Monday, June 30, 2008

The Scene
Monday. Sigh.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Chanel necklace and bag
Marc Jacobs pumps
Canal street earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
This little gray dress is the one my mom talked me into buying on Saturday in the Fashion District. $60.

Very professional and classic. Easy to reinvent with accessories. Unique without being too "look at me." Great coming and going.

So why did I resist? First of all, it's not particularly flattering on me. Saw it on another girl who was quite thin and it was magnificent. On me however, the beautiful detail under the bustline draws attention to my lack of a waist. Boo. Gotta stop eating my weight in Sprinkles and be more consistent about the gym.

Also thought it was pretty similar to this Forever 21 tweedy dress with the bow at the bustline. Trying not to buy multiples lately. Lots of women swear by buying the same shape/color/style over and over again. Think of it as uniform dressing or having a signature style. But I'm not convinced that's very creative or economically sound.

In the end my mom threw a fit when I got to the register so I had to get it. Apparently, she knows good design when she sees it. I was reading Fashion Ivy on Sunday night and discovered the dress was a copy of a yummy nubby Dior dress. Main difference is the sleeves. Think sleeveless works better for me.

I adore Dior from way back. Have exactly three Dior items. A very utilitarian belt, a leopard saddle pouchette trimmed with red and a pair of black stilettos. The first two are handmedowns from a generous friend of my Mom and the pair of shoes was a birthday present from my mom a few years ago. Scored them 60 percent off at The Forum Christian Dior store in Vegas. Wore them to death that first year.

The recent Dior couture show had me mesmerized. Galiano's shapes and detailing always thrill me. They feel so modern and yet retro. How does he manage both?

I fundamentally appreciate the theatricality of Dior. The runway shows are unabashedly over the top, even a bit avant garde at times. And yet they still oooze beauty and femininity. How does Galiano do it??? He's truly gifted.

Adoring the bubble deliciousness Eva Mendes wore to the show. The color combination is an old favorite and one I have to whip together more often. Very flattering on Latina skin.

But my absolute favorite single item of the show was this pair of shoes. Sexy crazy cool. With today's dress it would be Dior divinity!


weezermonkey said...

Eva Mendes' color combo is one of my faves, too.

Tiffany said...

love the gray dress and black nails. also adore the warhol-esque pics of you and your hubs!

The dior shoes are fab, 60% off what a deal! I think your mom and my mom would get along well. Gotta love the fashionable moms!

Michelle said...

Did you see the clip from the Dior show where Galiano did his own walk & pose on the runway? LOVED IT!

Christina said...

Great Minds do think alike. Gotta love Dior! You are a great writer...interesting blog.

Rachee said...

that dress looks fab on you!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

I think the gray dress from the FD looks great on you! It's a fab, fab dress. One of those that will stay in your closet forever...which store did you buy it at? :)

tam pham said...

um, i'm pretty much obsessed with that gray dress! our momma has such good taste!

amber said...

[raises hand]

yup, i'm a fan of multiples. makes my life easier, on many different levels. ;)

Sable Crow said...

May I make a special request? Can we go out shopping in Bev Hills with you wearing that dress? I need to hit Emporio Armani since I'm having a fashion lull.

I think YOU--in this dress--are this season's fashion MUST-HAVE.


R said...

I disagree. I thin that dress does give you some shape. I see a waist in there. :)


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