction from Chanel's $1500 charm bracelet.


weezermonkey said...

What up?! You are looking positively waifish in your pic!

Tidbit for you: My pal Glam came to work today with a plaid headband, white button-down shirt, little vest, and pleated skirt. Before I could comment, she announced it was her homage to Blair Waldorf.

I really should've taken a picture.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

Love your top, and the marc bracelet too!

An extra hooray for pink + orange, a fabulous color combo indeed! :)

WendyB said...

You have such an awesome relationship with your mother. I'm so impressed! I hope my mom never notices this. By the way, you know what I was thinking? I was thinking "Diabolina" would be the BEST name for a piece of jewelry.

amber said...

summer cute summer outfit. perfect for these days that are still way too warm for comfort.

even on her casual days, your mommy is still adorable.

Angel @ said...

adore the shorts!! the outfit spells perfection.

i totally agree that window shopping can be therapeutic. my mom and i love to have heart to hearts over marathon shopping days at south coast plaza.


Milly said...

love the marc bracelet

JillFantastic said...

This is a great summer outfit. A+

Lisa said...

You're wearing shorts!!! And, I must say, I think they look fabulous on you :).

R said...

You look ridiculously adorable in this featured outfit. I love how you rock the shorts and that top is great! :)

tam pham said...

pink and orange makes me think of weemo!!! cute top, and you know that i would LOVE the shorts.

Glam said...

That top is so adorable and the perfect piece to help keep you chipper and bright for mom. Hang in there! It sounds like you're being a wonderful support person for her.

Anonymous said...

I would murder for that charm bracelet, and then of course celebrate by eating a Sprinkles cupcake. Joan's on 3rd also has amazing cupcakes. yummy!

I've been contemplating that MJ bracelet - so cute and such a great price.

Juana said...

You look hotter than lava rock in your coochie cutters. :)


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