Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Scene
Bad bad bad day at work.

Planned the perfect trifecta of an antidote in the evening: an intense 3 mile run, an intimate dinner with Mr. Diabolina and a mindless hour of Gossip Girl-ing. The first two parts of my plan spelled perfection! The workout helped me get out my frustration and Mr. Diabolina was as supportive as ever as I blathered on about work. He is saint.

Sadly, this week's GG was a snoozefest. Can't even get into how uninterested I am in the prequel spin-off story line (though I DO love me some Andrew McCartney)

I thought even the prom dresses were just meh!

Though they were infinitely better than these get-ups.

Hope the season finale pulls out all the stops.

The Outfit
Forever 21 top and skirt
Image sweater

The Accessories
Marc Jaccobs bag
Me&Ro necklace
H&M flats

The Grade

The Commentary

Got my Louis Vuitton bubble on today - despite Madge's Met ball fiasco last week.

Think my Forever 21 skirts are a much more wearable version of the trend.

And though I love this glorious bubble skirt that Sea of Shoes recently purchased.

I'd rather pay $20ish than $200ish for my bubbles.

Felt surprisingly not Barney-like in head to toe purple today.

Felt more like royalty

Wishing I could pull off purple pants

Know I could rock a purple maxi. Need one this summer.

Opted to pair the purple bubble with purple ruffles today.

Nothing like subtle, pretty detailing at the neckline.

On the look out for just the right detachable neck ruffle action. Maybe something vaguely Shakespearean.

A little H&M ruffle on my toes will have to do for now.

Until I get Louis Vuitton bows and pearls that is ;)


weezermonkey said...

I've seen so much hate for the bubble recently. I don't know why. I kinda like bubbles.

Unknown said...

I would have LOVED a big bubble skirt today ....but no such luck.. .. maybe I should make one.

I love your outfit the long cardi!

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

I thought Serena's prom dress was one of the worst looks I've ever seen on the show. It looks really cheap and dated.

Ruby said...

haha...too cute. I have the same Forever 21 ruffle shirt, but the one with more of the magenta/purple color. I love how you paired it with a cute bubble skirt. I always wear mine with jeans, but I think I have to steal your idea. Love it!

amber said...

Love the purple ruffles.


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