Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Scene
Last night really did a number on me. Wake up a jumble of emotions. My creative side and pragmatic side battling it out. Ughy. Feel like someone is sitting on my chest all day. Can't really take a deep breath. Stress is starting to manifest in physical ways for me lately. Not so good.

Two fashionable moments break up the monotony of my day. One was Jean Bean teaching me about these amazing two-tone tights.

They are maddeningly delicious. Heavenly. Sheer diabolical genius.

They are Chanel.


She and I moan that they were likely made just for runway and not available for purchase. Probably not affordable even they were.

Hopefully Hue or American Apparel or Wolford will catch wind of the look and create some under $30 version.

My second fashion ray of sunshine was reading this fantastically orgasmic tale of a Gucci shopping spree in the New York Times.

ADORE how she eroticizes trying on the clothes for the
"straight" salesman. Reminded me of a trip to Prada with Sable Crow, Peaches and Jean Bean. Our supple young salesman was named Nick and you know what rhymes with Nick.

But I almost didn't read the article. Bad title. I would have called it "Sex, Lies and Gucci." Or "Hot, Bothered and Gucci." Or "He Works So Hard for My Money." ;)

There are so many great turns of phrases in this piece but the best one is "You must invest in the magic that moves you." That has been my shopping mantra (aka justification) for years now.

Love seeing it in print :)

The Outfit
Forever 21 "paint stroke" top
Elli Tahari brown skirt
Vintage Parisian trenchcoat

The Accessories
Manolo Blahnik d'orsay chocolate pumps
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Hello Kitty ring
Purple bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Love this sweet little Forever top.

I think it's one of a few things in my closet that can sorta pass for this season's "artistry" trend.

I loves me some Jackson Pollack fashions. Feels very late 70s, early 80s to me. It can go fashion victim-y very quickly so I think today's top is a nice subtle nod to the trend but not overtly trendy.

I heart how the brushstrokes actually look like tulips. So spring-y.

Am trying to get into the floral trend but haven't found the right print yet. I have a very strong aversion to all things Laura Ashley so it's hard for me to do florals. Feel too "little house on the prairie" in it. Not hot.

The cut of this top is super flattering. It somehow drapes and hugs at the same time. Want to buy it in a million different colors and prints.

And just take a gander at the details on the back. The translucent buttons!The divine scalloping at the bottom! SO DELISH!

The cuff felt like something I could have made in a ceramic art class so decided to throw it on. It was a nice compliment to the purples in the top.

And since I knew it was going to be a rough day, I decided to wear a little (yellow!) Hello Kitty ring. Hoped it would make me smile and serve as an adorable reminder not to take anything too seriously.

Think we should all wear Hello Kitty more often and remember to breathe through the pain ;)


weezermonkey said...

(1) Afraid to tell you what I think of those two-tone tights. :/

(2) Love the Hello Kitty ring, of course.

(3) Why is Saks not an option in your poll?

MissJordyPants said...

Pragmatism against creativity. It would be so easy to be creative if we didn't consider the repercussions.

Thought I would hate the tights, but I think I don't. Think I kind of love them. Perhaps I would even purchase a pair. hum? I think you are opening up my fashion world.

fancypants said...

I would vote for Barneys if I could.

Lynn Tran said...

Am afraid those two-tone tights will only further accentuate (in a bad way) my fat calves, no?

Jean Bean said...

1. People!!!!! The tights make half the girth of the leg DISAPPEAR!

2. I ate up the Gucci article too but for totally different reasons. It is VISCIOUS! She poops all over the brand, the store and the goods, only to plunk down for shoes because she's horny for the salesman. Not a ringing endorsement, in my book.

Jean Bean said...

Oops I mean vicious. Tee hee.

Da Fashionista said...

i like the word girth ;)

it's true tho it creates a great optical illusion to thin out the leg. karl is like houdini for coming up with it. i shocked i have never seen before.

i am a total label whore but think the logo at the ankle is a bit much. did i really just say that????

saks is definitely a great store as is barney's. i was just lazy throwing this poll together...

MissJordyPants said...

I'd love to share our wedding pictures!

MissJordyPants said...

ohhh, that did not work.

Better perhaps?

amber said...

um, those tights scare me. :|

love the brushstroke top though. it fits you like a glove m'dear :)


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