Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Scene
Dinner and drinks in Venice tonight with two former coworkers plus a gaggle of their twentysomething friends.

Ended up being a celebration since Scotty2Hotty announced he has taken a leave from his job to launch his own business! We'd talked about all this a year ago but had no idea he was actually making it happen this very second.

Am very proud of him but also felt another emotion in the pit of my stomach tonight. I felt an emotion that took me a while recognize because it's pretty foreign to me. As S2H chattered excitedly about his new venture, I felt jealousy.

A long time ago I realized the green-eyed monster is a completely pointless emotion. One rooted in my least favorite thing on earth: insecurity. It's also typically about your perception of a situation or person, rarely is it rooted in the actual reality. Knowing all this, I thought I'd successfully wiped it out of my emotional repettoire.

But clearly I haven't. Tonight, there I was, jealous as I watched a friend walk away from something that was making him miserable, and walk towards a less defined path. A path of possibility and self-discovery. One that is clearly the right next step for him. One that beckons to me too but one that I am too afraid to follow. Ugh. Someone help me grow a pair of balls...STAT.

The Outfit
Fashion District blouse
BCBG high waisted skirt

The Accessories
Latitude Femme heels
Gucci purse

The Grade

The Commentary

Today's ruffles were inspired by MissJordyPants

Loooooved her blouse last night. Pretty sure it's JCrew - the yellow version of the coral one my mom bought in February.

Several other of my favorite bloggers have been gaga for ruffles lately

Currently fiending for a scarf/neckpiece like Karla picked up in Europe.

Loved how the blouse worked with my black high waisted skirt last year so decided to try it with my new neutral version.

Felt like a mixture of Chloe Spring 2009

And Vuitton Fall 2009

Frothily femminine.

Like Jessica Biel in this exquisite Phillip Lim that nearly gave me a heart attack this week.

Wore my new favorite heels again today.

The wooden heel reminds me of these Ungaro shoes.

When I grow up I want to be Jane from Sea of Shoes.


dapotato said...

those ungaros are amazing. ugh.

still working on the jealousy thing personally. it's a hard one for me. you're totally right about it being rooted in insecurity, even if i don't come off as such to most. hm.

currently on the lookout for a ruffly white top for an interview next week. got some good inspiration here. thanks!

Caitlin said...

Love the ruffles. and I hear you on the jealousy issue- I never want to feel it or think about it, but sometimes it sneaks in and it's awful.

keep your chin up.

MissJordyPants said...

It looks just like the J. Crew one, yes? It's from Marshalls!

Let your jealousy in this case push you toward what you want.

Anonymous said...

take the plunge. You've been talking about it more and more openly on the blog...you are almost ready. When you are, we'll be reading! Can't wait! :) (sorry, this might come off as creepy from an Internet stranger who loves your fashion...)

Anonymous said...

I think that look is a definite A! The thing I love most about your blog, besides your friendliness, is how thorough you are. Love this ruffle post as ruffles are my fave.

I answered your J.Lo question on Fashion Intel right now. It's kinda long! Hilarious.

amber said...

I think you gotta just go for it. I have lots of fait in you m'dear. :)


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