Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Scene
Got invited to a lovely patio lunch by a new coworker. She is sweet. Definitely a maybe. But can't commit to any friends yet. Too early. Don't want to fall in with the wrong crowd ;)

The mister and I spent the evening with The Monkeys tonight. No, not the 60s band, the family - the adorable Mr. Monkey, my blogging mentor Weezermonkey and her brother Writer Monkey aka He Who Never Smiles in Pictures.

They are avid Dodger fans and more importantly piggies so I have been positioning myself to get an invite to a game since the start of the season. And boy did they deliver.

Upon arriving, we beeline for the food. Have you ever been on the field level at Dodger stadium? I sure hadn't. It's like the Rodeo Drive of concession stands. Ruby's and Mrs. Beasley and Gordon Biersch and Canter's. Fancy-fied!

We watch the game, catch up on life, pig out, take pictures and just generally have a gay ole time. Oh and we even run into St. Jude's husband, The Brown Devil. Cute!

I normally bring a magazine to non-USC sporting events. But no need tonight. Most giggles I've had at a baseball game, well, ever. Thanks, Monkeys!

p.s. Spedi aka Spencer and Heidi were at the stadium the night before. Ugh those paparazzi whores!!! I hate that we lead the same life. Where is MY reality show and parade of Chanel bags already???

p.p.s. Here's WeeMo's tale of our three headed monster nerdiness - tee hee!

The Outfit
Luella for Target blazer
Forever 21 white tee
Mossimo skinny jeans

The Accessories
Forever 21 scarf
Steve gladiator wedges
Marc by Marc Jacobs Airline clutch
Forever 21 bangles
Me&Ro turquoise earrings

The Grade

The Scene
Today was about representing my Doyers. Wearing my Dodger blue. But didn't want to look sporty spice. That's just not me. At least not outside the gym. So I went for laid back chi-chi.

Built the outfit around the beauteous blue clutch because I knew WeeMo has been eyeing it and courting it since I bought it. Wanted her to paw at it in person and consummate her love for it.

Next came the blue jeans followed by the blue scarf. Got it months ago at Forever. Have been too shy to wear it for fear of looking like a rediculous poseur. Remember my fear the last time I did this bouchy neck scarf look???

It just feels a bit more indie girl than the Chanel girl I am. Makes me feel like I am going to Cochella or to pick wildflowers at sunset or whatever pixie alterna girls do.

But reminded myself that Balenciaga made it high fashion a few seasons ago so I shouldn't think of the look so narrowly.

Also loved how Kate Bosworth elevated the look by rocking a luxe scarf. Digging the pattern on a pattern too. Risky but fab. Really don't get why she is such a designer darling but she does look fierce occasionally.

Next I picked out one of my favorite Target Go International purchases. This Luella navy blazer. A $30 approximation of the Balenciaga.

It is a kaleidescope of delightful details. And you KNOW what a sucker I am for cutesy details.

Just look at the rainbow colored buttons. The white piping. The cinched waist. The slight puff at the shoulders. The back buttons.

The best part though is that cartoony inside lining. It's dotted with endless cherries. Her signature cherries. The cherries on the clutch and tote I also adore from that line.

Finally I decided to keep to the Balenciaga theme going with my new gladiator wedges. Yes, I finally succumbed to the trend after obsessing about it for the last two months.

Bought these Steven wedges on sale on Mother's day so I could get the full Bloomie's discount on my mom's Marc Jacobs shoes. Ended up being 40 percent off for a total of $75. Ouch! A bit more than I wanted to pay but they were so ugly cool I couldn't resist. And it beats practically all the prices above.

My mom didn't get them at all. She said they were too "rustic." But I like how they are so weird, almost too much between the patent and the buckles and the wedge. They're like spiders on my feet. So ominous. Alot like the Balenciagas I've been drooling over on that lucky ducky Jennifer C.

The whole look together felt rather costumey. And I'm not sure it all worked. Got a lot of confused looks all day which made me feel a little self conscious given that no one knows me at all at work.

That is until I saw Mr. D.

Everything else melted away when he saw me and pointed to his own shirt and said excitedly, "Look at my Dodger blue too!" Felt like me again when I saw myself in his eyes. Adore!

p.s. Guess who wore these delish gladiators on Monday night in Cannes???


WendyB said...

I love your new shoes.

weezermonkey said...

B?! We thought you looked fabulous! :) BroMo marveled how you navigated the stadium in your gladiators!

Mr. Monkey moment last night after I came home from Nordie's: "Are you going to take a picture of your dress like Diabolina does?" Ha!

Again, so glad you guys came out to play!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the look of the scarf!

dapotato said...

LOVE the details on the jacket.

yeah, it was definitely not you who i saw on said patio. yay for your daily outfit documentation to confirm.

Unknown said...

There is NOTHING confusing about jeans+jacket+scarf+sandals. What is wrong with people??

Cee said...

You look awesome in your outfit. I bought a red/aqua blue scarf and wanted to try out the trend in a white tank w/ skinny jeans but alas, i couldn't tie it like a pro. Felt like such a dork but you totally rock it. Yay for the Doyers!

Love the gladiators. So Fierce. Now u just need a whip to go w/ them.

Jean Bean said...

I finally got my gladdy flats today too! Enzo Angiolini, only $55 at Bloomingdales. Got them in black and brown.

Stephanie Shorr said...

i could not live without my gladiators now, yours are pretty cute :)


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