Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Scene
Brunch and shopping with Mommy this morning - per usual. Our mission today: spying feminine pieces for Amber's look book.

We are both gaga for this Catherine Malandrino look. It's starting to look alot like spring time ;)

I tried on a few dirty pretty things. For Amber, of course ;) This detail-rich BCBG top would be great with her bustline and tiny waist.

Would also like to see her in Marc by MJ. She needs more playful pieces and his prints always fit the bill. I also think his tops and dresses would be super flattering on her because they cut under the bustline and flare from there. Ideal for pear shaped girls like us.

I was naughty and did try this little kaleidoscope DVF capelet thingy for me.

Fell in love with it on net-a-porter a few weeks ago. Need need need it.

Despite this little devil's urging, I didn't get anything. Was a good little recessionista. But I did encourage her to get this Marc top. Heart.

And this JCrew top. Ugh look at me in the mirror EATING UP HER CUTENESS. Love.

In the evening, I met up with these three hot menzzzzz.

For some fabulous Oscar viewing at The Trevor Project party.

Same VIP section as last year's Oscar party.

Same hot waiter. A+

Same open mouth drunk posing in sunglasses. F to me.

Couldn't have picked a better place than WeHo to watch this year's Oscars. Probably the most gay friendly ever. Amazing to watch UCLA grad and friend of so many of my friends win best screenplay for Milk. His speech was amazing. If you missed it, THIS is how you use a platform with dignity and eloquonce as a billion people watch.

Amazing to stand next to my favorite Prop 8 fighters and watch Sean Penn win for his portrayal of the first openly gay elected official. Thrilled that nutbar choose to be funny, self-effacing, and articulate on stage instead of well a nutbar.

Most of all it was fun to gab fashion, makeup, hair, movies, hot guys, food and booze with sparkly boys tonight. And I highly recommend bringing sunglasses to evening events where you hardly know anyone.

If your friends' friends are camera whores like mine are

They will waste no time in hamming it up

And creating digital cuteness.

Adore a whore!

The Day Outfit
Fashion District cape
Forever 21 dress and leggings and headband
Chanel bag and Tory Burch flats

The Grade
B for Ballerina

Night Outfit
Fashion District coat
D&G dress

The Accessories
Marc by MJ clutch
Hue tights
YSL Tribute platforms

The Grade

The Commentary

Did I mention there is no better group to watch the Oscars with than sassy gays?

These two in particular need their own talk show.

The first thing Mr. Architect said to me (after cooing about my outfit, of course) was: "Did you seeeeeeeeee Anne Hathaway? She was all teeth and mermaid scales. A huge set of chiclet chompers and a fish tail." I almost died!

Not to be outdone his husband Silver Haired Fox chimmed in: "And why does everyone INSIST on saying that the theme of the night is a 'return to Hollywood glamour?' They say that EVERY YEAR. That and that a smoky eye is back. A smoky eye is always in!" Needless to say I was rolling on the floor most of the night.

Every time I saw a fish tail or a smoky eye I tittered.

Some of the mermaids weren't toooo offensive. Like Halle in Marchessa. Helps to have that stunning face and coloring and body.

But even a flawless face couldn't save Beyonce in this horrendous fishtail.

Or Miley and her scales. But I feel bad that she is getting so much flak for her dress. If SJP had worn it, people would have called it a dream. I just know it.

Unlike most fashion sycophants, I don't think SJP looked dreamy. I know, I know I should have loved it. It's Carrie having a princess moment at the ball. I should get that the mint color is beautiful and the bodice stunning. But I'm sorry it's too my super sweet quince for me. Even if it's Dior Haute Couture.

Thrilled that Penelope Cruz won and had her princessa moment. But the dress was just meh. Too much like a blushing bride for my taste.

Liked the Grecian number she wore to the after party better. But still would have loved to see her in a bold color.

Like the Oscar de la Renta dress that Jessica Biel wore to the after party. A+++++

Almost erased the memory of the ill fitting flop she wore on stage. Was sad to see the bad fit since her makeup and hair looked prettier than I've ever seen.

On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston's hair was TOO CAZ

And Kate's makeup TOO SOFT

Of the shimmer queens, Tina Fey probably got it the most right. Though Mr. Architect hated her side "cinnabon." HAHAHHA!

Natalie looked stunning in Rodarte but mostly because she is stunning.
The dress only enhanced her natural elegance.

Same designer, different effect on Reese. This runway dream cut all kinds of wrong in the bodice on a real woman. Created a weird muffin top effect at the pits. NIGHT-MARE!

Lots of asymmetry tonight.

Most of it overworked.

Especially the YSL on Kate.

And the Galliano on Frieda. Ugh squared. Such beautiful women, such bleh dresses.

Elegant but boring look from Angelina. It's definitely the look that is going to read the most timeless years from now. I do love how it shows the power of a well chosen accessory.

Wish Diane Lane and Madonna would have taken a cue from her.

Their choice of necklaces left me cold. Proof positive you can ruin a LBD.

Loved this necklace on Amy Adams. But not with this dress. Too much going on.

Love Heidi's sculptural dress in theory but not in reality

Same thing with this dress on Dita. Too much fuss.

I give this year's Oscars 1 measly banana out of 5 bananas. The fashion bored me to TEARS!!! Not one look took my breath away. I had NO favorite. Even Rachel's look was disappointing. Hasn't she been doing 1920s winter white since November??? F. Clearly the recession has scrambled everyone's style.

But maybe I am being too harsh. After all, I decided to play it safe tonight too. All black, minimal accessories. Snooze.

But I was feeling fats and PMSy. And simple is always chic, right?

At the last minute decided to throw on my leopard coat lest I bore myself to death.

After all leopard is all over the Fall 2009 runways.

But my coat felt like a whole lotta leopard at 5 pm tonight. Not used to quite that much leopard when it's still light out.

Worried I looked like a drag queen with the YSL heels and all the eye makeup and the skin tight dress and the Spanxed chunk in the trunk.

Then I figured if there is ever a place to drag it up, it's a WeHo Oscar party.

Glad I got over myself, found my mojo and rocked the jacket with attitude - daylight or no daylight.

The boys loved it.

Especially with the new bangs

And the stripper/designer shoes

And the drag queens also approved.

Including Bobby Trendy herself. HAHAHAH!

And apparently the leopard made me an honorary sista tonight!!!!!!!!

Random and hilarious, no?

I just hope I was a hotter mess than Whoppi.


Jean Bean said...

I don't think the pursuit of a "princess at the ball moment" is any kind of excuse for that awful SJP dress. SJP, you are NOT a princess at a ball. You are a middle aged mother who is not remotely attached to a nominated film! Dress appropriately! If she wore Miley's dress I would say the exact same thing.

You looked smokin hot!

WendyB said...

You NEED that capelet!

Lilcee said...

You forgot to mention Taraji in Cavali. Just beautiful. I wish I would've worn that for my wedding.

MissJordyPants said...

I am OBSESSED with Bobby Trendy. Ever since he adorned Anna Nicole's bedroom walls with fur. It's like a super hot and sparkly trainwreck.

Loving the bangs. Quite fetching on you m'dear.

Tiffany said...

i read/skimmed lot of bloggers commentaries on the Oscar fashion recap, I have to say yours is the best! totally agree with you, especially on your Miley Cyrus comment.

tam pham said...

i agree with wendyb! i heart your mom in that heart blouse.

Style Maven said...

i LOVE the new bangs! and the leopard coat!

amber said...

overall, i thought the oscars as a telecast was the best in recent memory, but the fashion? not so much.

i'm glad you and your mommy had fun shopping for me. you guys did good! ;)

lookrichbitch said...

girrrrl.. i've been in such a fashion funk lately and your post just really magnified it for me! ugh. i seriously need to make a little effort. all i've been wearing are leggings and flats and looking at you makes me embarrassed! you're shaming me into caring more! hahaha. it's a good thing. i'm wearing a dress and heels tomorrow. dammit.


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