Friday, April 18, 2008

The Scene
Last Friday at The Office. Today I clean out my desk. Trippy.

Have a hot double date with El General (the artist formerly known as Mr. Architect) and the Silver-Haired Fox tonight.

A few weeks ago El General decided on Beso in Hollywood - Eva Longoria's newish Latin fusion restaurant. Since then I keep seeing the name pop up in the tabloids.

Super excited to try a new "it" spot and to play with one of my all time favorite "it" couples.

I majorly crush on them. So smart and yet never afraid to be frivolously funny. Love the effortless mix of high and low - in fashion and dinner conversation.

We arrive and the boyz are at the bar. They tell me to spy who's right across the way. NONE OTHER THAN IAN ZIERING!!!!! Seriously, the universe is trying to tell me something with all these 90210 sightings!!!! Thinking it's a sign I should get in on that new reunion show action...

I am so flummoxed by this odd coincidence that I manage not to take pictures of the similarly odd decor of the restaurant. The ceilings are uber high and everything's very Hollywood, very opulent, very calculated.

There are these hUGE chandeliers hovering over the dining area that remind me of Phantom of the Opera. Not a particularly great association during dinner.

Upon sitting down the Silver-Haired Fox peeps Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman at the table behind us. COOL!

I had jury duty with her like 2 years ago. I was reading a magazine with a story on her and then they called her name in the jury room. Weird, huh?

The boys encourage me to go over and reminisce about our civic tour of duty. But I'm not feeling funny enough to do it tonight. Not feeling as silly as I did the Luke Perry night. But you can faintly see Jimmy over my shoulder in white. Very faintly.

The four of us proceed to enjoy a piggy feast and giggle most of the night as we talk about jobs, SCions, marathoning, Oprah and college friends turned bananas.

The food is tasty if not spectacular. The portions generous, the drinks strong. With company this good, I'd be just as happy at McDonald's though.

We end the night with a muy importante lesson in optical illusions. You see, El General is the master of not looking fat in photos. I mean he has it down to a science.

His DIABOLical trick is always to make sure to keep his head behind the other person being photographed...sometimes quite a ways behind.

This invariably makes the other person's head look enormous by comparison. Genius. And hilarious.

I adore him. I adore his silver-haired love of over 7 years too. I hope they can get married soon. Such pretty party people would have a decadently amazing wedding .

The Outfit
Cerulean halter dress
Forever 21 short sleeve jacket

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Devi Kroell for Target bag
Art brush stroke scarf
Blue and hot pink bangles
H&M flower hair clip

The Grade

The Commentary
J'adore the color of this dress. So bright and poppy. It's somehow a bit shimmery and iridescent too. Feel like a mermaid in it. tee-hee!

Got it for $29 in the Fashion District when I went shopping with KFR a few weeks ago. Nearly didn't get it because I have ones that are similar not only in cut but in color. Ultimately snapped it up because it felt just different enough and I loved the feel of it for summer. Whatevs.

Almost paired it with one of the wrap sweaters for work but decided to go for the little sheen-y denim-y jacket instead. Not sure the day look worked tho. It didn't create much of a waist for me. Both pieces just flow straight down. Kinda dowdy. So decided to leave the jacket at home for the night-time activities and just suffer through the bitter California cold ;)

The little silver rosette sandals were also a downtown steal at $24. They look waaay pricer, no? Like something you'd see at Kitson for at least double that.
They are like a garden on my tootsies.

They worked nicely with the Devi for Tar-jay hobo to which I added that pretty, arty scarfy for some F-L-A-I-R, Office Space style. The mismatched LV earrings also jived well with what have become my favorite bangles. I have seriously been wearing them every day.

Decided to mix golds with silvers today. I normally never do but decided to loosen up my restrictions on what goes with what. Not be so rigid.

The final little touch of sass was a itty bitty flower hair clip I bought at H&M in Paris with my mom nearly six years ago. So adorable and feminine but practical.

The bangs are looking super busted lately so the little flower disguises this nicely with a side-swept, romantic feel. The fuchsia with my hair color and the dress are yum yum yum perfection. Felt purty today. Felt on the brink...

p.s. El General kept remarking on how crotch-flashingly-short the dresses were tonight. You know your look is too hoochie when even gay men notice. F. What are these girls nowadays THINKING????


weezermonkey said...

El General's photo head trick is awesome!

Have you not learned the trick of faking a picture of your friend whilst really taking a picture of a celeb? This is how we got the Magic Johnson pic at Jack 'n' Jill's. ;)

Kate said...

" friends turned bananas" is that code for the P-sons? :)

LOVE this post! Love. It just got more and more fun, I was dying to be there!

Awesome that you saw all those people. Weird about 90210!

El General and Silver Haired Fox make me swoon. That's the best way to describe how they make me feel inside. And their wedding is my party fantasy, it would be so hot.

The head trick is the best advice I've gotten in at least 10 years. Can't wait to try it out.

Love the dress and you look outstanding. I'm loving all of it. I'm totally inspired.

You can't hear it but I'm clapping for you. Good work! :)

tam pham said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! It's DIVINE on you. I wish I had as many celebrity sightings as you! Dallas is no good for

amber said...

celeb sightings! good food! good company! i'd say it was a swell night :)

btw, love the color of that dress. stellar!


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